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  1. I created a flightplan: "FACT GETEN ESRUK GADNU ETKAL ESVAX XABDO EVUVA NAMGU TUBIN FADN" The fuelplanner will not recognize "FADN" and the MCDU returns that FADN is not in database. I use Navigraph data and I have set the setting in the configurator accordingly
  2. Hey guys, I really like your work, the Airbus works nicely and I especially like features like the checklist. Also the level of complexity is sufficient for my demands and it's fun to go flying with the plane. Some things I would really like to see to make the experience even more pleasurable are e.g.: - a pop up ND - even pop up of other displays (for the lucky few who work with more than one monitor) - like in the version before, the possibility to use ones own voice packs - in the checklist after takeoff; that the copilot gives some time for the item "lights" in the sim one cannot just reach up to the upper panel to switch off the lights and the CP keeps nagging... - solution for the load level issue of the A320 that I have raised already: Only the A320 cannot be loaded with the standard 25 kgs of baggage for each pax, it works with all the other models. it shure would be nice to have... Thanks for the consideration
  3. And thanks, I had found the workaround already, just thought it would be something that the developers would care to know. But I believe there are more pressing things ;o)
  4. wow, thank you. If that's a known issue, how come that Mathjis does not know about it?
  5. Jov

    morsecode sound

    I will try this. However, why does thins not happen all the time?
  6. Well Mathijs Kok, that's how it is here. Can I find a list somewhere, how the "turn around" state should be? Then I could check every time what's different. Since I fly different aircraft, I am not testing the Aerosoft Airbus all the time. I did a clean reinstall with the latest update... Flight this morning, system freshly booted, A320 "EXT PWR" was "AVAIL", PFD and ND blank. In the checklist both Ext Power GPU and EXT Power were connected. I could disconnect the Ext Pwr GPU but not the Ext Pwr. the second only after turning the Ext PWr overhead off. Second flight A319, EXT PWR was on and only EXT PWR GPU connected. I did not do the checklist further, here. Strange. Secondator, yes that is correct. And I don't have a reproducable error yet. Sometimes the EXT PWR is on and sometimes the light is green and EXT PWR says "Avail" If I press the button then, everything is powered up immediately. The second incident is strange, it came with the last update. Yes I am referring to the 3rd MCDU. In the b4 Start Checklist, after the left forward door is closed, you come to the point "EXT PWR" the answer is "disconnected and off" Then you have to turn the power off and disconnect the external power (if they are in orange, it means that they are connected. I will take pictures and refresh this post, to be more credible.
  7. I have set the panel state for startup to "turn around". now sometimes, the external power is connected but not on, sometimes it is connected and on. Since the update, it happens that external power is connected and external GPU is connected. So within the checklist I can disconnect external power GPU but not ext. power. even after I press the button, it stays in orange. However, most of the time, the checklist will continue. Just now, the checklist jumped from cockpit preparation to after start, I could do the b4 start CL.
  8. I have P3D V4.4.; latest version of Airbus installed. I made a flight from EDDC to EDDF. I did the cockpit preparation checklist, did not press any ohter knobs... After entering the flightplan (saved with FSC) there was suddenly a morsecode sound to hear in the cockpit. I guess that is an identifier from some waypoint or so, I could not turn it off. It stayed the whole flight until the landing and was pretty annoying. I had had that some time ago on another flight, but do not know where it started and such. On subsequent flights, the sound did not appear. Anyone has an idea where this comes from and more importantly, how to stop it?
  9. I have the view system activated and usually the setup of the panel bar is the same: first captain view and somewhere in the middle the overhead view. <Expl 01> Sometimes this setup changes in the middle of the flight I cannot get the default back (which I am used to). <Expl 02> Probably I am doing something to affect the change, but I cannot think of anything or reproduce it. Can anyone tell me what happens?
  10. I come back to an earlier post. The fuel planner uses a model for checked baggage that calculates an average of 25 kg per head in the cargo bay. It works with all the models, except the A320. There the maximum baggage that a passenger could check on average is only about 16,7 kgs Iif one exceeds that number, the maximum landing weight becomes to big if the plane is full with the max number of pax. The maximum cargo before exceeding the maximum landing weight, according to the model in the fuelplanner is A 318 26.6 kgs A319 36,4 kgs A321 27,6 kgs So these planes would have room for some additional cargo. With due respect, I find it peculiar, that the A320 should have such a small capacity for cargo (i.e. mostly checked baggage).
  11. Did more testing, results are consistent. A319 EKCH-LSGG; Flightplan FSC, imported from file (without SID/STAR). Same result. first OTP rises and then begins to decline towards the TOD, Funny: I had to change the RW for landing and the approach, so the flight turned out to be longer. The OPT FL rose again to then decline towards the TOD. Next flight A320 LEMD-LSGG. Flightplan entered manually. Same result
  12. The flightplan comes from FSC, not entered manually. The OPT drops further during the flight. @ TOD it was something like 253. It seems odd, since OPT should rise instead of fall with fuel burn. It does btw with long haul planes (PMDG). I always create the flightplans the same way. Why do you think that the flightplan coult affect the OPT level?
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