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  1. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  2. The websimbrowser will be packed in the sim main directory. MCDU weight is always distributed to obtain optimal THS setting. If you want it it more variable, use the fuelplaner. You should always first load the weights, then enter it in INIT B and then do the PERF tasks.
  3. Is the Airbus configured to use the navigraph data, or is it still using the older own navdatapro set? Can be configured in the configurator.
  4. Right now…only disable of dyn reflections is a solution.
  5. I think, that might be possible by a local backup function like we have it in navdatapro. But I think it wouldn’t be possible to keep several revisions avail on the servers.
  6. Yes, ADE requires some knowledge. So best is to report directly to DD in their Forum. The DevTeam is there very active and responsive.
  7. Hi, I never use the view bar. So I can’t see the problem. Can you explain in detail what happened/changed? or what you are expecting to see?
  8. There wasn't anything changed. We moved some code from xml to c++, but same logic.
  9. Was that the first time? How is it now after a restart of the sim. It’s hard to tell what went wrong. I assume the THR lever was in the CLB detend.
  10. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  11. It can be uninstalled via the default windows programs/feature list.
  12. So for some reason the add-on.xml is not registered in the add-on.cfg file. Can be done manually (can not support with that prior Monday evening) or you try again a reinstall but with deactivated AV and admin privileges for the installer.
  13. You grabbed the correct installer in the shop? For some reason the xml file in the products subfolder of the updater was not updated. Uninstall the bus, check the file for the bus is gone in the products subfolder. And install again.
  14. The original data is required for the fuelplaner. But if you set in the configurator Navigraph as NavData source, there is no need to change any setting every time in the sim.
  15. The aircraft/addons can be installed everywhere, except in the sim folder itself. You can change the install folder in the installer. The prefilled is just the last one used for an aerosoft addon. Currently I’m not sure where the livery installer is gathering the aircraft install folder from. It could be it read just the add-on.cfg or it has the path stored in a own xml file.
  16. Alternativ den Bug mal im XHT Forum melden: https://www.xht-labs.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=9&sid=6ae0cec10852ea5ec4555c9b8d50e70d
  17. Are you running the latest Prague for v5? They released July 2nd the last update.
  18. In the add-on.cfg the title is missing. And don’t try moving files your own. Please revert what you have done. Uninstall and reinstall again. The addon is using the add-on.xml and registers itself in the add-on.cfg. So all addon files are at one place. Just choose during install a path like c:\p3d addons\aerosoft for example. It’s also not a good idea to install the sim in the program files folder. That’s a special protected folder.
  19. You have to edit the parking codes in the afcad. Can be done with ADE. You can also try to report at the dev forum: https://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/index.php
  20. Correct. You just have to change your button assignment and use the correct keycombi.
  21. It’s some kind of calibration problem. The sim does not forward the correct axis values to the addon. A lot people had that. But it’s a hardware/driver/sim issue. It’s now some kind of try and error required. Re calibration the hardware. Removing/reinstalling the drivers. Maybe using just the default Windows drivers. Resetting the complete P3D controller/keyboard settings, by deleting the the corresponding xml file.
  22. Habe grabbed the correct installer? V4 and v5 have different ones.
  23. Hi, your VersInfo contains some strange I formations regarding the installed sims/folders. That does not match with what the updater does indicate. Please post a screenshot of the install summary, that is displayed after entering all data in the installer, right before you click install. So we can see, what folders the installer has detected.
  24. You are in the wrong forum section MSFS. And please don’t hijack other topics. Open your own one, if the issue is a different one. In the proper section. But as there was a lot work done with the dynamic lights, I guess it’s intended, and the manual just outdated. But only the dev can tell. Maybe @OPabst has an idea.
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