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  1. Is there a change to the PMDG 777 I can use? Thank you
  2. I am not able to apply in my cart my old serial numbers for the discount on the Professional airport products. The sale price for the current sale that is going on I cannot remove to buy it at a cheaper price.
  3. PFPX leaving alone it sets mach 84 for oceanic routes and yet custom speed sections I have .85 only to select for manual waypoint speed adjustments. No clue where it calculates .84 if the profile sets .85
  4. airlinerperformance 787 profiles are for M.85
  5. I have a good aircraft profile. It has one choice for mach speeds can it be edited to add other speeds than only .85?
  6. There is one mach speed option Id like to edit to add other mach speeds
  7. Manually tried setting NATs and both unable to customize speeds
  8. I set my custom speeds and altitudes for the oceanic crossing. At the end PFPX has its own mind about what to set: BAKUR/N0480F340 DCT MALOT/M083F340 NATE RIKAL N438A TOPPS/N0487F340
  9. Afcad updated with parking codes, pushback instructions, runways renumbered. bug fixes. At Avsim this file changes the textures to update taxi signs and runway numbers: AFX_EBBR.bgl
  10. No way around selecting 3 of each making my attempt impossible
  11. The airline I want to reproduce the remarks when exporting a fp from pfpx (latest beta) has in the remarks for NAV/ RNP2 the PFPX options give me all 3 rnp together, like NAV/RNVD2E2A2
  12. Runway renumbered, get the texture replacements for the runways and taxisign fixes from this file at avsim: next up after this, updating parking codes New afcad attached AFX_EBBR.bgl