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  1. I order to continue the flight after a ctd CTD does CRJ support it? thanks in advance for the answers Eduard
  2. Try to understand it that way... why you will call for support to Airbus for a plane that was designed by Boeing? you may better knock on Boeing´s door. Try with the developers of "the immersion pluggin" they will help you.
  3. apologies, I know my English is very poor sometimes. (or many) . I was trying to say if the Dvd´s will be restocked as you are saying its difficult to find the DVD version.
  4. will dvds be resit? i have MSFS via game pass i spoted a good sale for it. But after the try i think i will purchase a new yoke and MSFS Box for this christmas
  5. i find that quite usefull to fight piracy
  6. Im missing a piper warrior. Who else thinks the same? Its the aircraf wich i started flying on reality. I try yesterday MFS2020 with gamepass just for 1€ then 3,99€ per month, fair enoguth to not know if it was going to run well on my system and jezzzzzzzz what a hype. . for sure i will purchase the box version here once its available. Defintly this will be my simulator for VFR. I will continue on P3D for IFR simming. When do you think guys the first GA planes will start to arrive?
  7. wow sold out in a day!! congrats!!! ! fua! i trying to run it but seems to be a lot of problems with the download version that includes game pass, i will think about purchasing the boxed version!
  8. Fair enough, as long as you provide a little bit of bug fixing and support the the whole bus range for P3D V4.5 until they are completly solid (wich they are) I'm more than pleasant. I understand the fact that you will stop developing new products for P3D v4.5, makes a lot of sense, and MFS2020 will represent for sure a better, huge and solid market. And i wasn't expecting that, i mean i want aerosoft to survive this crisis and to grow for more and more cool products. But as long as my products have a little bit of support and updates for bug fixing, its more than su
  9. Don’t know buddy they don’t answered. At least I haven’t clear if they don’t develop new models for p3dv4.5 but I hope they at least continue support and updating the not any oldest busses
  10. Hi sir, So if im not wrong, the updates for the current buses of P3D V4.5 will be stopped ? im not asking about new models, just the product of it self, that was the last build almost 4 months ago, will become obsolete inmidiatly? thanks and cheers.
  11. Hi im using aspen extended with orbx global and north america openlc + orbx global airports pack. I can see like 2 runways 2 taxi ways two numbers, like is duplicated. also i m having problemas with the mesh. it seems is not matching very well textures and the altitude. the altitude aspen bgl are down the default scenary on scenary library .
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