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  1. I wanted to voice a request, that I made a long time ago. A ND-Popup would be really handy and would make the plane easier to fly.
  2. The updater alerted me to install V1020. I don't have P3D V5 The installation does not go through. It shows an error with Features Transfer and there is obviously a problem with the Path. Am I correct, that V1020 is not downward compatible?
  3. Take off weight in the loader is different from the TOW in the MCU. I chose load instantly. Today another example. in the loader everything is green, in the MCDU the weigth is different and I cannot board any pax., probably because the TOW is over the limit. PS. the date in the filename is incorrect, Mopperle.
  4. after using the new installer, I tried to install the liveries, that I had used b4 with the SIM. I cannot install any and I am not talking many different liveries and only ones, that had worked. I get the result shown in the pic. Now I am probably doing something wrong with the "very clever, very simple livery installer". Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
  5. After the update, I found that the IAS was showing rapidly changing acceleration/deceleration while the plane was still parked. (Pic) Later, during acceleration for TO the acceleration was not at all linear. The engines showed steady and correct thrust, the IAS however showed suddenly not acceleration for a while and then suddenly a big surge.
  6. was sind denn bitte WBM?Ich habe dieses Thema schon mehrfach angesprochen und immer nur die Antwort (in der Esssenz) bekommen, "...das paßt schon" auch von Mathjis. Die Werte sind aber für die einzelnen Typen meiner Wahrnehmung nach inkonsistent. Zu erwarten wäre, dass je kleiner das Flugzeug, je höher die Möglichkeit Gepäck mitzunehmen, da ja die Typen sich im Wesentlichen dadurch voneinander unterscheiden, dass die Kabine länger ist. Nach dem Fuel planner kann ich aber mit der 321 max. 22,5 kg, mit der 320 max 15,8 kg, mit der 319 21,6 kg und mit der 318 16,9 kg pro Pax laden. Ich kann diese Werte nicht glauben, für mich ergibt das keinen Sinn. Und bisher hat auch niemand versucht, es mir wirklich zu erklären, sondern am Ende war die Botschaft: glaube uns, wir wissen es besser.
  7. I am coming back to an issue that I raised b4. I am in doubt, that the fuel planner for the A320 is working correctly. As I understand, the weight of Pax is calculated by a fixed average value for the person and hand baggage. The weight of checked baggage (in the fuel planner) is calculated as 25 kgs per pax automatically, if one uses the sliders. It used to be, that one could load all the 300 (except the 320) busses with max pax. The sliders would calculate the 25kgs baggage. The a320 would not allow 25kgs baggage, one would exceed weights. Obviously the underlying model for the fuelplanner has been changed, since now one cannot load max pax and 25kgs baggage per pax. In fact, for max pax one can load with the 318 an average of 5,11 kgs per pax 319 20,75 321 8,27 for the 320 one cannot load any baggage for any pax, since for 180 pax the landing weight exceeds the limit in any case. (I have 2 calculations included) The numbers seem odd. I can understand, that maybe, one cannot load 25 kgs for a full plane, since there might be a consideration that on short distance flights, not everybody might carry 25 kgs. However, I cannot believe, that if you have a full flight on an a320 the landing weight will ALWAYS exceed allowed limits. In a previous discussion Mathijs has cut me short by saying, that it is not a real world problem. Maybe I am all wrong, but the numbers make no sense for me at all.
  8. Hello Luko0211, I am looking for the livery installer, could you pls help me to find it? Thanks
  9. I had posted that request a long time ago already. It would be nice, if we could have pop ups for the displays of the cockpit, especially the ND. I personally find it hare to read the ND, if I want to have some view out of the window, still. While I am at it. Can we have the feature back, where one can use their own created checklist wav's? That was very nice. Also a livery manager for the A330 would be handy. Since there are so many updates with a new installer, I find it cumbersome to manually install the add ons that I find nice. Thank you.
  10. I have noticed, that the two altimeters are only synchronized if you push "B". Otherwise one has to always set both altimeters. The Copilot tells me, the altimeters are synchronized, although they are not. It would be nice to have that feature, since I am usually alone in the Cockpit. btw. I do not use the Copilot.
  11. The cause for the behavior in MMMX is that the Approach Checklist starts at an altitude higher than 10k ft. In that checklist, "exterior lights" are requested. Then at passing 10k ft, the checklist demands "lights on" and the loop starts. The same happened just now @ SEQM, also an high altitude airport. It is a clearly reproducible error. The loop stops, when the landing checklist is executed.
  12. I just installed the new version. Two issues, that I had reported earlier have not been resolved. I turned off the viewpoint option. 1 When I reach the "pitch trim" item in the after start (engine) checklist, the display switches to "wheels" and one has to press twice the FCTL button to return to the right display. 2 when the after start checklist is finished, the "Flood light - main panel" is turned to a high setting irrespective of what it was b4. I just did a flight KJFK to MMMX after TO, the Landing checklist was displayed and the GWPS shouted "Terrain", which I found odd and which does not reflect real world behaviour of the plane. (Exhibit) On approach to MMMX, the approach checklist asked for exterior lights b4 reaching 10000 feet altitude. Then upon reaching 10000, "lights on" was demanded and the pilot voice was in an unpleasant loop saying "on..on..on"
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