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  1. Check the FAQ. Number 12 fixed this for me: 12. Why are AI aircraft buzzing the airport and never landing? While not caused or even related to Simple Traffic, this is annoying. There is however something you could try. Try setting the AI mode to 'Off' then back to 'AI Offline' mode, after starting a flight. The AI planes will then be a bit better behaved. The same thing can be achieved by changing the time, or the weather, as this causes the offline AI to reload
  2. How does it look with ST uninstalled? Since ST only adds more correct liveries, your issue is unlikely to be caused by ST. The best way to confirm that is to uninstall it and go back to this airport with the exact same settings and see how it looks.
  3. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. nonobacher, what Crabby suggests. When you get a response on their forum, please share it here. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for sharing what you've learned through experimentation. I don't know enough about the program to answer, so we'll have to wait for someone more knowledgeable to respond. My guess though is that what you've described so far isn't "hurting" ST. You might also check in this forum section to see if there's anything helpful: Tweaking (VATSIM, IVAO etc) - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES .
  6. From a related thread (link here): "If the ICAO model code (e.g. A20N, B747, etc) of a particular real time flight corresponds exactly to an add-on aircraft that you have installed, and that add-on aircraft is also configured to function as AI (i.e. it has IsAirTraffic=1 in its aircraft.cfg file), then MSFS will give precendence to the matching add-on aircraft model, rather than the Simple Traffic generic model." This adds to what's on page 7 of the manual.
  7. Suggestions go in the, well, Suggestions section here.
  8. meurkel, from the header in the Products Preview Page: Please do not ask for release dates because if we can say we would have posted it here and if we do not know we can't say. Any dates that are given should be seen as indications and not promises. Software development isn't a linear process, and resources are liable to be temporarily diverted to other projects, so It's unlikely you'll see anything public until very shortly before release if then.
  9. Please, this thread is about the Twin Otter only, not a place to ask about or hope for supplementary add-ons. Here's where you should ask for other things.
  10. Also, the objective of the map is to show Flight Information Region (FIR) boundaries, not country boundaries. See those 4 letter designators like EDUU? That's the ID for the Rhein FIR. Notice also there's no country with that name, nor is there one named "Scottish." So, your assumption that the borders are countries is what's at fault. In real life, pilots care far less what country they're over and much more who to talk to when they need the services offered. If you're actually interested in learning something about FIRs, see Wikipedia here.
  11. Also look here. It's not limited to the Bravo. Sim Update 7 reset all the Assistance settings to ON. Head over there, turn off "AI AUTO-TRIM" and see if this resolves your issue. Here's where to look:
  12. Since this was an information item opened by Crabby with some good advice, it doesn't need to remain open. Therefore, locked to preclude others adding issues.
  13. Akki, I see in the referenced thread you found, as I did, that changing those settings to OFF solves the issue you were having.
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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