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  1. Sorry noob question here havnt bought anything on release day from asrosoft can one of yous pros tell us where I should be looking for the release to appear on there site think this has been asked before just can't see any answers. Super excited for the release today hope I'm not being a pest in asking. Yous all seem so nice on this fourm one of the nicest communities about flight simulator addons I've been in and I've been on allot and the atmosphere stinks on some of them.
  2. You said disarm reverse thrust but you weren't in reverse thrust
  3. You said disarm reverse thrust but you weren't in reverse thrust
  4. Now YouTube is going to go down all the traffic going to watch the video for mistakes lol
  5. Big red standing by (Family guy quotes running through my head now)
  6. Yeah don't think it's going to happen today the announcement. Good things will come to those who wait so hopefully tomorrow brings us some good news
  7. My f5 key is starting to get key fade. Hopefully they can squeeze the release date in and let the server get a test from all those refreshes and traffic 🙃
  8. That apu subject has clearly had its effects on the fourm
  9. I thought the release had been announced and everyone flooded aerosoft website to purchase it
  10. Can hear the sound of wallets opening and creidt cards at the ready all over the world lol all those moths released into the air lol. Thank you so much aerosoft and yor dev team for all your hard work brining us to this day. Cant wait to find out when we can get her in the air.
  11. Is it just me or is everyone else coming on to this forum every 30mins and refreshing it too see if they have done an surprise announcement of a release Lol think it just me thought so desperate for some good news after the poor year we have all been going through. Super excited for the release have been studying the manuals every night so i am prepared. Was so excited when i herd it was Aerosoft that was developing this aircraft as they for me are my go to developers for flight sim scenery and aircraft's. The team are so dedicated to each of there projects with every little bit of detail not overlooked. There attention to detail on each of there aircraft's and scenery is second to none one of the best developers in my opinion for the amount of detail they add to everything they do. Keep up the good work Devs and i hope yous all have an safe and amazing Christmas and new year when it comes yous have deserved it
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