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  1. great guys you have been very good, a big step forward in today's flight as already said by @Klisuraeverything went well except the qnh that does not synchronize, the std instead is synchronized, another thing found that during the taxi way my friend he had to disconecct and reconnect because his plane was in the grass when he was driving the taxi way, immediately after reconnecting he went back into the taxi again
  2. it's impossible use LOAD INSTANT
  3. the system to immediately load the fuel into the plane no longer works after update for cfd fix
  4. thank you sir you were very clear now and now after this update when is possible take a test?
  5. ? I not understand where paste this file
  6. Thank you sir! i try ! but Yesterday i flight and not reinstall the Runtime and all it's ok maybe itìs only it was just a case , I'll do more tests and see if the mistake repeats itself , otherwise I will re-install the runtimes
  7. Ok after reinstall all runtime, for install the runtime are located in the folder of airbus320?
  8. and the first time he makes this mistake , yes now insert the another error before fmgs
  9. I use the last version and crash when after insert the star for arrival rwy 06 LEIB after cancelled discontunity and insert the metar local qnh and wind for arrival
  10. during today's flight at about 200 nm from the arrival airport I suffered a crash to desktop, I flew with airbus a320 cfm livery eurowings latest version, you can find the error in the attached image
  11. ok sir , knwo i check a see you soon but after update the new airbus a320 cfm eurowing , have this problem when open the sim
  12. we confirm that primary and secondary fmc froze after clicking print all wx
  13. hi, during my last flight I encountered a problem with the freezing of the primary and secondary FMC immediately after requesting AIRPORT WX and also after freezing from the printer nothing came out and the primary and secondary FMCs are not back to work , i use the new airbus a320 cfm EUROWINGS VERS. p3d v4 WhatsApp Video 2019-02-25 at 12.27.39.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2019-02-25 at 12.31.02.mp4
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