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  1. No. As noted several times above, the physical disk version is available for delivery within Europe only. Edit: Also, like Otto says just below.
  2. For further support, this is better asked at PMDG's commercial support forum here for their legacy (older) products.
  3. English in English language forums, bitte. Moved to the German language forum.
  4. Welcome to teh Aerosoft forums. I wish I had better news for you, but we may not be able to help with your request. The Carenado ATR 72 doesn't look like it's in the Aerosoft shop system, and if it isn't, this isn't the place to get support for it. This whole forum is a commmercial support suite for products sold by Aerosoft. I do see some Carenado ATR 72 liveries in the downloads section, but we don't run a request area for them, perhaps because portential painters wouild be burried with requests as happened with our Twin Otter. A good painter frequetnly needs several weeks or more to turn out a quality repaint, and they get little thanks for it, so they're hard to find. You might have better luck over at a general support forum like Avsim.
  5. There's a dedicated support area for the DC-8, so I moved this for you. While you're here, as a new user, it's always a good idea to look around the forum to see how it's organized. I hid your other post as it seemed an unexpected duplicate as it was blank and had the same title as your post above.
  6. Also make sure you're using for your "Orbx Tool" the current Orbx Central (OC) and not the older FTX Central (FTXC). This may well not cause issues, but it would be one more thing to eliminate any issues on the Orbx side. OC had some teething troubles early on, but it works pretty well now, plus, you have to use it to install essentially all Orbx products these days. Here's a link for OC if you're still using FTXC.
  7. From the version tab on the product page here: P3Dv4 - Version 1.10. P3Dv5 - Version So two separate versions of LHR Pro at one price. When you buy the product, your shop page will show both versions. Simply download the add-on version for your P3D version and install. Simple enough.
  8. Thank you for the clarification. Someone knowledgable about this hardware will need to help from here. I'm not familiar with it, so was only able to help focus on confirming what you have and where to continue.
  9. What exactly are the products you're asking about? Is it something from VRinsight as on the page I linked to?
  10. While we're happy to welcome you to the Aerosoft forums, since the POSKY product isn't in the Aerosoft shop, I'm afraid you'll have to ask in one of the general interest forums such as Avsim instead. This forum is provided by Aerosoft just for support of what they sell or publish.
  11. Martin, the bits in the download and in the box version are identical. What you can and cannot do with one applies to the other.
  12. The cache presently can be adjusted by the user. How big to set it, what it really does, and when exactly it's useful will probably have to wait until release and the public MFS support site launches. I think it's fair to say at this point though that faster will be better and it won't need to be huge. I honestly don't see the need for a whole terabyte just for MFS and maybe not even half that. My best advice though is to just hold off for the three weeks and a few days until release before making any big hardware buys. As you'll see publically, the initial install with say a 32 GB cache like I was using on the Alpha and now Beta with my slow 8Gbps download speed won't exceed around 200 GB on the drive you choose to use. Go with what you have for starters, see what develops based on your download speed and system specs, experiment with the cache, and wait for add-ons. Then decide how big an MFS drive you "need."
  13. Based purely on my experience over the last several months with the Alpha, that "app" that's currently in the MS Store is simply a placeholder and not even current. Staying within the NDA, I think it's safe to say the shortcut on Feist's desktop is one long ago replaced by a much nicer looking one that is clearly MFS and not some generic one as above. Also, while one can't count 100% on what we've seen with the Alpha compared with what's released on August 18, I only had a small footprint on the system drive (using less than what's stated above) with major bits including a large cache on a large SSD apart from my system drive. The folder I had on the SSD I simply set up ahead of time and called it "MFS", then directed the installation to that through all the updates.
  14. Look in [Where you installed it]\Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional V5\Scenery for EDDF_ADEV5-OP01.BGL . Disable it by moving to a safe location or simply renaming it by adding ".OFF" (without the quote marks of course). Then see if that resolves your GSX issue. Edit: I suggested this because it once helped me troubleshoot a GSX problem. Sorry it wasn't relevant.
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