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  1. Please uninstall and reinstall the product (try as administrator). I'm having a feeling that some files are missing for you. Thanks, Amos
  2. ILS08 is fine, please double check you completely uninstall previous versions and reinstall.
  3. No issues here, are you far enough from the stopping point? Under the SODE menu, choose the stand and it will automatically going to activate the VDGS
  4. Can you please write me down which gate the VDGS is not working? I'm going one by one and as long as the aircraft is far enough the VDGS is activated just fine
  5. We have no such plans at the moment, please read the manual: Before using the product, there is one final thing to install which is an essential integral part of the LLBG product. You need to install and activate the SODE program. Read on below. LLBG SODE Animated Jetway System and SODE version 1.7.1 The LLBG product comes with SODE supported fully animated jetway system. For the jetways to operate properly, it is essential to download the latest SODE vs 1.7.1 program here: http://sode.12bpilot. ch/?page_id=9
  6. The airport was design to work with SODE Jetways
  7. Can you please confirm that you have under C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml the Drs_llbg-jetway-NO-vdgs.xml or the Drs_llbg-jetway-vdgs.xml file?
  8. I will check it tomorrow morning with Aerosoft, seems that the config app is not working as it should be
  9. For the GSX to work: 1. Copy the llbg-drsdvd.ini to your GSX folder - %APPDATA%\Virtuali\GSX 2. Edit the llbg-drsdvd.ini file and add under afcad_path = LLBG_ADE.bgl or the full path (it doesn't really matter) I'm adding the modified llbg-drsdvd.ini here if it's easier This should be the location of the AFCAD file (this is different for each computer) You can verify that the location is correct under Add-ons -> GSX -> Customize Airport Positions menu: You can also see under the pushback tab that the GSX
  10. New config tool with SODE Options, will make your life easier New installer should be live in couple of hours and please remove the old installation first!!! Also please make sure you're deleting the old SODE xml files from C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE - if you find there a folder called "2 sode jetway options" delete it, if it's already deleted and Drs_llbg-jetway-NO-vdgs.xml or Drs_llbg-jetway-vdgs.xml files are still there, delete those as well. Final changelog: * AFCAD was reworked * VDGS was adjusted to the be align with the stop marks * GSX also bee
  11. I did say hopefully and I did want everyone to get the update for the weekend. Aerosoft will push out the update tomorrow morning.
  12. We are working with Aerosoft on the final version of, downloaing the latest build as I'm writing and will test it asap. If all goes well and no last minute errors this will go live tomorrow morning latest. Sorry again for the waiting, we did want to make sure things are fixed. Have a nice evening, Amos
  13. Good afternoon, Files for version were send to Aerosoft, hopefully it a matter of few hours before the servers will be updated as well!!! Fixes: * AFCAD was reworked * VDGS was adjusted to the be align with the stop marks * GSX also been adjusted to the above changes * Small texture issues were fixed * Apron texture fixes * ILS 30 issues were fixed We are moving some fixes for next update (probably next week) as more time is needed here. Have a nice weekend you all! David and Amos
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