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  1. Hi Leo, Also I noticed that you are using rather old version of the Airbus. Could you please update at least to stable version and see how that works.,
  2. Hello Captain Fred97, Remember to push the altitude knob before departure. Not just the speed being managed but also Altitude.
  3. Thanks, we are looking into it.
  4. Thanks for the report. We'll try to have a look to improve the holding functions.
  5. Hello petetech, It's a know issue to us and it happens when you cruise at lower flight levels (around FL300) where the aircraft cannot decide whether to fly speed or mach. We are doing some major reworks on these parts with the A330 and hopefully not long after the A330 release we can also implement the logic on A320 which fixes this issue.
  6. There should be no problems at all loading a flight from autosave with the A330.
  7. On the bottom right there is a "Configuration" button where you can enable the experimental updates. You have the then restart the Updater for the latest experimental version to show.
  8. Hello vysous, Is this on stable version or experimental version? If you are using the stable, could you please update to experimental and check if it happens there again. Also, while checking if it happens again, could you please enable logging through the configurator and if it happens, zip the whole data folder and send it here so we can have a better look what is going on with different systems. And also, throwing it there just in case, make sure all windows and doors are indeed closed if it happens again.
  9. Hello Fred, It looks like you forgot to set the altitude to managed before takeoff. Always check that you have a dot on the right side of the altitude reading before taking off. Good memory rule I used years ago to check the correct configuration was dash-dot-dash-dot-dot-dash to check the FCU values from left to right.
  10. Hello Fernandito, How much fps do you get on your sim? Does it at any point drop below 18 when these issues occur or does it fluctuate a lot?
  11. Hello @magna91, Sorry for the late response. When you fill squawk 2000, do you insert the squawk fully by pressing 0 three times after 2, or do you just enter 20 and let the two remaining zeros be there from the previous 1200 squawk?
  12. Hello Fred, Could you please post a screenshot when this happens. It would be great to have better overall view what is going on to help you. Thanks
  13. Yeah, by everything I meant also the MCDU. Seems like a small misunderstanding. No big deal. I noticed that you were running old version of the Airbus. Could you try version or experimental update and let us know if it happens still with one of those versions. If it does, could you please upload all the files that are saved with the saved flight. There should be in total 5 files with same name but with different file extensions.
  14. Please enable the logging and if it happens again, send whole Data folder here packed in either zip or rar. Perhaps they hold some clues what is happening when you lose power.
  15. Thanks for the report. I'll have a look into it.
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