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  1. Dear Ladies and Gents, sorry for my late reply but unfortunately I was trying to finish at least one longer flight with the above mentioned product - however, it does not seem to be possible without any Crash-to-Desktop for a flight lasting longer than 2 hours. To come back to my critics and my offered information, I would like to show of what I experienced during my approach into Frankfurt some minutes ago (before the CTD...) Picture I - Cockpit Picture of my a/c descending before the UNOKO 07N Transition in Frankfurt. I did select a certain waypoint before UNOKO already minutes beforehand with a maximum Flightlevel of FL230 to pass at this waypoint. However, a TOD was shown on the ND and I did push the ALT Selector to 23000 while cruising at FL340. You can see what he is doing in managed mode. At this time, passing a descend rate of 9400 fpm I had to disengage the A/P. Picture II - MCDU Initi 2 Page (GW 59,9 // CG 33.2 // FOB 4.7) Picture III - at least a good outside view Emanuel, thanks for your description. I know how the Joystick in the A320FAM/330/340 feels in Reallife. So, basically you are telling me, I should just be more careful, because I dont have a FF-Joystick, which nobody has? Beneath that I am really careful, having reduced the sensitivity nearly to zero and flying really calm with this bird, I still experience heavy nose up and down inputs. To say it clear, I was testing the other A320 product at a friend, and I can't reproduce this behaviour there. The same here, but without any effort, as you can see above. I do always push the ALT Selector 5-10nm before the TOD. The results can be seen above. Best Regards, Alexander
  2. Hi Ben, I will try to log the upcoming flights and not choose the selected mode to reproduce this behaviour. BR, Alex
  3. Hey Mathijs, the engines are the CFM models with A320 and A321, both of them show the same behaviour. The Update is performed to the latest version, which is shown as Version
  4. Tom, holy sh**. I will try out, if I really missed the adjustment. However, sadly, the remaining bugs are existent, arent they?
  5. Dear Ladies and Gents, I would like, once again, to point out several things. While flying today LSZH-LICJ-LSZH, once again, the Weather radar, nor the Terrain Radar was working. As I was approach Zürich, I could encounter clouds and severe turbulences on Active Sky's Map, but my ND still kept playing dead. WXR and TERR is simply dead for three days - I will expect it to work once again without any reason in some days and then disappearing once again. I can't reproduce it. TERR Radar on ND I. Picture - Lining up in LICJ with high terrain and water ahead - no ND working. III. Picture - Approaching GIPOL in LSZH/ZUE WX Radar II. Picture - WXR was set to "WX+T" with -5° Tilt and PWS AUTO and SYS 1 on. Simply, dead, during the whole rotation. Engine Sounds I am logging my flights on smartCARS for Swiss Virtual - and this is the prove that the sounds nor the "setup" of the engines is working correct. While spooling up and reaching the self-running speed of the engine, the sounds stutter and the engine jumps between on and off - even acars is logging this event as follows: [15:26:43] Pushing back with 9491 kg of fuel [15:27:36] Engine 2 is on [15:27:37] Engine 2 is off [15:27:42] Engine 2 is on [15:28:24] Engine 1 is on [15:28:25] Engine 1 is off [15:28:26] Engine 1 is on Also, while cutting the engines off, I dont experience any spool down. Its just like killing them. Its nearly immediaetly quite. Environment / Wind Sounds When taxiing under CAVOK/ISA conditions while hitting 20kts Groundspeed (GS) I do encounter the really loud sound (like lowering the gear on approach). Is there any fix? Flightmodel This is the most subjective one - but let me try to explain what it feels like. First of all - while flying the aircraft, I do encounter a quite good Autotrim. Protections like low speed aural warnings, Alpha Floor etc. is sufficient for me. But, basically while landing and taking-off this bird, I feel like flying a bag of rice. What do I mean? When hitting VR and trying to rotate this aircraft, there are only two ways. Taking forever, or just punching the nose up. Both - and I was flying deadhead on the jump last week on an A320 in europe - was not what I did experience during this take-off. It could be steered really fine with small inputs, whereas my Airbus is flying really rough. While landing, and having still problems to find any adjustment of my X52 Pro Flight System to have a normal acting Elevator, I am in a good situation not to deploy reverse thrust until my NLG is already on the ground. If I do not pull my stick to the back while touching down, my nose is just dropping like a dead elephant and quitting this with a loud "brrooummppf" while the NLG punches the runway. When applying reverse thrust, its even worse and not controlable. While discussing this topic internally on VATSIM Germany, three other colleagues with different set-ups agreed to this behaviour. Autoflight and Autothrottle not corresponding to Speed Restrictions