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  1. I'm getting no UI but the exe is running in the background. Windows 11 (which might be the issue?). Killing the exe and running as administrator/non administrator/compatibility mode doesn't seems to bring up the UI Attaching the logs Thanks, Amos aerosoft-vdgs-driver-log.log
  2. Thanks David for the update, much appreciated Amos
  3. At moment we are busy with LLBG for MSFS and have no plans on updating the P3D version. Once we'll be able to evaluate our future projects, a proper announcement will be made. Thanks, David and Amos
  4. So LLBG 1.0.1 is taking shape and should be released next week. Changelog: Taxiways, taxipaths, parking positions fixes according to SU7 SDK requirements Reposition main control tower Wet Surfaces fixes Overall texture fixes and enhancements Jetway model texture fixes and enhancements Parking lots model texture fixes and enhancements Cars added to various parking lots Various model fixes to avoid flickering Vegetation and autogen fixes and enhancements Runway touch down zones rubber and dirt added Floating taxi signs White tires on the static 777 Airport City added to replace default Asobo one Thank you all for your feedback, much appreciated! David and Amos
  5. Hi Andy, As David explain on his post, the current SDK is buggy and therefore adding or moving things is almost impossible. I'm not sure why you're looking at the back of the airport, posting this sole image and judging by this that the airport is not worth buying. If we'll put there 1000s trees it will be worth buying? Apron textures are FSX style? Terminal textures are not 3D? When parking the airplane on the gate, do you feel that you waste your money on the product? Cheers, Amos
  6. Thanks, I will try to edit the file and see if that goes well
  7. As I mentioned above, I have bought the CRJ from Aerosoft shop so I will go ahead and delete the additional folder. One thing I did notice that once I'm clicking on the route itself under the route menu and getting the yellow notice, the only item that is being imported - the flight number. All the rest are not. Below is the flp file: [CoRte] ArptDep=EDDM RwyDep=EDDM08L ArptArr=EDDP RwyArr=EDDP08R ArptAltn=EKCH SID=INPU3Q SIDEnrTrans=INPUD STAR=GOXL1R EnrSTARTrans=GOXLI STARApprTrans= APPR_Trans=VECTORS RwyArrFINAL=I08R CoRoute= FltNo=CLH2166 DctWpt1=UPALA DctWpt1Coordinates=49.214372,11.221436 DctWpt2=KEMES DctWpt2Coordinates=49.550000,11.224167 DctWpt3=ANELA DctWpt3Coordinates=49.768764,11.224603 DctWpt4=LONLI DctWpt4Coordinates=50.074739,11.226386 DctWpt5=LASGA DctWpt5Coordinates=50.360586,11.228075 DctWpt6=VOCIM DctWpt6Coordinates=50.634444,11.207778 DctWpt7=GOXLI DctWpt7Coordinates=51.111944,11.558333 [PerfData] CrzAlt=30000 CrzAltAltn=36000 PaxCnt=87 PaxWeight=174 CargoWeight=4773 FuelWeight=9469 WindDirClb=153 WindSpdClb=19 WindDirCrz=139 WindSpdCrz=16 WindDirDes=136 WindSpdDes=11 ISADev=-3 ResFuel=1706 TaxiFuel=500 [VNAVData] TransAlt=5000 TransLvl=18000 Comparing it to the PDF file under documents seems to be okay. Any suggestions will be appriciated! Cheers, Amos
  8. This folder is not there by default so I created it. Also created the "work" folder under it. Copy the flp file and still getting the same behavior, there's a yellow message "Route loaded" but it doesn't
  9. Same here, error when trying to load flight plan on the CRJ 900/1000
  10. Look here, seems that RCSTUDIO are working on it: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/lirn-napoli-capodichino-airport-rcstudio.452387/
  11. I will test it soon and see if we need to adjust. Amos
  12. Please uninstall and reinstall the product (try as administrator). I'm having a feeling that some files are missing for you. Thanks, Amos
  13. ILS08 is fine, please double check you completely uninstall previous versions and reinstall.
  14. No issues here, are you far enough from the stopping point? Under the SODE menu, choose the stand and it will automatically going to activate the VDGS
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