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  1. Restart your computer and report back.
  2. Hi! I'm not new here, just observing pretty much every post. I like to say I may or may not be flying this aircraft in discussion in real life, but what I am here to say may shock some customers. The Aerosoft Airbus (320 will be the subject for the moment until specified otherwise) is very well built and completes a daily operational use, and that all these FANCY gadgets and gizmos that FSL put in their Airbus is more or less for show, that we could...I repeat, could use, touch, or feel, maybe once, maybe twice a day, but not as a standard operational use. So rather than implementing all these gadgets to fulfil the dreams of every customer, Aerosoft used their resources into a better, more fluid aircraft. I can not go on to say that their airbus is what I look for in a sim. Sure I know what all the buttons do (contrary to what people think that we have to know what they all do) and I do not use any more or any less of the features available. I cannot speak of the FSL 320 at this time as it is not in my possession, however in my opinion and this is MY opinion, which I'm allowed to have and say, they have OVERKILLED the product and the complexity of something that is already simple. Sure they added failures, but in 1 year, how many failures do you expect to have? If you say more than 0, I do not wish to fly with you or your company. If failures do happen, God forbid, how do you expect to handle it? Ok, sure, great. ECAM ACTIONS! Then what? Do you have a QRH abnormals? I doubt it. So if you want to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a product that in reality offers 5% more (with a few exceptions) than what the Aerosoft Airbus offers, by all means, go spend your money...that money you could have saved to spend on the A330. Speaking of the A330, I cannot complain of what they are offering, because not only are they heading into new territory (It is new cause it's a plane built from scratch) offering a product that is BRAND new to market (except that other attempt of a 330 of which I will not mention). Think about it for a minute. They are expanding on the entire aircraft with new systems never seen in FS before, and once that is complete, they will expand it to their already operational A320 series. Talk about a bang for your buck! Burn me all you want with your comments, they are no use to me, I will just take a shower to cool off. Aerosoft has my support (unbiased) and they will have it for future products till either they die or I die. Whichever comes first. That's enough from me. Regards.
  3. Air Canada only operates the A330-300s with RR engines. I am in no way complaining one bit about the inital release!....hehe
  4. Version


    Air Canada Star Alliance A320, C-FDRH Fin 203 Repaint by Daniel Desjardins "cdnavi8r" Please install using the livery manager. Enjoy!
  5. 320 is completed as well, I'll be uploading soon.
  6. Version


    Air Canada Star Alliance A321, C-GITU Fin 451 Repaint by Daniel Desjardins "cdnavi8r" Please install using the livery manager. Enjoy!
  7. Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge A319 please :-)
  8. I've noticed a bug..although, not important, just thought it would be better brought to someone's attention. 30.00" displayed on the ND shows 29.10" on the FCU.
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