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    AES 2.23a is out - Productpage - outdated - List of supported Addon Airports with AES 2.23 - Releasenote AES 2.23 This Version is in most parts (Airport) identical to AES 2.22, but has some changes in the handling of replacement textures and is needed to use them. - Here the documentation, how to use replacement textures:Repaint Install Info ENG.pdf (updated to 2.23a) - Replacement Set of repainters can be up/downloaded in the AES Download Area of this forum - Who wants to repaint textures, please look here: AES-Repaintkit 1.0 Update 9th May 2012, 1PM: Following parts are fix/enhanced in the Version 2.23a: - Fixed for the issue, that some Airport CFG Files are not gernerated - AESHelp will now check for wrong Texturefilenames and report a info - Enhancment for the Texture ID to be able to select regions or countries: For the <Texture ID> in this AES Version, two type of ID’s are usable Level 0: <Texture ID> = 0000 This are the Default Textures of AES and will always replaced, then AES is installed or updated. So please don’t use them for any replacements. This textures are used in AES, when no other Texture of a higher level is found. Level 1: <Texture ID> = XXXX (4 X Letters) In this case, the repaint Texture is used at all airports instead if the AES Default Texture, as long as there is no ICAO code related Texture of a higher level is present for that Airport. Level 2: <Texture ID> = ? - - - One Letter followed by three minus signs The first Letter of the ICAO Code, like K--- for all Airports in USA. Those Textures will be used of all Airports of the Region. At Wikipedia you can find a list of this Codes and Regions: http://en.wikipedia....on_airport_code Level 3: <Texture ID> = ??- - Two Letters followed by two minus signs The first two letters of the ICAO code defines the Country, where the Textures will used, like ED- - for all German Civil Airports Level 4: <Texture ID> = ??? - Three Letters followed by one minus sign For example EDD- will define all international Airports in Germany. The last two letters of the ICAO Codes have different usage in the Countries, so maybe this makes no sense in some Countries. Level 5: <Texture ID> = ???? Complete ICAO Code, four letters The complete ICAO Code will define the Airport, where the textures are used. Always the highest available Level will be used.
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    Hello I have started to work in Dubai International Airport Scenery (Control tower) I hope you like it I Will show you the rest of the work later
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    Hallo, hab mir die CRJ-200 gekauft, aktuelle Version 1.4.5 leider komm ich mit dem FMC nicht klar. Der Next Page Taster ist bei mir ohne Funktion wenn ich draufklicke tut sich gar nichts manchmal stürzt sogar X-Plane 10 ab. Mache ich vielleicht etwas falsch hab mit grösseren Fliegern noch wenig Erfahrung. Viele Grüße Konrad
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    With the new ability to create custom textures for AES, could I be so bold as to ask a texture artist to create an Aer Lingus set for use in Dublin Airport. I'd be extremely grateful... Perhaps there could be a request thread set up, as I've a feeling requests like these could become common place over the next few weeks by those of us who lack the ability to create accurate texture sets, cluttering up the AES support forum... Capt. Rónán O Cadhain.
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    Good question, the Spanair kit was indeed designed for FS9. But I have followed all the rules outlined in the manual and thus it should work for FSX aswell. I now have an open request topic here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/54592-request-your-custom-vehicle-repaints-here/
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    Out of interest, will it work in both FSX and FS9, as the Spanair one only has FS9 written on it in the Download section, but I'm not sure if it'll work in both? Ró.
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    It worked for me, long time ago tho .. you just need to set the keys and if your using a joystick in the FSX menu or else contact aerosoft support via email
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    Catering trucks are EIN, just the exact same as an aircraft, Baggage and container loaders are akin to the stairs, white with Aer Lingus and a shamrock on the side, Cleaning vans EIN livery Stairs are EIN livery Bowser is typically Shell Buses if we use them rarely are DAA or we have a few old ones around still I think. Pushback Tug is EIN colours again. Water Services Vehical, again EIN colours. Van: Stairs; The baggage loaders are practically the same idea, I can't quite find a pic though. Catering Truck: DAA Bus Pushback Truck [if you get the idea] Few More Pics: I know texture artists like to get side on images, but I'm afraid this is the best I can do at short notice. Thank you so much, Rónán.
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    HelloFolks, The winners for March were. Lennart B with: And Sirio109 with: Well done e-mail on its way to you soon.
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    You stay in stalis?? i used to work in stalis on the beach road, a little beach bar. Used to be called meditaraneo when we had it opposite an arcade next to an irish bar called the irish house....do u know it? Also ran a bar called brown sugar, fairly new off a side road heading toward the main road....happy days they were but far too much raki and mythos being consumed!
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    Where we stay in Stalis - between Hersonisos and Malia - we see them come in aswell, great holiday memories watching the lights come in from over the horizon then turning just as they get near us to land. I've taken off a couple of times on 09, late at night, but never landed
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    Well sir, we beg to differ and we do so based on hard data, sales data, marketing data, download numbers etc. I wonder where you base you qualification 'abslolutre nonsense' on. How many FSX products have you sold? How many FS2004 numbers have you sold? I mean we sold many hundreds of thousands so I think we got a pretty good idea of the market.
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    217 on a Boeing 777-222/ER with registration N217UA.
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    Something we haven't shown you so far...your approach path to RW09 of LGIR
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    Decided to stay away from aircraft closeups this time.... Here's how spotting at Corfu X is done near your hotel in a warm summer evening Good luck all!
