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  1. Any sounds previews ? Will this version bring new sounds compared tho the current version ? like a new APU sound which is currently shared with th 320/330/and crj.
  2. Hey, Same here, that caused loads of issues with my P3Dv5 so I'm currently reinstalling everything again except Geneva, I'll just wait for a fix I guess... Pls keep us updated. Hugo
  3. Alright I do have that issue where my addon.cfg have wired chinese lettering I may guess this comes from Genf installer, now the question is how can we solve that issue ? Source :
  4. I mean yeah but why is this not automatic as usual, clearly something's broken and I need to know what cause I won't be adding manually all the addons lol.
  5. The A330 doesn't appear on the addon.cfg : (Added the genf manualy here as you can see) I've installed the 330 here : I'm not sure where the issue comes from...
  6. No, I didn't changed the file I meant the default file generated by the installer.
  7. Hello, Since the release of your products on v5 I have not been able to install/use them, all the install processus is working fine, not errors, they're installed on the v5 ADDON file as default but when loading the sim, I can't see them. I've also experienced that issue with Genf, same thing, installed, no errors but yet not scenery inside v5, had to install it manually via the addon XML technique. Is this a known issue ? Cheers guys.
  8. So that happen, you've chosen the non BRK fan option but the ECAM's saying as if the plane had BRK fans... Here's what FCOM says (triangle means optional) Here's a picture I've taken on the real thing (EIS1 but still) that shows how it should appear with the PARK BRK : PREFER CHOCKS
  9. This sould fix the light reflection "issue" meanwhile : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmkUoce76Y1GhZppxsNo8JMZ25K8WQ?e=x2Xv1R Before : After :
  10. Can we have also a picture from dev side to compare their result with ours ?
  11. Well that confirms my report, I've based those blue lines on the "10°" indication as you can see, which means they're not aligned then
  12. Hi as you can see here : The angle indication isn't center on (right side is offset) Take a look at the lines I've put :
  13. Hey, I've reported that issue for the PFD a year ago (https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/137229-nd-horizontal-indicator-degrees/&tab=comments#comment-888580), still the case for the 320 fam and 330 too from what I've seen here : https://youtu.be/KHFKcw1Wy60?t=68 Now don't get me wrong here, I know 330 is still in WIP but I just wanted to make sure you've not let that issue "missed out" cause as said it's still a thing on 320 fam and that would bet disturbing to see that one on 330 too. The horizon layer with degrees angle and isn't aligned vertically on center as you can see with the "10°" also with the different horizontal lines A330 : A320 : Previous version of 320fam was right : Cheers guys !
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