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  1. Have the same problem. It is disabled. I don't have anything installed. All is windows 10 default. And I disabled defender
  2. Here you can see what I mean: http://members.chello.at/whiggy/lights.jpg
  3. Hello. The lightpoles of some street-lights are to big. At entries S7, S8 etc.. for example
  4. Hello! I want to install SODE jetways into EDDM scenery. Where can I find?
  5. Sorry. After a recheck I noticed this problem occur only after the GSX update from 02-06-2020. So It looks like a GSX problem.
  6. Hello! If I have animated people on at LZKZ scenery, then my GSX doesen't work. couatl engine will crash if I want to start from LZKZ airport. So far I can say, the problem occur only on start not after landing.
  7. OK Thank you. It's little off topic but short question: Does the CRJ Pro has the same concept?
  8. Hello! I'm little confused. Is this product a deep system simulation where I can operate with AOM like in FSL? Many years ago I tested "airbus extended" but I got disappointed. I switched to FSL but an Aibus 330 is a very interesting model. I really want fly it. Does the system accuracy and simulation deep has increased over the years?
  9. Hallo Oliver! Ich habe noch was gefunden: Ist das korrekt dass folgende Gates wirklich 3 Fluggastbrücken haben: 556, 555, 547L, 546, 564, 563, 562 ?? LG, Martin
  10. Hallo Olvier! Also die 3-fachen Fluggastbrücken gibts bei Gate 327. Es sind aber noch andere doppelt falsch alle weiss ich jetzt nicht auswendig. Flugsimulator ist FSX.
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