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  1. I will give it a go and see if it works! Thank you!
  2. Michael, Here is a screenshot of the INS Updater that doesn't seem to work! SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer, corrected clock! Thank you. Graham
  3. Thanks, Michael! I will double check it for GMT or Local time! There is a 2D INS display which doesn’t do anything, if one presses Shift 3 or 4! I could do a screenshot when I get a chance! Thank you. Graham
  4. I notice, Capt.s Clock not syncing with P3D and the PC, unable adjust the clock! Adjustment knob not Working! How you sync Clock? PC and P3D v4 are on the same time! The 2D display of INS 1 & 2 using Shift Control, doesn’t work or is inactive! Is it for selecting between INS 1 or 2 when using the A/P? I had quick look in the manual, it wasn’t any help! Thank you. Graham O/S Win. 10 64. P3D v4.4
  5. When the aircraft is at FL340 close to its limit, pause or no pause it losses IAS very quick and hard to cover! Thank you. Graham
  6. Hello Michael, I was guessing it was P3D and not DC8! It’s only the way to check the aircraft progression during the flight the INS works great but I like to see a map now and again! At one stage, I nearly lost it, looking at the map! Well it’s no more looking at the map! Thank you and sorry for trouble! Graham
  7. I found in cruise, flight levels if you use the map function, menu to check flight progress, aircraft will decrease air speed and will stall! Why is this so? Is this a P3D problem? All aircraft systems working great, P3D v4.4 working great! Thank you. Ansett Win. 10 64, P3D v4.4
  8. Confirming a Pop Up A/P 2D would make safer flight operations and easier control! Thank you! Ansett
  9. I have a Aerosoft PC- DVD of Concorde X is there any updates for this aircraft?


    Thank you.


    Speed Brake

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