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  1. Hello Jan, Yes, this is fairly common behavior with any jet aircraft where the anti-ice system draws bleed air from the engine and directs it to the anti-icing system. Because of this extra bleed air demand for the anti-air system the engines spool up a little on idle settings. You can read more about Ice & Rain Protection from the documents vol5 Aircraft Operating manual part 2 where you'll find this information from page 82
  2. When you load the fuel & payload through the EFB, do you press the send payload to simulator once or twice. Sometimes pressing it just once could lead into wrong center of gravity from the intended one and second press fixes this. If that doesn't work, then unfortunately I am out of ideas. It's not something that I am able to recreate.
  3. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/165676-about-the-new-issues-with-the-crj-after-sim-update-5/
  4. We are aware and fix for this in pending on the 1.0.6 update which is currently pending a sim hotfix.
  5. Closed for duplicate. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/165756-crj-google-chrome/
  6. Is by any chance the chrome icon on your taskbar directly over the EFB controls? MSFS still registers clicks even if you click outside the simulator window for example on your taskbar or even the other screen. So if the Chrome icon sit over one of the EFB panel stages this panel stage would also engage when you click on the chrome icon.
  7. Hello Dirk, We got one report so far from one of the testers with the exact same finding that you have with VR support. Right now unfortunately we don't have a solution but we are aware of the issue and will try to have a look into it in due time.
  8. With in sim marketplace purchases the m files are no longer generated when you load the product. This is a change made by Microsoft some time ago already with products purchased through their marketplace. Unfortunately in this case the only option is to wait for the CRJ update which is currently waiting for sim hotfix.
  9. Hello @mborgia We have a pending update for SU5 but it's currently in hold. We are still waiting for some unexpected issues that came from SU5 to get fixed. Hopefully this CTD issue you are experiencing gets fixed once we get the update out. You can read the statement from Mathijs about the update here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/165676-about-the-new-issues-with-the-crj-after-sim-update-5/
  10. Secondator

    HUD stuck

    Hello Nixxx, There are already several posts about the HUD issue on this forum. We are aware of the new issues after sim update 5 and are waiting for assistance from Asobo. For more information, please read: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/165676-about-the-new-issues-with-the-crj-after-sim-update-5/
  11. You are correct. Initially the m files got generated but later MSFS updated it so that they would not generate anymore on the marketplace version. This is beyond our control and has nothing to do with our code. Unfortunately, I think you have to wait for the 1.0.6 update to be released. You can read the official statement about the sitautaion from Mathijs here:
  12. I apologise. I accidentally mixed the folders between different versions. This depends where the CRJ has been purchased. If the CRJ is purchased from the marketplace the m files are no longer generated. So in this case this would be normal. If the CRJ has been purchased elsewhere like Aerosoft store, this would not be normal.
  13. Hi g5crj, Could you confirm what your empty cg position is set at on the main menu aircraft selectro under weight and balance tab. It should be set around 35%
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