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  1. I like my aircraft clean for instance Most "dirt" I usually see on those I fly in real life is dead insects on the gear struts. Even on brand new aircraft (flown one which was 10 days old at that time!) the front of the gear struts is already covered in dead bees, flies, etc. Apart from that even in regular service our aircraft are usually kept quite clean. Most "dirty" paints in the community I find to look like they were parked on a boneyard for 20 years or longer. I am yet to see such dirty aircraft actually in passenger - or for the matter of fact even cargo - service.
  2. Based on my experience they work quite fine if you simply install them and add them manually to the scenery libary. Of course no support given but you can definitely use them.
  3. Depends on what kind of zoom level you want to use. I use a 44" screen and have no problems whatsoever seeing all I need to see.
  4. No since there simply is no visible wingflex on the real A320. This has been discussed a thousand times, for a more detailled answer please simply run a forum search and you'll find your answer. Followups on the A320 wingflex topic will be deleted.
  5. We use P3D radios, so whenever Lockheed upgrades P3D to support 8.33kHz ours will also have it.
  6. There is a lot of work involved in creating other engine variants, based on past experience developing the A320 series you can take a couple of months per engine or aircraft variant. This said, keep in mind it was never said it will not be done! All that has been said is that initially the A330-300RR will be developed. If there is demand for it and if it is feasible to do so you can be sure other versions will follow!
  7. We have had the discussion about failures often enough by now, the summarized result is: The vast majority of simmers only use them once or twice and then do not touch them anymore. Seeing that the amount of work needed to simulate those failures would pretty much doubt the product price we do not see it justified and therefore do not model failures.
  8. Which of course does not mean you can not paint a Delta livery and fly it nontheless. How many simmers flew the 777-200LR instead of the ER, not even talking about the different engine versions which were available on the -200ER compared to the -200LR
  9. The resolution of the textures tells you nothing about how the addon will look in the end. It depends on how much fuselage is mapped to a certain space of textures. An easy example to make it easier to understand: Imagine you have one single 4096px texture and try to squeeze the complete aircraft in it: There will not be much space left per aircraft part. Now imagine having 48 1024px textures: That gives you twice as much space for the actual aircraft than the single 4096 file. Therefore the 1024px texture would look more detailled. Stefan is doing an excellent job to give you a detailled aircraft, just look at those close up previews already seen (for example those of the cargo hold or the wheel well) or wait until you have the final product in your simulator and I can assure you you will not be disappointed.
  10. No, why would you want to do so? Please please please, read before posting. It's not been long since I commented with exactly what you want to know.
  11. A clear sign of P3D's roots in Microsoft logic which was basically Boeing logic. In Boeings pressing the brake pedals is the way to release the parking brake. We'll see if something can be done here, but it has quite a low priority.
  12. In the past it worked somewhat with EZDOK, never tried it with Chaseplane though. Maybe the Avatar mode can help here, I never really started to fiddle with it and get the grips with the avatar.
  13. Der BIAS macht nichts anderes als die berechnete Treibstoffmenge mit dem BIAS zu multiplizieren. Hast Du einen Cruise Fuel Bias von 4% eingestellt, dann wird die berechnete Treibstoffmenge für den Reiseflug mit 1.04 multipliziert, es werden also 4% mehr Treibstoff für den Reiseflug berechnet, als aus den Daten des PFPX Aircraftprofiles hervorgeht.
  14. You do a walkaround after all before every single flight!
  15. Just replying to this one, despite not being one of the advisory pilots for the Airbus. I fly a direct competitor to the A320 though To be fair: I have no clue what the navlights, strobe lights, etc. look like on the ground. There are two main reasons for that: 1) On the ramp when doing the walkaround check it is always so bright that no kind of reflections of the lights whatsoever is visible, even when walking directly under the wing. When looking out on the ground with the strobes on they reflect so bright that for a short moment simply everything becomes bright white while they are lit. No idea where that starts or ends. It's just too bright for my eyes being used to darkness. Keep in mind our cockpit lights are almost completly dimmed down before taxi to adjust our eyes to the darkness outside. 2) I never get to see them. I know what the taxilights, turnoff lights and landing lights look like because I see those all the time. Did I mention already that they look different on every single aircraft? Even on two aircraft which were build within two weeks of each other they look different and that is already three weeks after they went into service. Why is this? Dirt on the glass, differnet sets of LEDs used, age of the lamps, etc. In my opinion there is no right or wrong here, whether they are a bit brighter, reflect a bit further, etc. The only thing I can really not stand is those really large areas lit up by the navlights in some other addons. It might look like that on a camera with the exposure turned up, but not in real life as seen by the human eye. As said, I never saw the nav light reflections on my aircraft yet when looking out from the flightdeck.
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