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    iFly BBJ touching down at Orcas Island
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    My entry for April...Alaska.com above SoCal Good luck to all...Darryl
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    Hello guys, This is my first time entering in a screenshot competition, so I decided to upload one of the screenshots that shows my latest work of repainting the LevelD 767 and Posky 777-300ER at Haneda airport. Good luck to all!
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    Emilios is very good at optimizing code and has a good feeling of what needs to be visible at any distance, so at Aerosoft we got no doubt this will be smooth. Of course the Med taking up a lot of the view most of the time helps!
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    Speaking of summer, I think these will remind you that it's not far Two more extended views of the parking lot (WIP)
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    My entry for this month's theme 'Open' Good luck all.
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    Bonanza A36 from Carenado outside of Israel`s Farm Good luck, Folks!
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    Here's mine, an Air France 777 approaching YSSY Sydney International airport. I would love Aerosoft to do this airport- Good luck everyone
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    My version of this madness... [ Good luck to all...Darryl
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    Is this mad enough? I dont think the Piper Cub really fits in does it? Well that's good! It's what makes it even madder! Good luck everyone!
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    Alitalian acrobatic...liner! It's my mad-entry.. Bye
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    Ha, cought in the act! I was already wondering who chpped off all the flowers in my front lawn (I have the house next to the Aerosoft hangar) Here is my attempt - Soaring of Utah (after I had a joghurt that was a little past the use date) Good luck to you all! Manuel
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    On deck with the Hercules. Used in tests in October-November 1963 by the U.S. Navy for unarrested landings and unassisted take-offs from the carrier USS Forrestal, it remains the record holder for largest aircraft to operate from a carrier flight deck, and carried the name "Look Ma, No Hook" during the tests.
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    Naja, wusste ja nicht, daß Kritik gänzlich unerwünscht ist...und Aerosoft wird wohl kaum selber zugeben, daß sie langsam mit ihrer Software hinter her hinken, weil sie ja noch den ein oder anderen "Mir egal, hauptsache der FSX läuft"-DX9-Flusi-User halten muss. Um beim Thema FN X zu bleiben: Meine Frage vom Post #25 mit dem Vergleich vom Andras Airpark und Friedrichshafen X ist weiterhin unbeantwortet...aber vielleicht lässt sich ja ein freundlicher und kompetenter Mitarbeiter von AS ja mal herab und möge Licht ins dunkle DX10V Geheimniss bringen, da ich ja bestimmt nicht der Einzigste bin, bei dem die Zeit weiter läuft und nicht stehen bleibt ;-)...!!
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    Very nice vid and good music =)
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    O.K., you probably don't want to hear this, but here goes: It strikes me that this is largely a problem of your own making. Certainly, you knew this would happen when you released the product. And your current approach is only going to irritate your loyal customers. After all, AES for the most part only works with pay sceneries -- it does not work with the default FSX airports. So anyone who is using has probably purchased the airport scenery itself from you, so why be nasty to your customers? I am a good customer, but I have not used AES yet. But the attitude you show here really makes me want to NOT purchase anything from you again. A better solution would be to include AES with every airport scenery you sell. Yes, make it part of the original package. If you need to pay for it by raising the price of the scenery by a buck or two, no one will ever really notice. In doing this, you would be raising the bar for quality for airport sceneries and make your products more attractive than those of your competition. Then you offer to make AES available to other scenery makers -- to be included in their scenery. If AES is truly a good product, other developers should jump at the opportunity to enhance their products. In fact, it may become necessary for other developers to include AES with their airports just to stay even with everyone else. By doing this, you are not marketing directly to the consumer, but to other developers. You also end up increasing your sales because everyone who purchases an aircraft scenery also ends up purchasing the relevant AES package. This also ends your piracy problem, at least with respect to AES because there no longer is any incentive to pirate the package. If another developer does not want to purchase AES from you to include in their scenery, you can choose either to sell it directly to the consumer, as you currently are doing, or simply not to sell AES for products made by the developer. If AES is not available for their sceneries, their sceneries lose a lot of their value, and their sales take a hit. In any case, you have made a serious dent in your piracy problem. Most problems have a nice solution and a nasty solution. You have opted for the nasty solution which punishes the people you ultimately sell to. There are nice ways of handling the problem.
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    Ja Papa , werde mich bessern. Bin aber auch ein böses Kind.
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    Hallo Sascha, vielen Dank für Deinen Reply. In meiner Anfrage ging es nicht einmal so sehr um den AI-Traffic, sondern vielmehr um die Veröffentlichung des Tegel-Updates so kurz vor Öffnung des BBI. Da hätten sich die German Airports Entwickler doch eigentlich besser stark nachgefragten Projekten wie z. Bsp. Düsseldorf oder den gravierenden Änderungen in Frankfurt zuwenden können? Solange ich auf die neue Szenerie Brandenburg warten muß, muß ich eben noch mit Tegel klarkommen aber die wird dann ja mit absoluter Sicherheit demnächst völlig überflüssig sein. Deswegen die Frage: Wie sollen wir uns in dieser Situation als Flugsimulanten verhalten? Was sollen Kunden tun, die noch keine Berlin-Szenerie besitzen? Jetzt noch eine Version von Airport Tegel kaufen, der nicht mehr lange existieren wird? Nochmals Grüße Achim

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