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  1. Yes i know. I talking about my specs of p3d not my specs of cpu or gpu.you say to me to sent a screen of my settings . Over you can see my settings of p3d ... I was asking you : how is it possible that you tell me about ctd because I have the settings of p3d too high while I have them below yours. that's what I don't understand. i can't get ctd because i have high p3d settings. so the cause lies elsewhere. sfc scannow did not give me errors as well as dxdiag. I do not understand . I don't overclock so what's the problem? thanks for your help
  2. Ok. Well my spec are under your and i have a rtx 3060 ti. Its not possible an ctd due to higher specs for me.
  3. Hi Dave If you check my screen you can see that I dont have: High res texture Display resolution is 1920 Texture res my is 1024 In my opinion the only thing i have to change is Weather: cloud distance from 80 nm to 60 nm in p3d And in active sky : minimum cloud distance 60 Maximum cloud distance 80 What do you think about the cloud distance?
  4. Under just post a screen of a ofp .the ctd its happened just 11 min before N58W040 after 4.00 h from departure the sky was clear no cloud no cb .and I noticed one thing shanwick and gander connected i contacted gander via cpdlc after about 10 min the atc disconnected but the cpdlc remained connected with the station even if on the various vats spy and app to see which atc is online it was disconnected I would like to give you as much information as possible
  5. W10 pro 20h2 I7 9700k @3.60 16 gb ram Rtx3060 ti Liquid master 650w
  6. thanks for the quick response now I'll give you the screenshots i forgot the ctd happened immediately after asking atc fl380 i was at fl360 as soon as I set fl380 in the mcdu and I set the vs everything happened. now I give you the screenshots
  7. Hello everybody . about every 10 flight sessions I receive a ctd from small buses and today from 330 i was in gander airspace after a 4 hour flight from eddf to cyyz cpdlc in contact with gander via vatsim from nothing I get the ctd in the event log I have kernelbase.dll in each ctd I repeat about every 10 flights last time with the 320 pro i repeated the flight last time with the same settings and the ctd did not come out i can't understand it almost seems like a physiological thing or i don't know what to call it all updated to the latest versions of buses for some time i7 7900k rtx 3060 ti 16 gb ram I don't have any settings in p3d at most force ecam deactivated for some time
  8. i cant find the link for the hoppie . can y send me please?
  9. hi guys i have a question about the 330 using vatsim / ivao I have to have some other software to be able to interact via cpdlc with vatsim / ivao for example I have read on past posts that you have to register on a hoppie site. currently what work do I have to do to be able to use cpdlc with the 330? thank you all
  10. Yes i did this morning the last update . I lose the 1.4.2 i was at 1.4.1 . Thanks to help and the fast reply.
  11. Can someone please explain this discrepancy thanks 0 pax 0 cargo 0 fuel Tow 41.2 Gw mcdu 41.2 Gw 44.0 ( on ecam ) Why????
  12. Hi everyone i check this during my flight . All weight was inserted correct like ever But i saw this difference between gw on mcdu and gw in the cruise page . Thanks to all.
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