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  1. Hm, most time that was caused by to long folder name including file name. There is a 256 character limit. Maybe you are close to limit and the 320 texture folder is longer.
  2. I would say there is the groundpoly missing. The offical video displays at 0:50 the correct look: It could be a compatibility problem with P3Dv4. That version of the sim, doesn't support old groundpoly technology. I know, product page states P3Dv4. Have to check myself in v4.5
  3. confirmed, LBS setting problem
  4. It might be well a bug. With lbs/h we have bigger numbers as with kg/h. Will check.
  5. It’s a bug, as the packs should close again. If I remember correct, it’s fixed for the 330. Have to check if it’s also included in current internal built of the 320 family
  6. In the MCDU3 setting is a weather source selection. Only for this weather reports. Has nothing to do with uplink. If you fly with real weather I suggest hopie network setting. If you select sim, there is a limitation in the sim. You have to be close to a certain distance to the arrival airport to get the data out of the sim.
  7. If you want to update the CRZ alt, you can just enter 1 at PROG page LSK1L during climb. That will set the current FCU alt as new CRZ alt.
  8. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  9. Alles in PERF TO page korrekt eingetragen? In INIT B bzw FUEL PRED sind die Gewichte und Schwerpunkt eingetragen?
  10. Have you added any GSX2 config files for EDDM which would also add SODE jetways?
  11. Here you go: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE
  12. All known problems. Introduced with latest GSX update. Devs are working on it. With next release all should be fine.
  13. According to your Fpln page, the GA mode wasn't activated. I have no idea what is happening. When I test it, I just put the thrustlevers from CL to TOGA. Same as you. Can you enable logging and upoad the log-files, please?
  14. The Airbus does read a active sky file that is generated when you load the fpln into active sky. If you use a other weather engine it will read a *.wx file in the PMDG folder. We use the same standard as PMDG, so the addon developers didn’t need to support another fileformat. This wx file has to be generated by simbrief, pfpx or some other tool. I don’t know if REX does create such a file.
  15. I can confirm it. Tested with ZSPD, wich will give in F-PLN a elevation of 12.
  16. Hi, also with APPR no problem. A saved flight: Prepar3D v4
  17. I just set anything, to check if SRS is working. Will do later another with APPR.
  18. Hi, no problem. I got SRS NAV.
  19. I tested it today. Taxi with more than 32kt is possible. I had set 50%N1.
  20. Hi, that’s nothing special related to the airbus, but to your system. If you google for feature transfer error you will get a lot results. Most likely it is caused by your change of the folders. Make sure you run the installer with admin privileges. I found this topic, maybe it does help. There are also some YouTube videos around explaining how to fix. If nothing will help, you might need to reinstall Windows.
  21. masterhawk

    Toga LK

    There might be two reasons: First: Second:
  22. The development message is displayed when you are behind the TOD. In your Screenshot you are in front of the TOD.
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