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    LOWW; ILS CAT3 RW 29

    ILS RW29 Scenery default: 109.7 Scenery FlyTampa: 109.55 Chart and NavDatabase: 109.55 Die Freq. der Scenery und der NavDatabse müssen passen! IRL ändern sich die laufend. Da muss man manchmal Hand anlegen, z.B. mit ADE. Oder:
  2. masterhawk

    Unkontrollierter SInkflug

    Ich würde sagen, da kam es zu einem Einbruch der Frames, dann steigt der AP/FBW aus. Das System ist frameabhängig. Sollte immer über >15 sein. Am besten pausieren, bevor du was veränderst.
  3. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass die Grafikkarte Einfluss auf die Systeme hat. Wenn bei dir im Takeoff state die GEN und PUMP fault aufleuchten ist wirklich etwas im argen mit deinem Setup. Nur leider bin ich auch überfragt was eine Lösung sein könnte. P3D neu augesetzt hast du ja schon?
  4. Hi, habt ihr denn die reallight datei? Habt ihr oben evtl überlesen: " Die Funktion wird durch die RealLight Technologie sichergestellt. Diese wird automatisch mit dem Airbus installiert. IN dem Ordner ...\P3D\Gauges muss sich eine Datei reallight.dll befinden. "
  5. masterhawk

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    Yes and yes. Save as soon as the issue happens and tell us what you did before.
  6. masterhawk

    V2 - Tropopause, Judith, Christan will the Tropopause indication return for PFPX? If I remeber correct, I saw it a few month/weeks ago on one of the screenshots when PFPX2 was announced.
  7. masterhawk

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Stefan is currently working on an other project. That won't delay the 330, as there is more work required on the systems. And for the systems I have written something in the last few days.
  8. masterhawk

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    Ok, after I also had this loss of managed speed for one time. It is very hard to reproduce. Please if anyone of you have this again. Please save the fligth and upload here. A saved flight consist of 5 files: *fxml, *.abx, *.asc, *.fms. *.wx All can be found here: *\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files
  9. masterhawk

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    just check in the aerosoft updater configuration to receive experimental updates.
  10. masterhawk

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Please, look one page back.
  11. masterhawk

    Airports: no lightnings

    First try without PTA and original default 4.4 shaders. Are then the lights working? Have you updated PTA to the latest 4.4 compatible version?
  12. masterhawk

    A318-319 ECAM Bugged.

    Did a flight with 319. All fine in regards of ECAM.
  13. masterhawk

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    Ok, did last flight again, lost also managed speed. Will look into.
  14. masterhawk

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    Ok, doing right now KLAS-KSEA. SID: SHEAD1 via OAL STAR: HAWKZ7 via LKV A lot of constraints. SID was good. I expect also STAR to be good. So VNAV should be better now.
  15. I have only seen such negative fuel values when the fuel loaded via loadsheet (options MCDU) does not match the entered block fuel of INIT B.
  16. masterhawk

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    I did yesterday a flight with the latest internal rev. I had no such problem from EDDM to EDDF. Will do this evening another one. There is currently a lot done at VNAV.
  17. masterhawk

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Hi, I already posted it in the past, just look back. FMS and AP are similar, currently bugfixing for 320, then portover to 330 ND/PFD will be redone for 320, then implemented to 330 HYD, ELEC, FUEL are very different, but also the rest need to be adapted. It will not be released this year!
  18. masterhawk

    HOTFIX list

    Hi, the Intention of this post is to have one single source for hotfixes, that are not released in an installer or via the shop account. Here we go: EDDH Prof LEMG LEMG Prof LIMJ LXGB Prof Hotfix outdated by release v1.10 EDDT Prof LEPA, LEIB, LEMH (Evolution Version ONLY, not for Professional) TNCB LGKR KDAB EDDF Prof 1.10 EDNY Prof Hotfix outdated by release of V1.10 LPMA LIRN MYNN ENGM Hotfix outdated by release of V1.13 LIRF ENTC ENAT ENVA ENVY LSZH Prof LIMC Prof PANC Prof Hotfix outdated by release of V1.11 GCLA GCLA Prof ENBR EDLW Prof EDDS Prof Hotfix outdated by release of V1.10 rev2 EDDB Prof Hotfix outdated by release of V1.01 LIPE Balearen LEIB LEMH Prof EGLL Prof LSZB v4
  19. The tool is setting some textures for trees, buildings etc. The seasons for photo scenery is coded in the photo scenery bgl file and switched automatically by the sim.
  20. masterhawk

    A318 XXL Slats

    I had it one time in the past. Was never able to reproduce. If you can find a way to reproduce let us know. Please activate logging and post the logs after next time it happened.
  21. masterhawk

    HOTFIX list

    There is no AFCAD list. The scenery have the state of the date they are released. If after that time a frequency change, you can do it by yourself with ADE. It's not possible to track every realworld change and update the scenery.
  22. masterhawk

    HOTFIX list

    Waht fix are you talking about for Norilsk?
  23. masterhawk

    FSX Madeira Evo LPMA

    Please check second post in this topic:
  24. masterhawk

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    The real world data was taken from the FCOM PERF CLB tables at ISA conditions. If you set in the sim default weather “clear sky”, you get these conditions. Here is an extract how such a flight has to be performed:
  25. masterhawk

    Cold & Dark with batteries showing 0 volts

    Hi @ZoscheHH, have you set C&D to the default state? Because normally the plane should load in ready for takeoff. If the Bats show 0, there seems to be a bigger issue. Have you tried reinstalling? Please provide a screenshot of the VC to get an idea how the bus is loaded. And most important, what P3Dv4 are you running?