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  1. Hello, some user reported similar issue with an outdated server subscription, maybe you can try to change the weather source. Best regards Judith
  2. Hello, your VA is now available! Best regards Judith
  3. Seems we have to look into this issue again! sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. We are already working on a solution, unfortunately the online services are not available anymore so we have to look for new sources.
  5. Issue has been solved. best regards Judith
  6. Hello, we are already working on a solution... best regards, Judith
  7. We recently changed some weather settings, could you please check if your issue still persist? Best regards judith
  8. Hello, please note that TOPCAT has limited aircraft types, so for A330 there are no performance data available, sorry. if you still have problems with other types, please check if you are running the program with admin rights. Sometimes it is helpful to do a reinstallation of TOPCAT. Best Regards Judith
  9. Hello, server maintenance is now completed! best regards Judith
  10. Hello, server maintenance is now completed! best regards Judith
  11. Hello, Got informed by Christian that our server provider carry out server maintenance this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience - we hope that it will be back to normal soon! best regards, Judith
  12. Dear PFPX users, At this moment, our server provider perform maintenance so there will be issues with online sources and activation. Maintenace work is planned between 21 and 23 UTC. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your Patience. Best regards, Judith
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