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  1. Figured as much. I don’t fly captainsim products all that often, but when i do, your cdu would dramatically improve the experience!
  2. Can’t believe i am about to ask this…BUT any chance this will work (now or in the future) with captainsim products?
  3. thanks for assistance.....wouldn't have guessed that sequence of events in a million years. By the way.....this thing is AWESOME!!!
  4. same here. not sure about the rest of you but it makes for a wild take off!
  5. 007

    Excessive Fuel use

    ACCCHAAAAAA!!!!! (slaps hand in face!).... I guess I accidentally left off a "0" when entering my weights.....although I can swear I loaded fuel using the fuel planner and initializing the file with the 3rd mcdu. In any event....now it makes sense. Last night I flew from EDDL to KEWR with 64,500kg of fuel - had zero issues. Landed with plenty of fuel in the tank. I did experience other anomalies, but I will search the forum for answers. thanks for the info!
  6. 007

    Excessive Fuel use

    here is my data folder from the other day. Data.zip
  7. 007

    Excessive Fuel use

    i do have a carenado aircraft installed (the ATR). I was offline when it happened. Should i uninstall my ATR? I never use it anyway....it won’t be a loss to me.
  8. 007

    Excessive Fuel use

    I flew from TBPB to EDDL last night and ran out of fuel about 2 hours into the flight. The aircraft had plenty of fuel (I loaded over 51,000kg per simbrief) so I know it wasn't an issue with not having enough fuel to make the journey. Additionally, I turned the APU off after the second engine was started so it couldn't have been the culprit in starving the engines of fuel. Unfortunately I wasn't sitting at my desk when it happened - I returned to my computer moments before the plane struck the ocean - I didn't have much time to assess the problem before impact however I did notice that both engines were off, the aircraft was in a stall, and the fuel tanks were empty. Anyone else experience something similar to this? Maybe I screwed something up?
  9. OEDIV{ Not sure they will ever operate "normally" again. i live in NYC...and I was here during the attacks on 9/11...and I can tell you that it changes the way you live and operate forever. You learn to adopt a new normal. But things are never the same...how can it be? On a separate note, the scenery in your video looks incredible!!! The airport looks so life-like....and I love the surrounding textures and autogen. Tell me...are you using FTX Global?
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