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  1. Let's calm down guys, it's not as if there isn't any GVA scenery (out dated but still) till that one get out...
  2. Well that confirms my report, I've based those blue lines on the "10°" indication as you can see, which means they're not aligned then
  3. Hi as you can see here : The angle indication isn't center on (right side is offset) Take a look at the lines I've put :
  4. Hey, I've reported that issue for the PFD a year ago (https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/137229-nd-horizontal-indicator-degrees/&tab=comments#comment-888580), still the case for the 320 fam and 330 too from what I've seen here : https://youtu.be/KHFKcw1Wy60?t=68 Now don't get me wrong here, I know 330 is still in WIP but I just wanted to make sure you've not let that issue "missed out" cause as said it's still a thing on 320 fam and that would bet disturbing to see that one on 330 too. The horizon layer with degrees angle and isn't aligned vertically on center as you can see with the "10°" also with the different horizontal lines A330 : A320 : Previous version of 320fam was right : Cheers guys !
  5. Disclaimer : I don't want to be associated with the latest comments... I have a perfect/professional answer here, I'm happy with that, that being said, that could change with updates will see.
  6. Hi, I suppose that the fact why Pad-Labs haven't included the new 54 to 58 ramps (east) is due to the lack of information available yet right ? Even though the necessary information isn't that essential to accomplish such "simple" work. Cheers
  7. By the time the scenery may be released the new terminal will be in operation.
  8. The jet d'eau is already available with default scenery.
  9. Well if they will not cover the city, the jet d'eau will stay as default scenery.
  10. Hey you'll find many pictures of the new terminal on this account, this is a very "easy" structure to replicate, you could even use your own material maker no need of high quality image for textures :
  11. Hello,As I reported on previous post I still can't hear the ext packs sounds and break fans sounds.And I'm making this report again, I've looked on the sound files and the sounds files are here waiting to be played on sim.Thanks ASC_BrakeFansX_Run.wav ASC_AirConX_Run.wav
  12. Btw there will be some new stuff going on for GVA @Mathijs Kok
  13. Hello, As I reported for the first version I couldn't hear the ext packs sounds and break fans sounds. And I'm making this report again cause on the latest version I can't still hear it, I've looked on the sound files and the sounds files are here waiting to be played on sim. Thanks
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