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  1. Unable to plan an oceanic flight completely correct because the custom mach speeds randomly appear or disappear
  2. An older forum post was closed 2 years ago is there any update for this so I can use GSX at the airport? All the parking spots are isolated and are not connected. I cannot link them myself if I edit the afcad bgl and compile the buildings and ground disappear. Prepar3d 4.5 Thanks.
  3. An American 787 was parked at 377 too. Emirates 777 parked at that gate. They could be using the small number of gates due to the low traffic levels.
  4. I see thanks. Well that file was the same the Terminal 4 parking spots were max radius 102 meters. I looked on Flightradar and Air China 747 parked at gate 376 or 377 and when I quit the sim and looked at the file from the scenery the radius was all small for each parking spot.
  5. Thanks is this for the Professional p3d v4 version?
  6. I cannot fit a big airplane at any Terminal 4 gate. I searched and found no updated afcad. Please can you make one? These gates are used by large jets from international carriers. Little disappointed in this oversight for the Professional series.
  7. I run as admin and get the same message in German about something season "Konnte Daten fur 'Season' nicht setzen" Prepar3d V4 HF3 Replacement AntarcticaX.exe I am using dated 9th of October 2017
  8. Instructions in the automated .bat file from Sim-Wings say disable SCENERY\PAFA_LIB-Jetways.BGL Where is this file? It was not installed and I have double jetways if I use the PAFA_LIB-Jetways-SODE.bgl
  9. Do we have a solution for this ? PFPX ignores its own auto speed configuration section It ignores my manually entering each waypoint for oceanic tracks At the 30west boundary it goes from my mach speed hold to econ speed Thanks
  10. Must have forgotten that I changed the file back to default, my landing fuel remaining was low with the airlinerperformance file after each flight
  11. Weather could have been not good enough for that day and it ignored it? Thats my one guess... I edited my post quickly adding that the route map at the bottom of the plan did show a plan to KORF but no atc plan ALTN and no fuel given for it.
  12. Worked correctly here too today. That was odd. I attached a plan I did a few days ago KJFK-TXKF where I had the same issue. No fuel given for an Alternate. the atc flight plan says ALTN rather than KORF but at the bottom the route maps it does show a flight plan going to KORF for the alternate! AA1416-KJFK-TXKF.pdf
  13. I am using the LIDO format downloaded from here in the library and the 737 profile from the airlinerpreformance website
  14. How is an OFP layout the cause of an alternative not displaying? I will try with the default OFP format
  15. Create a route by the auto route and check the box for avoiding airspace & set the countries to avoid that helps force the auto route to go along the right path.
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