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  1. Thanks Chris,i really thought i was the only one experiencing such a drastic difference in the autoland since the update,Bob(masterhawk)said they didnt change anything,so i ask the question why such a difference. Gary Jones.
  2. With Sparse Grid Supersampling this is what happens to my upper ECAM with just supersampling selected in the nvidia settings the display returns to normal. With Thanks Gary.
  3. Hi Mopperle, Thanks for the reply i am currently using P3Dv4.5 (latest update),as i said prior to the latest update i could use sparse grid supersampling in the smaller busses without any issues with the ECAM displays,i understand that i couldnt use sgs with the A330 due to problems,but the issues are now with the smaller busses as well.The GPU i am curently using is a GTX 3060 ti. With Thanks Gary.
  4. Hi Guys, Have not flown the smaller busses since the last update due to work.Upon attempting to start a flight this evening in a A319 i see that the display on the upper ECAM is not loading correctly.I reduced my anti aliasing to supersampling to 8, not sparse grid sampling and the displays returned to normal,so that another thing you have broken with a update,along with the A330 i can not use sparse grid supersampling in the Nvidia settings which i could do with the smaller busses prior to the update,thanks guys. Gary Jones.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the response much appreciated.Think something has affected the autoland feature for the worse.Just completed 2 tests at Aerosofts EGLL with active sky real world weather, A320 landing rate of 397fpm and without weather (clear sky) landing rate of 412 FPM.Prior to the update i could guarantee at EGLL my landing rate would be below 200fpm. Thanks Gary Jones.
  6. Hi Guys, First off thanks for a wonderful product.Since the last major update to version i seem to be having an issue with the autoland feature. Prior to the update my autolands were always in the region of 100 fpm to 250fpm which is perfect for the virtual airline i fly for before losing XP for hard landings.I always like to share my landings between manual and autoland about 50/50.I was wondering if you guys changed anything with ref to the autoland feature in the new build because all my autolands now are beteeen 350fpm and 500fpm.This has me confused because of such a dramatic difference between the new version and the previous version with the landing rate.The Airbus has always been great at it autolands much better than the PMDG 737ngxu,but now with this new version its just as bad.I have not changed any on my PC or in P3D,same scenery,airports etc the only change has been the update with the Airbus.The same airports that i was getting a landing rate of below 250fpm in the previous build has now jumped to well over 300fpm closer to 500fpm on some occasions.Looking for any advice or help on the issue. P3Dv4.5 (latest version) I7 11700K (no overclock) RTX Asus 3060 OC. 32 GB Ram. Windows 10. With Thanks Gary Jones.
  7. Just did a quick test when you press the / key the spoiler will arm and slow the plane down but there is no message to say its armed and visually ret position. Gary Jones.
  8. Hi Guys, I can second this the default / to operate the spoilers is not working in the smaller buses,have not checked the A330, this key is working with all my other addon aircraft,PMDG,QW etc. Gary Jones.
  9. Hi,Thanks for getting back to me,axis bindings im not to sure what they are,as i said the smaller buses are fine and i havent changed any settings with regarding my joystick,so im at a loss what causing it,everything was fine prior to the fresh install of the update. Gary Jones.
  10. Hi Guys, Just did a complete reinstall of the A330 and now i have an issue where the plane is constantly turning right will not taxi straight,the auto rudder is enabled both in P3D and on the plane, the tiller is disabled but i have tried turning them both on or off,it doesnt help the plane is constantly turn right in circles,i dont use any rudder pedals just a joystick which is configured in P3Dv4.5. I dont seem to have this issue with anyother payware aircraft including the smaller buses,just the A330,i know im more than likely doing something wrong but i cant figure it out. P3Dv4.5. Gary Jones
  11. Hi Rolf, Thanks for the reply,i will try another flight soon and reply with the requeated infomation. Gary Jones.
  12. Hi Guys, Looking for a little advice or help,prior to the most recent update i had no problems at all with the fuel planner,correct amounts that where generated and loaded into the Airbus with any problems.Now after the update the correct amounts are generated but when loaded into the Airbus A320 it is totally different to the what the fuel planner recommended.The trim setting is always 0.0 when in the planner its up 0.8,the fuel is the only thing that is correct,passengers and cargo are always way out,last flight LXGB to EGKK in the planner i put 123 passengers and 2.0 tonnes of cargo,it loaded into the aircraft 45 pass and 3.0 tonnes of cargo.Correct procedures where followed when installing the update anti virus off,restart after install etc. P3DV4.5 (latest version) With Thanks Gary Jones.
  13. All sorted followed the previous post and got the missing file. Gary Jones.
  14. Hi Guys, Looking for a little help or advice if i may,i had to do a complete reinstall of windows over the past few days.Before the reinstall all the buses where performing fine, A318,A319,A320,A321 and the A330 no issues at all.After the reinstall of windows the A330 is fine,but the smaller buses are causing me problems,when the planes are at the loading screen i get the message,sound system error,failed to fine media file,Base\Sound_ASC\ASC.PF.On.OnAuto.wav.I have tried 3 reinstalls of the smaller buses,with the anti virus turned off,but still the same problem,sometimes the plane will load but sometimes it CTD with the faulting module KERNELBASE.dll,all planes are updated to the latest versions via the aerosoft updater,i have also unstalled FS2 Crew thinking that may be the problem,but no i cant seem to fix it,looking for something i maybe doing wrong. P3Dv4.5(latest version) With Thanks, Gary Jones.
  15. Hi Guys, Just ask a question if i was told the EFB has a moving map with navigraph charts,but i cant seem to access it,i can get the plane on the SID or STAR charts but how do i get the whole flight on the screen. Gary Jones.
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