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  1. Why ? In the older version was more realistic starting in cold and dark state with all panel switched off .now when press the ext power the display are in on position...
  2. Hi to all. Just an info... after update my aerosoft a320 pro to last version Now in cold and dark state i can see this strange issue When i load cold and dark in the old version this not happened . Is normal ? For all its like this in new version ? All other ecam switch are in this position I take one for a best example Open and zoom and take a look at the position of the switch rotation I not talking about the phisical position of the texture but of the switch rotation Before was over off now is to half in cold and dark state
  3. Hi with last update of the little bus( i delayed the little bus update for some personal problem) i can see this In the cold and dark state the ecam display switch in not in off state like the old bus version . Now the dimmable light is in right position in cold and dark .this happened in all little bus . Its normal ?
  4. My is ironic post. Because aerosoft not response for my last question my friend
  5. From 2 february when i asked for the miss solved aerosoft not response for my question But we payed for all product And for the support ? Why aerosoft not help we ? All a330s are down for we because out radio not working with pro atc x In all posting in everything else aerosoft support In this post aerosoft not support Very thanks Can we have our money back?
  6. in the last hotfix do you solved the issues of the radio panel or not aerosoft ??
  7. For me not working. Still wait an official update for fix . Thanks
  8. Yes ok all nice. But when do you solve the problem with radio panel and pro Atc?
  9. But why ? In the full build of all bus pro atc work so good. Well two months ago you know pro atc how works . why now you dont know anymore?
  10. Update windows not solve the problem. Can i have the link where talking about this problem.
  11. I reading an other step here. Its raccomended uninstall all the bus in this aerosoft guide.
  12. hi i hope to be able to enjoy my buses sooner or later. I'll tell you about my last two weeks. last month before updating all the buses I flew 2 to 4 times a day every day on Pay scenarios at any time of day without a hitch. after your latest updates and the various problems of the radios (a330) but also the small buses partly only manually I could tune with pro atc on the small buses. I reinstalled my a330 from scratch because your latest update with pro atc x didn't work. two flights to Tokyo Narita from Monaco and back tokyo Pay scenario all right. then I took the small buses. and every 3 f
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