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  1. Must have forgotten that I changed the file back to default, my landing fuel remaining was low with the airlinerperformance file after each flight
  2. Weather could have been not good enough for that day and it ignored it? Thats my one guess... I edited my post quickly adding that the route map at the bottom of the plan did show a plan to KORF but no atc plan ALTN and no fuel given for it.
  3. Worked correctly here too today. That was odd. I attached a plan I did a few days ago KJFK-TXKF where I had the same issue. No fuel given for an Alternate. the atc flight plan says ALTN rather than KORF but at the bottom the route maps it does show a flight plan going to KORF for the alternate! AA1416-KJFK-TXKF.pdf
  4. I am using the LIDO format downloaded from here in the library and the 737 profile from the airlinerpreformance website
  5. How is an OFP layout the cause of an alternative not displaying? I will try with the default OFP format
  6. Create a route by the auto route and check the box for avoiding airspace & set the countries to avoid that helps force the auto route to go along the right path.
  7. This is a real plan from today. The lower initial cruise level is normal in that area of Europe. Filed FL210 N0384F210 ABTAL4B ABTAL L173 RIXED/N0435F390 Y161 MAH/N0435F390 L173 OTT M867 VAROB DCT NIPEL DCT VRANA DCT PETAK DCT PINDO UL607 XORKI
  8. On some routes I try to plan an alternate that is a long distance from the destination airport. Pfpx ignores my alternate if the distance is too long. Pfpx puts ALTN in place of the airport code and gives 0 fuel in the plan Is there a solution to forcing Pfpx to use the one alternate I have selected? Thanks.
  9. Pressed AUTO on the From Waypoint function which worked but the manually entering mach speeds does not.
  10. Does not work using the From To Waypoint feature Flightplan
  11. Does not work for any aircraft I try Set speeds manually Resulting flight plan, where is mach .84? Thank you
  12. When it is only happening right on the launch of PFPX then I would like help figuring out why and how to prevent this.
  13. Right after opening PFPX when in the middle of a flight, I receive a DXGI Device Hung error in P3D and have to close. It is not every time but the 2 times it has happened to me it has been the second PFPX opens. I am running both programs as administrator and do not have the Device Hung message when P3D is running without PFPX being opened. Windows 10 Pro. Latest Nvidia drivers. No other issues unless I open PFPX. Thanks if any one can help.
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