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  1. As stated by message. Check your current CG on StatusDisplay lower right. It should match with equivalent pitch trim setting for Takeoff. TrimWheel and the trim value on PERF TO page. Not 100% accuracy required but should not be total different. Do you have the Tutorial for the A32S? The AOC is explained there. It has no further function/influence. Just something to enter.
  2. It is already included in our internal. I think also already in the last experimental Update. If not, next one will bring the support.
  3. We are in contact with TFDi. Hopefully they can fix it.
  4. You have to place the installed GSX file in the correct folder and edit the content. Is described in one of this posts.
  5. If anyone can bring valid data. Technical structures/drawings, measurement results from wing stress tests, we will of course adapt it. Even photos/videos with all required infos for loadfactor on the wing, AoA, GW, Wind...at the time the photo was done, we will check it. All other is just it could be, in my opinion, maybe...nothing we can work with. Sorry, but that is the truth.
  6. Hi, this topic was often discussed and is closed for Prepar3D. Maybe we look into it for MSFS. But keep in mind, we think it’s ok. It‘s hard to compare videos and pictures with the sim, as long as you don’t know the current loadfactor on the Wings. AoA, GW, rudder deflection, .... a lot variables.
  7. Trueglass is implemented and working. The question is, is it installed correctly. Do you have the Trueglass.dll in the sim gauges folder?
  8. Hi, also in this case...LIMJ to EGCC. Have you come close to London area? When the sim is loading this area the FPS drop. Especially with ORBX England.
  9. Terrain.dll could be caused by autogen.
  10. I‘m also running the without problems. In your case it might be special combination of driver/gpu.
  11. Some items take longer as expected. This weekend we won't release an update. More info can give Mathijs next week.
  12. Hast du des letzte HF für den Sim drauf (darum fragte ich nach exakter Version)? Es gab ein Problem mit PBR Ground was dann durch LM gefixt wurde. Das sah genau so aus.
  13. Have you downloaded the latest full installer from your shop account? Version v1.0.0.0 is not able to update to via updater.
  14. Do you have the latest 1020 installer? There all mentioned problems are solved.
  15. Was that when the simulator started to load the London region? That is a very heavy region like Seattle. Even defalt is heavy to FPS.
  16. While the FPS goes down to 4, it is pitching. In our Airbus the FBW was coded in relation to FPS. A minimum of 18 is required. It had always been the same. Since the first Airbus release 10+ years ago. A major recoding of FBW will now not happen. I'm sorry, I fully understand, that that will not solve your problem.
  17. Hm okay. For any case, I edited the files. LZTT_Road.xml LZTT_Poprad.xml LZTT_Forest1.xml LZTT_Forest.xml
  18. Loading at a gate is not always correct. Limited by the sim. The AFCAD has one reference point. Now depending on the aircraft there is also one reference point the sim is taking into account. This two points are matched at loading. At the end different aircraft will be placed different. The VDGS does handle it different, but has no influence for loading the aircraft. You can now do two things: 1. edit AFCAD parking position until it matches with the particular aircraft model 2. Use the slewfunction to reposition the aircraft after loading. I would prefer n
  19. I rechecked your screenshot. Have you turned the INTEG LT really on?? This switch is in off position.
  20. Let me help. The MCDU wind import can read two files: ActiveSkyweather own file or .wx file in the ...\[fsrootfolder]\PMDG\wx folder You need a Tool that generates this wx file. That could be simbrief or PFPX. If FSGRW has a function to load the FPLN and then Export the wx file it will also work that way. We had choose the PMDG wx file as common format because it was already avail and adapted by tools.
  21. Hi @Pavel1971, I think there are several entries for the Environmental Data Probe in the SODE xml files missing. Let's take LZTT_Forest.xml There we have <EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList="LZTT_Road_Forest1"/> But what is with the other Client Simobjects in this xml? LZTT_Road_Forest2 LZTT_Road_Forest2a (exists two times with different model content->second one should be named "LZTT_Road_Forest2_grass"?) LZTT_Road_Forest2_grass_a LZTT_Road_Forest3 LZTT_Road_Forest4 Similar problems in the files: LZTT_Forest1.xml LZTT_Poprad.xml LZTT_Road.xml
  22. @ageva, @David Rosenfeld in the SODE log I found the following: [21:47:46.166] DEBUG SODE.XML : Building List from File 'C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml\DRS_LLBG.xml' [21:47:46.167] WARN SODE.XML : Environmental Data Probe 'Ben_Gurion Airport': Listed Client SimObject 'llbg_rwy-lights-rain' does not exist in the XML! [21:47:46.167] WARN SODE.XML : Environmental Data Probe 'Ben_Gurion Airport': Listed Client SimObject 'llbg_approach21L' does not exist in the XML! [21:47:46.167] WARN SODE.XML : Environmental Data Probe 'Ben_Gurion Airport': Listed Client SimObject 'llbg_approach12L' doe
  23. Hi, let me add the following: The file can also be placed in ...\Mega Airport Ben Gurion V5\LLBG\Scenery Just with the setting: afcad_path = LLBG_ADE.bgl It will also work. No need to place it in %APPDATA%\Virtuali\GSX
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