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  1. Herman

    Best FREE scenery for X-Plane 11?

    Thanks for sharing, but it's best to ask or offer an opinion on X-Plane freeware in a general X-Plane forum. The Aerosoft forum pages are for support of Aerosoft developed and/or sold products and not for freeware or other developer's add-ons. I trust you'll understand why.
  2. Herman

    AES FSX ???

    You'll find the answer in the correct forum section, where I moved this for you. See the second pinned topic.
  3. Herman

    fsx wont load

    With no follow-up from the OP, there's no point in leaving this open. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. Herman


    No it is not. It was discontinued years ago, so best to simply uninstall it if possible, or at least don't accept offers to install it which may still be found in older Aerosoft software.
  5. Three YouTube videos for those interested. The poster provided the links as a helpful resource.
  6. Using Querer's suggestion of ADE 1.75 and the appropriate SDK which is available with your P3D download, you have the needed visual reference to the airport. ADE 1.75 is available as a free download here.
  7. As stated in the General Discussion section title where you first posted, there's no support there. I moved this for you to the dedicated PFPX section.
  8. Herman

    Aerosoft A330 A340

    A330 only. Aerosoft does not plan to do a A340 as has been noted many times in other threads. Too many differences in systems for one thing, but not the only thing.
  9. And if all other add-on entries are not above the ORBX entries, see the tip at this link on how to move the ORBX entries below everything else.
  10. Herman

    P3D 4.4 Dark is DARK!

    To add to Dave's good advice, your blown-out highlights, combined with your darkness issue, suggest shader issues. If you have an add-on shader tool, disable it or return it to default settings. If Dave's suggestions don't help, do look around the Avsim forum I sent the link for. Edit: I looked at your pictures again and realized the blown-out look might be because you used a cell phone or camera to take the pictures. A far better way to send screen shots is to use the built-in tool in P3D (and FSX too). It's the V key, and you'll find the resulting files in your Pictures folder in a P3D folder. In P3Dv4, the default file type I believe is .jpg, if it's not, you can change it in P3D settings.
  11. Herman

    P3D 4.4 Dark is DARK!

    Since this Aerosoft forum is for support of Aerosoft developed and/or sold add-ons and isn't a general P3D forum, you'll need to look elsewhere for answers. I suggest a dedicated forum such as this one on Avsim.
  12. English in English language forums, bitte. I moved this for you to the appropriate German language one.
  13. Herman

    VFR Airfields Nordost

    English in English forums, bitte. I moved this for you to the German language one.
  14. Herman

    Wilco Airbus Evolution Vol. 1 stürzt ab

    English in English forums, bitte. I moved this for you to the German language one.
  15. Joop, please note that where you first posted specifically states "Please do NOT use this forum for any support questions, use the dedicated support sections for that." Since it's not clear which Aerosoft Airbus product you're asking about, I can't move this for you. Please repost your question in the appropriate section found by browsing through what you'll find at this link.