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  1. Thank you! I was able to get the new update this morning.
  2. My updater is saying there's a new updater from v1.6.0.1. On the bottom it says download it from my shop account. I went to Flightsim.com and opened my account and downloaded the "latest" files and installed them. My updater is now v1.6.0.1. Yes, it didn't update. So, where do I get the new updater? I'm assuming what I see in my account is the latest versions. (updater is saying I have version installed with an available version of So, it looks like Flightsim.com is still giving me an old version from April, 2021)
  3. I was under the impression that had that aspect resolved. Since it's not, I'll keep waiting. Thanks.
  4. I have no idea how to fix it considering I uninstalled and reinstalled all the parts of Prepar3D and Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional and put them into a different folder. I searched the internet far and wide and couldn't find a solution. I'm pretty much out of ideas.
  5. Just an FYI that the console lights in the A320/A321 are working at night but the overhead lights, particularly the reading lights aren't working at all. In fact I can't even see anything. I tried Turn Around mode, Taxi mode, and Take-off mode and none of them had the reading lights. I couldn't turn them on and I turned the knobs to full. Prepar3D 2020.06.23 -
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