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  1. Hi Guys, Just a quick question does the EFB in the Airbus offer a moving map via Navigraph like the PMDG and Quality Wings. With Thanks Gary Jones.
  2. It will work just fine if you just update the navdata in the Airbus,but if you want to fly online i would update both just to be sure,the navdata update for P3D is free. Gary Jones.
  3. Hi, You can update your P3D navdata here, https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html To update the navdata in the Airbus you need a navigraph subscription. https://navigraph.com/home Or purchase NavDataPro Charts from Aerosoft, its a matter of choice which navdata package you go for but i prefer Navigraph. Gary Jones.
  4. Thanks for that Frank,thought you may decrease the VAPP but we live and learn. With Thanks Gary Jones.
  5. Hi Guys, Happy New Year.Just a quick question if i may,whats the procedure for a tail wind landing do i reduce the VAPP speed or leave it at plus 5. With Thanks, Gary Jones.
  6. worked prfectly,thank you. Gary Jones
  7. Thanks for that. Enjoy your Christmas. Gary Jones.
  8. Hi Guys, Just adding a ILS to a runway that doesnt have one via the Airport Design Editor,thats all. With Thanks Gary Jones.
  9. Hi Guys, First off Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.I am quite new to the Aerosoft Airbus A318/19/20/21,PMDG user for a long time but love the bus.My question is if anyone can help is if manually add a ILS to a runway that does not have one,what approach do i select in the MCDU after i have inserted the frq and course manually.In the pmdg if a select lets say a RNAV approach the aircraft will fly the ILS but what i found with the bus is that if i select the RNAV approach it will fly that and not the ILS i have added.So my question is what approach should i select,
  10. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if there is a fictional repaint of a British Airways livery for the A330. With Thanks. Gary Jones.
  11. Thats a pity,does make a hell of a difference,has the A330 got PBR. Thanks Gary.
  12. Thanks for the reply,any further plans to implement PBR into the Airbus,pardon my ignorance but as i said i am totally new to P3D. Thanks. Gary.
  13. Hi Guys, New to P3DV4.5 and a little confused,why does the Aerosoft Airbus look so dull and lifeless compared to the QW787,all the same settings and no shader addons. With Thanks Gary Jones.
  14. Hi Guys, Just installed the latest version of the A318/319/320/321 and as the title sayes i am not getting the load sheet etc from AIDS. With Thanks Gary Jones.
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