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  1. The purpose of the thread was to announce the update available October 29. With that done, the thread is locked. Please visit the official MFS s support forums and zendesk for issues. Where to find the forums and zendesk are in the post below:
  2. This is the thread at the MFS forum I've been following. I think it's the best of the several on this issue. In it you'll find the chants, voodoo dances and other charms that sort of work for others. Completing the entire flight to shutdown and using ATC seem to be common themes.
  3. As always and as noted in the banner at the top of this page, don't forget to check for updates in the Microsoft Store app first. When you do, you'll see a 955.8 MB update for MFS you'll want to install first. Afterwards, when you to into MFS, you'll find an additional 7.16 GB waiting for you to download.
  4. Your very best source for help with MFS and your hardware working together is the Microsoft supported forums. They get far more visitors than here. Here's a link to their controller setup guide. Your issue of the pedals causing the aircraft to sink suggests you have a double binding present. That is, pressing a pedal not only causes the rudder to move, but another control surface or perhaps the throttle as well. I suggest you check all the assignments in the sim for the TPR pedals to check for this and of course clear any duplicates. You should only have the rudder axis and the bra
  5. This is a well known issue with the sim, and the extensive threads at the MFS forums are the best place to get and receive feedback on it. That site receives far more visitors than here. Here's a link to several of the discussion threads.
  6. No. Asked in the second post in this thread and answered by Mathijs in the third post:
  7. Phil, please don't double-post. I'll close this one so any further helps go to the other post of yours, which is in a better location.
  8. You might have better luck searching the web or a general site like Avsim instead of here on a commercial support forum for Aerosoft who sells a detailed and well regarded version. At the moment, the physical disk based version is on sale, so it's a pretty small investment.
  9. If you haven't already seen it, this related post, specifically issue 1, sounds like what you're seeing. As Jo Erlund, the developer notes, the update should resolve it. As he's also planning to check to see when the update will hit the Marketplace, you might want to follow that post and see what Jo learns.
  10. Where did you purchase it? If in the in-game Marketplace, please be aware that there is typically a delay of a few days to a couple of weeks for updates supplied by any third party developer before a new product or update appears in the Marketplace. This is likely not going to change, and it's Microsoft's decisions that control the Marketplace. Aerosoft has no say in this.
  11. A far better place to ask is the dedicated MFS forums. There are many more visitors there than here. Please see the links in this post:
  12. There's a dedicated forum section for this product, so I moved this there for you. Please take a few minutes to look around the forums to see what other dedicated support areas we have so you'll know where to go if you have problems with any other Aerosoft products.
  13. As this has nothing to do with the (new) Microsoft Flight Simulator, it's moved to a more appropriate location.
  14. I believe you do in fact have an XBox Live account, as it was used in part to authenticate the installation. There might be some hints in this link that could help, while someone else more knowledgeable on XBox weighs in. Also, please check the Windows Store update area to ensure you have the latest related support apps.
  15. Gents, this is not the thread nor even the forum for debating the merits of any sim over another. This thread is only about the work-in progress Brandenburg for MFS. Please, let's keep it to that. Further off-topic posts will be hidden from view. Thanks!
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