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  1. Secondator

    Strange things at sartup

    Hello Jov, So so I understand you correctly. When you initiate turnaround state, sometimes the EXT PWR light says ”AVAIL” and the plane is not powered up and sometimes is says ”ON” and the plane is powered up. Is this correct? When you say it stays in orange, do you mean the External power setting on 3rd MCDU? So that it doesn’t do anything when you press it?
  2. Secondator

    Problems with MCDU Preparation...

    Hello fernandito1969, The .flp file that simbrief gives to you on Aerosoft Airbus format is indeed intended to be used to load the flightplan.
  3. Secondator

    MCDU blocked

    Hello Axis3600, It's a known issue and we are working on it. Thanks for the report though!
  4. Secondator

    Steep dive after initiate decent

    We have released Experimental update that should address the dive after initiate descend and various other cases where the plane would dive following the STAR. Please let us know if you still experience any of these diving issues where the speed increases above the upper magenta limit with the latest experimental update.
  5. Secondator

    Managed speed issues

    Hello everyone, As you might have noticed we have released Experimental update through the updater. If you are experiencing managed speed issues still it's crucial you update to the latest version and enable logging through the control panel and attach them on this thread if the managed speed issue happens on your flight. We have enabled multiple new features to be logged on the update that hopefully sheds some light to this issue. We appreciate all the help we receive and are still working hard towards finding the issue and getting it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.
  6. Secondator

    Managed speed issues

    Hello mtlt, The diving and speed increase over the upper managed speed limit is a separate issue and it's going to be addressed on the next experimental update.
  7. Secondator

    Managed speed issues

    Could you please take a screenshot where you see waypoint MOBAM twice. Also could you post .flp file for the route so I can load the route in myself. I'm trying to recreate it but I just cannot get MOBAM to show anywhere twice.
  8. Secondator

    Pilot's MCDU

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. Secondator

    A320 NEO LEAP engine update

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. Secondator

    Steep dive after initiate decent

    We are addressing these issues on the next update.
  11. Secondator

    A318/319 does not show up

    Hello picsouvs, Could you please check if you have the entry with correct path on your add-ons.cfg for the A318-A319. The file is located in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ (you might need to show hidden folders on Windows to see ProgramData folder)
  12. Secondator

    Doors with GSX level 2

    I believe that when you call GSX pushback it will close all the doors and disconnect external power. Have you tried this yet?
  13. Secondator

    Question about Flaps...

    It's working perfectly as it should. When you are approaching an airport for landing you don't get any flaps until position 2 set on the lever. Position 1 only gives you slats on approach phase. So to answer your questions, you should not need to get 1+F setting during approach. That's by design. The only time you will get flaps as well with position 1 is before takeoff. Hence ECAM also says 1+F where the F stands for flaps. You can also see it on your ECAM flaps gauge. S stands for the slats side and F for the F side. When only 1 is shown on ECAM you have slats set to first position and flaps staying up. When 1+F is shown on ECAM you have same Slats setting shown on ECAM and the additional flaps set to first position.
  14. Secondator

    loadsheet Check

    Hello CFG874, It's a known bug and we will look into it once we get a chance. Thanks for the report!
  15. Secondator

    Question about Flaps...

    Hello Jammin16, There is two settings when the flaps are set to position 1. On ground for takeoff when flap lever is set to position 1 you get 18 degrees of slats and 10 degrees of flaps. Any other time you are setting the flap lever to position 1 you only get 18 degrees of slats with no flaps. Hence the two different modes 1+F (where F stands for flaps) and 1 which is without flaps. Position 2 already has same configuration on all flight phases with 22 degrees of slats and 15 degrees of slats. Therefore there is no need to indicate that flaps are included with this position with the extra +F marking.