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    My airbus320/321 can't show flight plan on ND!!

    Is your AC parked at RCKH? If not, try to switch to PLAN mode, that shows the flightplan independent of AC position.
  2. Hi, I have done some coding with the PFD. It's still WIP and might find it's way into the product 😉. And that's not all, there is more to discover at the PFD, but not visible in the screenshot. And to make it clear, this is not the new PFD that will be done. It's just an improvement to the current one. And that was no waste of time by the developers, has no influence to release dates of other products, etc....
  3. masterhawk

    Preview of some work

    Some more screenshots of my work:
  4. masterhawk

    Manchester x Airport

    Ok Gentlemen, the problem is that the addon AFCAD is made 05/23, but the approaches where 06/24. I now changed the approaches in the AFCAD also to 05/23. Give it a try. EGCC_ADEP4_Bob.bgl compiled for P3Dv4 EGCC_ADEX_Bob.bgl compiled for FSX
  5. Hi, this is an unoffical hotfix for LSZH Prof in combination with ORBX GES. This will fix the default tower and the strange textures around the airport. Just copy paste/replace the 2 files inside "Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Zuerich V4\Scenery" LSZH Prof 1.00
  6. masterhawk

    Madeira Issues

    And you haven’t changed anything? From one to another day the look of madeira changed? What you see does look like a AFCAD problem. There seems to be another one conflicting.
  7. masterhawk

    Issues with KG/LB

    You have to set the airbus manually to pounds. MCDU3–> options
  8. masterhawk

    fuel planning

    Simbrief is mostlikely using wind data and the correct distance. The fuelplaner takes the direct line from airport to airport, and wind need to be added manually. And there are different fuel burn models behind.
  9. masterhawk

    updating the product

    Last line of text at the right... uninstall download latest installer from shop install
  10. masterhawk

    Manchester x Airport

    I have an idea, what could cause the problem. I have an idea, what could cause the problem. Can you upload the original AFCAD, please? I haven’t installed it.
  11. masterhawk

    A319 Does not hold speed

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. masterhawk

    Cant Start A319

    Please uninstall and install with latest installer from your shop account.
  13. masterhawk

    A319 Does not hold speed

    Most likely you are talking about this:
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. masterhawk

    Anchorage Professional ILS 7R G/S misaligned?

    Have you updated the SODE files from the hompage after the released update, that added the extended rwy? The files from january 2018 show correct GS position:
  16. masterhawk

    EDDK Professional - Missing ILS DME

    Here are fixed AFCADs. Please rerun the desired config setting, to copy the correct AFCAD into place. EDDK Pro 1045 DME
  17. masterhawk

    Mega Airport Zürich V2.0 ILS ersetzen

    Ich kann das Problem nicht nachvollziehen. Gem. Charts (Effective 03 Jan 2019) sind alle Frquenzen up to date. IKL 111,75 IZH 110,5 IZW 109,75 IZS 110,75 So sind die ILS auch in der AFCAD--> LSZH_AFX-OP-NESW.bgl
  18. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  19. masterhawk

    Managed speed issues

    Hi, the constraint is 4000-5000. On PFD the 4000 is the lower border for DES. The aircraft will not go below that alt. That is correct. In F-PLN you have 5100. this additional 100 is a known bug. But the aircraft will fly at 5000 according to PFD.
  20. masterhawk

    Night textures a day

    Then you have maybe a too long install path. P3Dv4 can only handle 256 characters. starting at c:\....ending at ...\ Choose a folder like X:\Prepar3Dv4 Addons\Aerosoft
  21. masterhawk

    Indestructable engines

    It is currently out of scope. If we would implement that, it’s a lot more work to do, than just disable one engine. All the ecam stuff, the direct connected systems, that also don’t work any longer...
  22. Please check the HOTFIX list in forum: support\scenery There you will find this link for LIMC:
  23. Here you go: Sode Jetways for LIMC Fix for LIMC Pro Obslight
  24. Indeed, it’s gone. Will check later my HDD and upload here.
  25. masterhawk

    New version seems ok

    In managed mode, the bus should reduce speed by itself to hold speed.