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  1. When it is only happening right on the launch of PFPX then I would like help figuring out why and how to prevent this.
  2. Right after opening PFPX when in the middle of a flight, I receive a DXGI Device Hung error in P3D and have to close. It is not every time but the 2 times it has happened to me it has been the second PFPX opens. I am running both programs as administrator and do not have the Device Hung message when P3D is running without PFPX being opened. Windows 10 Pro. Latest Nvidia drivers. No other issues unless I open PFPX. Thanks if any one can help.
  3. It was a problem in the OFP sorry!
  4. The tankered fuel amount I entered did not carry over to the total fuel loadout for my flight. I can try again using the default OFP layout but it has to be later I am off to work!
  5. I am entering the tankered fuel the real flight is taking. should I be putting that in the extra fuel section rather than the tankered section?
  6. I set a number in the Tanker Fuel section. This number is ignored after compiling the plan, the final OFP shows 0 for tankered/extra fuel
  7. I added a cost index and topcat profile. I have not been at home to test again but it did not happen each time I opened pfpx just sometimes.
  8. If you add a tail number to the aircraft? I'll try to reproduce later today
  9. The aircraft data disappears on the create a plan screen. Entering flight number, departure, destination, etc. and select the aircraft and sometimes but not every time the aircraft data disappears and you cannot continue to the planning phase.
  10. set optimize step climb to NONE in the plan page. The drop down box on the right in the aircraft section
  11. Used to have a bug in the old pfpx about UK registered aircrafts. G-XXXX I found an old topic The bug is back, pfpx loses all aircraft data and I have to change the registration to GXXXX removing the dash
  12. I am trying to be helpful again my post is not to say the route is not passing validation my post is one more "route restriction you are on the wrong airway" message is not right.
  13. I have hard times when planning auto routes and this has to be why... Another Route Restriction error that is wrong From this real world route I will paste below. I use the Navigraph Navdata and the Directs download from your library If these errors can be fixed then I believe I will have better luck using create a route auto-route and not have to get friends to supply a real route for a route I want to fly each flight. Thank you FPL-TAY052-IN -B744/H-SDE1FGHIJ4J5RWXYZ/LB1D1 -OMDB1240 -N0440F210 DAVMO M318 GABKO/N0500F320 M317 ROTAL/N0490F340 UP574 SYZ UT430 RIGOX/N0480F360 UT430 VUVAG UR660 DASIS UL746 ERZ UW704 CRM UL746 ODERO L621 REVDA P193 URELA/N0480F380 L40 MEGIK DCT AMRAX DCT LALES L602 BABUS DCT OKG UL984 BOMBI DCT SIPVU Z104 IDOVI/N0450F240 Z104 ODVUX/N0450F220 Z104 ROBON/N0410F180 Z104 GESLO -EBLG0656 EBBR EDDK -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S2 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 SUR/260B DOF/190303 REG/OOTHA EET/OIIX0012 LTAA0229 LTBB0354 LBSR0359 LRBB0409 LHCC0458 LZBB0514 LKAA0526 EDUU0558 EDGG0628 EBBU0636 OPR/ASL BELGIUM ORGN/RSYFP5O TALT/OMSJ RMK/TCAS EQUIPPED UNITED ARAB EMIRATES DCAA7528TAY828802OCT18 IRAN YK2B02N28402PAZ
  14. "From Waypoint to Waypoint" works setting m.85 FL350 as an example. Manually entering waypoints in the list after the first waypoint to waypoint option is not taking for me
  15. The corrupt addon is on my end I think. Reinstalled and it added to the addons cfg but it made itself in the add-on.xml the scenery at layer 0. Kinda disappointed the ground is not labeled right, no gate As, gate Bs. No updated layout and the Delta ramp. I'll pay for an update if you need to do more extra work to update that. The ground layout in your scenery is 3 years old.
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