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  1. skwal

    Slow downloads?

    Can be closed. Used download manager, 4mb/s, not my regular 50-60 but this will do.
  2. skwal

    Slow downloads?

    Hi, So I have seen posts about it but no direct solutions. Im downloading file which is 4.1GB at speed of 100kb/s. My flights done take that long and I have a 500mbps line.
  3. skwal

    luxembourg airport

    Thanks very much. I figured the problem was that I forgot to set 1 letter as capital for my email.
  4. skwal

    luxembourg airport

    I have inserted in my email and than pasted the serial number that I have recieved. But for some reason serial number looks weird with "/" and "+" symbols so when ever i insert it It keeps giving me an error that my email or serial # are wrong. Any ideas?
  5. skwal

    EDDF fps drop

    I installed Frankfurt/main scenery and experienced a significant fps drop, on normal airports i get around 40, on frankfurt i get avarage of 7. P4 3ghz, 1G ram, ATi Radeon 9800Pro.