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  1. Is the server down again (16:00 UTC) ?
  2. evaamo

    Missing STARs MMMY

    Hi Otto! Thanks for replying. I apologize for the lack of details. I should have stated that they don't show up in the FlightFactor A320 FMGC when selecting " Arrivals " into MMMY. But now I know why: The NavDataPro installer installs a filed called nav.db into the FFA320 data directory. However, the file should be named nav1.db in order to be recognized by the FMGC. I don't know if this is documented somewhere, sorry if I missed that. Maybe something to consider in the future on the way NavDataPro updates this aircraft's navdata? Thanks again, Otto! You may close this thread. cheers -E
  3. evaamo

    Missing STARs MMMY

    Hello team Aerosoft! It seems the latest cycle is missing the STARs for Monterrey airport in Mexico. Can we expect a fix to include these in a 1803 cycle rev? Thanks! cheers -E
  4. evaamo

    Anchorage glitches

    Thanks so much, Herman. Let's hope it's something rather easy to fix. cheers -E
  5. evaamo

    Anchorage glitches

    Just a quick follow-up: a fellow Orbx SAK user has found the same glitches in his install, so that added together to Bob's confirmation message above means I'm definitely not alone cheers -E
  6. evaamo

    Anchorage glitches

    Hello Herman, thank you for your help. OS is Win10 Third party Mesh is FreeMeshX 2.0 - however... I tried deactivating it and there's no difference. So FreeMeshX is not involved. No other AFCADs present (that I can tell). Mesh is 5m, Texture is 7m. For what is worth, deactivating Anchorage Pro cures the issues. But, needless to say, that's not what I want ;-) Thanks again cheers -E
  7. Hi Dan, I also noticed the new scenery doesn't contain the extended runway. Is that something Simwings plans to fix? Thanks! -E
  8. evaamo

    Anchorage glitches

    Hi Herman. Thanks for your reply. Anchorage Pro is indeed above Orbx entries. Are there BGL any files which I should manually remove or set to " off " ? thank you! -E
  9. Understood. Thank you for your response. cheers -E
  10. Hello again, Bob. Quick question for you. Are the nearby parts of the airport supposed to look like my screenshots after the fixes have been applied? Thanks in advance. -E
  11. evaamo

    Anchorage glitches

    Hello folks @Aerosoft I have found the following issues after installing version 1.02 of Anchorage Professional, along Orbx South Alaska (with the SAK option turned on in the PANCConfig.exe. If I remove Anchorage Pro from the P3Dv4 entries (again, using PANCConfig.exe), the issues disappear. Are you able to reproduce this problem? thank you! -E
  12. Hi. Do these fixes apply to P3Dv4 as well? According to the readme.txt, I have version 1.05a installed. Thanks in advance for the clarification. cheers -E
  13. evaamo

    Any Update Dear Developers

    Is " GAP Mega Airport Frankfurt " the same as Mega Scenery Frankfurt V2? Is the upgrade to P3Dv4 free or will there be a fee? Thank you.
  14. evaamo

    PANC and Malta

    Hi Mathijs! Is PANC (Anchorage X) going to be updated for P3Dv4? I know it's been asked in other threads. Your last post on this was on June 6. Quote: "It is one of the 200+ projects we hope to update". Is there any certainty that this will happen in the future (I'm not asking for dates, just info if this will be done at all). Thank you! cheers -E