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  1. Hello Randy, ND pop-out has some limtiations currently that we have to solve before we can make a pop-up available. For the ECAMs the click spot is missing for the pop-up displays and I will forward this request on adding them.
  2. Could you please open up a post detailing these syncing issues on the smaller busses on the CFD Clubs section and we will take a look if there is something that we are missing during our tests. That's the best way for us to keep track and provide support.
  3. Most of the functionality already is the same between A320 series and A330 in regards to CFD. Biggest difference is with the separated NDs and few other things that are separated on A330 while the A320 has still primarily remained as single pilot aircraft on that regard. We are hoping to get these features on the A320 series as well and do value your feedback on this matter
  4. No plans currently to make the EFB as an option. It's complex part of the virtual cockpit model. About CFD: It's still something that we are actively working forward and the plan is to have it much more better still from what it is currently on the A330. This of course includes also making it better for the A320 series aircraft.
  5. As Otto said. However this needs to be done just once and after that the login token should be valid.
  6. Hello Jonathan, This should be fixed on the next update.
  7. Thanks for reporting the bleed pressure indication. I will add to issue tracking. ADR1 switches are not simualted since they would be non-SOP, so won't add any logic there.
  8. Hello becas. I will check the isolation valve logic. Thanks for reporting. the TRIM TK XFR and T TJ XFRD memos will be added on the next update.
  9. Secondator

    Fuel loading

    Hello Jov, Does the ZFW on the Fuel Planner match with the Zero Fuel Weight on Simbrief generated OFP? Coudl you perhaps post the whole flight plan pdf so that I can check this. The higher TOW than expected is because Fuel Planner does not update the Take-off weight after entering the fuel manually. This will be however fixed on the next update.
  10. This could be solved on the next update. The A330 should aut9matically trim itself but we identified an issue on this feature that has been fixed since.
  11. I am only able to recreate this issue if I hold the F4 button. By no means would this resemble normal oprations and IRL you would not even be able to "push" toga over and over again. What you see on the ECAM upper right corner is the maximum EPR that you can get with the conditions you are flying in. This value differentiates depending on the conditions and is limited. Even though it's TOGA, in most cases it's not the absolute maximum value the engines can produce. So to answer your question. Yes it's normal that you see even the TOGA thrust being limited. In real life you would not be able to push through this limiter and in sim you can only do it by operating the aircraft in very unconventional way.
  12. Secondator


    Hello ChrisFx. Please read my explanation here: It's simply not possible for us to introduce a fix on this without it having an effect to the worse for > 90 % of our customers who are not using this setting.
  13. One of our developers was able to reproduce and debug this issue. We are hoping to have this fixed on the next update.
  14. To activate the keyboard press the top part of the EFB frame so that you have a green light showing up. With this you should be able to type on the charts section. Alternatively you can select the on-screen keyboard by pressing the search icon next to the text entry prompt.
  15. This is very strange. I can clearly see what you have observed as well on the second video how the wind seems to have an effect on the elevator position. However when engines are running and the hydraulic system is running the elevator should remain dead center unless manipulated with the control stick. And even if the hydraulics were not powered and the elevator was drooping, the elevator would be way too heavy for wind to have any effect on it easily. Right now I am unable to recreate this issue and have very little idea what is causing this condition. One thing that came to my mind would be perhaps constant micro stutters causing the fps to go under 18 so quickly that the fps counter is unable to catch these conditions. But that is the only logical reason that could cause some weird behaviour from the flight controls. If you try this at lower settings or at default airport, are you able to recreate this issue? I assume you already have tried full reinstall of the A330 as well.
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