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  1. well i dont understand hy im doing worng im going to recrod a video maybe is my error flying the aircraft. But i never had problems with earlier versions.
  2. hi Dave, would you able finally to reproduce that? Best Regrads
  3. dont worry about that. just one question, what do you do exactly fo the autoland? coud you try in madrid? with 50´ DAH set
  4. Hi dave thanks for the support. it was A320 CFM Sharklets. The ZFW was 54.3 (145 pax, 880 cargo) the GW was 60.6 , FUEL amount 6.8. Landing weight aprox 58.4 aprox. as i consumed 2.1 kg of fuel froms LEAS to LEMD the GNH was 1015 and the wind VRB 3KTS ILSZ32R.
  5. Hi thanks for the answer. i know that info, i just follow the advise of a 320 pilot, to no wait to retard to start the iddle. but anyway no matter i do i have this rates!
  6. of course, the alarm is very acurate but, if you hear it with sound system with subwoofer, you can hear theres like a low airsound at there, i would say on 90hz. but i will check that sound on pro tools with a graphic EQ. im not saying the sound is not real, almost every headphone or a main speakers of normal users will not reproduce that frecuencies very accourate, so they wont be able to heart it. but thouse who care about the sound sytem they will hear that frecuencies and looks lithe the sound where recorded with air condition or something runing
  7. Hi im experiencing very hard landings with autoland function Btw 400-700 FT/MIN. the aircraft is perfectly set and the wheather conditions are optimum for autoland but at 20" call i put engines iddle but the flare is not reproduced in anyway. this happened to me all the times i autoland. any solution?
  8. Hi i want to suggest and update if is it possible. I have listened that the fire alarms test sound for apu and engines has a lot of low noise (low frecuencies) like a buffer or blow noise or something like air , I have a subwoofer (very well calibrated BTW) and i can hear it a lot. Its possible to put a high pass filter in thouse sound to eliminate that low noise a have a clean alarm sound? thanks a lot. Eduard
  9. so amazing guys. suuuuuuuch amazing amazing work have you done!
  10. I own the ASK21 but since i dont have FSX i cant fly it. Does it work on P3DV4?
  11. all options you say are amazing. but for me the best option is a share cockpit. The 3rd party GPS will be great specially if is GTN750 but im not shure how you can apply this to share cockpit. It would be better in my opion if you develop you own version of gps with advance options as sid stars and vnac calc opitons and charts display via navdatapro subscrition inside gps. and other opinion. I would denitly pay this aircraft again, the whole aircraft if i see all this changes aplyed for me is a complet new product. Dont care if is it based in the old one. PBR true glass, real light, new soundpack, tweaks and for shure if you develop your own adavnced gps with shared cockpit option, for me are enoguht changes to spend the classic aerosoft plane price of 40-60 euros !
  12. they made the airbus more ecological 😃
  13. So can we expect form Aerosoft a Bundle for Tenerife if release of Tenerife north comes true?
  14. Hi i dont see el hierro in navdapro charts. it has sids and some IFR aproach. So ca you please include it? Thanks!
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