While departing Düsseldorf (DUS) with a speed restriction of 210kts maximimum, which was of course previously assigned in the MCDU and recognised in the PFD, the Airbus remained in THR CLIMB Mode during the departure. I can reproduce this problem in Zürich (ZUE) without any problems - as nearly every departure requires a procedure turn directly after the acceleration altitude. So, while putting the thrust levers back into the "CL" notch as announced in the lefthand upper side of the PFD, the modus changes to THR Climb. Even when pulling the speed knob and selecting 210kts, the modus does not change and remains in THR Climb. Checking the same departure on a - lets say - similar aircraft from another developer, this behaviour was not encountered. Weather Options for MCDU Readout on ATC COMM When hitting SHIFT+4 to open the Options MCDU, I have to assign prior to every flight VATSIM Weather. Why does this aircraft does not save this option? Finally, last but not least, the product looks beautiful, yes. It is really nice that those Cargo Door bounce, when they are finally opened, but those items which are stated above are really killing the mood for this plane. It is beautiful to look at, I do really feel like home in the cockpit and with those sounds. The performance is good, it is working outstanding good with GSX (for example the fueling system, well done!) - but, to he honest, I feel like a beta tester. I have de-assigned all my Virus Detectors for Airbus, Aerosoft, Activesky...and so on, but I do simply encounter all those problems above. To keep with a positive vibe - picture three shows a beautiful departure from Palermo. I would really like to see those pictures in the future. I know that there is anotother product, way more expensive, and maybe way ahead. But those items above are simply an evidence of a good beta-product, like Players Unknown Battlegrounds still is (sorry, sidekick). So, to be honest, could you give us an overview of the major findings / bugs + respons to those critics and a target, when those bugs are beeing fixed? For me, the aircraft ist currently not ready for operations, to be honest. Don't get me wrong and I would really like to keep it objective - therefore those attached picture which show obvious bugs. (P.S. I did a small test in MUC with the weather and terrain radar. Was working perfectly. While doing another test in LOWI, nothing...) So, lets remain with this small words - looking forward for a feedback from your side, and I am also looking forward to help in anyway to improve your product, because I am putting all my hopes on the A330. Best Regards from Germany, Alexander EDIT: One more point. The managed decend mode is a mess. Descend rates around 5000-7000fpm experienced several times, therefore I am doing them now only in selected modes (last picture).
  6. Hi Otto, vielen Dank für die Überprüfung! Das mit dem Bild-Upload ist halt so - ich habe nunmal keinen Server, und wüsste auch nicht, wie ich anderweitig Bilder direkt hosten kann. Ich werde mich aber mal erkundigen Viele Grüße aus Trier, Alex
  7. Guten Morgen Otto, klar kann ich das. Das ZFWCFG im Loading Tool ändert sich auch bei anderen Pax- oder Cargo-Configs nicht. Der Trim übrigens auch. Viele Grüße, Alexander
  8. Good Afternoon Mathijs and others, I think the problem was driven due to my null-zone adjustment problem of the X52 Pro Flight System Throttle, which didnt move into Idle. However, I would love to know if the throttle - after moving out from TO/GA, has to be moved into the IDLE position to disengange the A/THR logic and then moved back again to the manual thrust setting, or if the throttle lever can be directly moved to the intended approx. position of my required thrust setting. Best Regards, Alexander
  9. Thanks Mathijs, while landing in some minutes in SSH, I will reboot my P3D and do a short take-off test on my A321 and do a small clip (or at least pictures). Could I upload this anywhere, to show this behaviour better? Best Regards, Alexander
  10. Hi flying_David, Danke für deine Antworten. Mangels Liverys habe ich bis jetzt auch nur den Swiss Airbus A321 HB-IOO installiert. Das Angebot ist ja derzeit etwas mau, vor allem für den deutschen und angrenzenden Markt. - TERR on ND Das Problem tritt bei mir sporadisch auf. Ich kann leider keine Logik festmachen. Jedenfalls sehr störend. - WX RDR Das selbe wie oben - tritt aber immer zusammen auf. - Wind-Sound Das Problem ist bei Aerosoft bekannt. Mich stört es jedenfalls brutal, da ich beim rollen ein extrem lautes Windgeräusch hab. So verstehe ich jedenfalls keinen Funk. Das Problem ist auch nicht sporadisch, sondern reproduzierbar. Ich habe auch schon ein Video gemacht. Wo kann ich sowas hochladen? - ZFWCG Das solltest du mal genauer prüfen. Die Anzeige, auch bei anderen Kollegen auf VATSIM, ist statisch auf 26.0. Ebenfalls der Trim. - Engine Startup Sogar simACARS der Swiss VA zeichnet auf, dass die Engines beim hochfahren 3-4 mal stottern. Dementsprechend unschön ist der Sound... Ich habe die neue P3D Version, die ebenfalls komplett neu installiert wurde. Und das oben genannt, sind nur die Spielereien, welche als Bugs auffallen. Der Descend Path hat mich schon mehrfach mit 6-7000 ft/min nach unten katapultiert... Viele Grüße, Alex
