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  1. Thanks....i will try it. Believe it it or not, the first thing i did was search for a solution. Not sure why, but nothing came up. Maybe i didn’t use the correct keywords. Or i was looking in the wrong forum. But i assure you that I’ve been in these forums long enough to know that you never post a question without first searching for an answer. And your post high-lights the reason why! Again, thanks for the advice.....i really appreciate it.
  2. Hi - I know i am getting old (42...and not happy about it), but after the recent update, I am having a lot of trouble making out the text in the pop-out MCDU (2D panel) . Seems to only happen at night. Tried brightening it up but cant figure it out. Any advice?
  3. Thanks for the poke hans.......simmarket went live with the file shortly after you posted! Loving the update. Keep up the great work.
  4. Hans how long before resellers receive the files for SP1? I’m eager to install the latest version but simmarket is still working off of 1.05. Thanks in advance. Z
  5. The ground power on this CRJ is just too darn loud!!! Anyone have suggestions on lowering its volume without affecting the overall volume for all of the other sounds?
  6. Me too Had to open the door, lower and raise the railings, and then close the door to reset the railing graphic. Fortunately I was still on the ground when I noticed it.
  7. "It's not a bug... if you get that sound, it means that you are within 60 seconds of terrain collision. Math doesn't lie." I don't doubt it, but my question pertained to silencing the aural alert, not the systems ability to detect terrain. Is there any way to mute the sound?
  8. Every time I make my final approach to land, the GPWS starts yelling at me...."Terrain....Terrain". I tried silencing the horn using the "Terrain" button under the "GRND PROX" on the pedestal but it doesn't seem to do anything. Am I missing something? Pls help...its driving me crazy!!!
  9. I think this is the correct file (it was so long ago, I cant be 100% sure, but its the only JFK->DCA so I am guessing its the right one)!
  10. Flightplan: RBV J230 COPES J75 MXE CLIPR1 i believe I loaded up a company route.
  11. Same here. Just yesterday I was flying from KJFK to KDCA and my fob at arrival was estimated at: -26,682,730 LB (see pic below). that cant be
  12. The co-pilot sounds are present Every 15 minutes or so he sneezes. Poor guy needs a Benadryl.
  13. Wonderful.......when can we expect the fix/solution?
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