  11. Hi Guys, Thank you "Fragged^2" for your response. I didnt exactly what you are mentioning but I have now hust spoken to two Airbus Captains from Condor and Lufthansa and they agreed and confirmed, that the behaviour, which I have experienced in Aerosofts Airbus A320/321 Professional, after updating it, is not real, nor corresponding to the system logic. As I do not have access to a current FCOM, I couldnt find the related chapter refering to the autothrust system logic. Situation While taking-off and pushing the thrustlevers into "TO/GA" notch, A/THR illuminates on the MCP and the system will automatically increase thrust to TO/GA power setting. When placing the thrustlevers back to "IDLE" (not FLEX/MCT or CL), the thrustlevers will enable the pilot to select a manual thrust range between IDLE and the "CL" notch. While doing the same on the Aerosoft Airbus, the engines are stuck on "IDLE" and any thrustlever movement will not result in any action, unless I push the "A/THR" button on the MCP. It was confirmed twice from Airbus captains, that this is not necessary. Movement of the throttle levers to IDLE and then applying thrust again will result in direct powering up of the engines. The only difference I know is the following: A) The aircraft is flying in A/THR "ON" conditions in the "CL" notch - for example during approach. When moving the thrustlevers from "CL" notch back, and not pushing them at least to "IDLE", it will result in engines powering down to IDLE and prompting the EICAS Alert on the Upper SD "Move Thrust Levers to IDLE" or something equivalent. When moving the thrustlevers now to idle, you will gain once again back control over the thrust, and you can set a manual thrust settings as required between IDLE and "CL". I think, this is now getting a little bit more clear. DaveCT, could you once again take care regarding this and confirm this? Best Regards, Alexander
  12. Hi Dave, I am aware of the Airbus logic, as I am working myself in the aviation biz in commercial ops My comparison to the Boeing 757 is a hint from my side, that I am really enjoying the style and the environment on this aircraft - but things like those sound bugs, and especially the behaviour of the A/THR logic which is not working appropriate is killing my mood to fly it. You wrote: I know this procedure, as I do also have a real GenFam training on this A/C. Nevertheless, while taking-off from GCRR and moving the thrustlevers back from TO/GA to Idle, A/THR should be deactivated and the thrustlevers should lead to an engine thrust movement, while moving between Idle and CL, right? And furthermore, while moving the thrustlever from TO/GA to Idle, A/THR should be deactivated and the A/THR green light on the MCP should de-illuminate, right? Best Regards, Alexander
  13. Hey Guys, I have updated the Aerosoft A320/321 to the newest update tonight. However, after doing a testflight I have experienced a strange behaviour. Take-Off in ACE (GCRR) with Thrustlevers in TO/GA position. At this point, the "A/THR" pusbutton illuminates in green on the MCP. After Take-Off, Gear Up and acceleration I have moved the thrustlevers to Idle. At this point, the "A/THR" button is still illuminated. When pushing the throttles then forward from idle to a certain powerset, nothing happens. Engines still remain in idle position. Pushing the "A/THR" button on the MCP enables me to move the throttles again and engines start to respond to actions taken on the thust levers. So far - from my point of view - this logic is not applicable, or did I do anything wrong? Normally, from my previous experience while on approach, I do move the thrustlevers when they are on "CL" just back to idle and then to the necessary thrust settings. Worked perfectly before the update. Besides this - does anybody still have this annoying abrupt sounds which is commencing while taxiing faster than 15-20kts? Sounds like taxiing with 150kts...Is there a hotfix? This kills my mood to fly this aircraft. And last but not least - when comparing this aircraft to the Captain Sim Boeing 757-200 I have to admit that I am feeling really happy while watching this aircraft and sitting inside. Especially in regards to inside lightning you have done a really great job from my point of view. Best Regards, Alexander
  14. Hi, sorry to ask this dumb question, but I do experience still the same annoying problem on the Aerosoft A320/321 Professional. I did, as propsoed, the update. Still, after accelerating during taxi over 20kts (or having winds which reduce it sometimes to lower speeds) and abruptly the sound of flying with higher speeds and gear down coming up. This is extremly annoying - do you have a hotfix available? Best Regards, Alexander
  15. Hi, nur zur Güte: Bin ich der einzige, mit nicht nachvollziehbaren Ausfällen des TERR und WX RDR auf dem ND? Vor allem das Windproblem bezüglich auf den Sound macht mich beim Rollen wahnsinnig...
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