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  1. Could you re-install that and try, make it sure that you have the dll in the right section of the pmdg folder and you also have the serial code in your aircraft.cfg. If not it works please contact pmdg/aerosoft support@aerosoft.com
  2. From what i can see, it would be google's satellite images.
  3. Are you a First Officer for real ?

  4. I love the Airbus

  5. Yeah looks cool but the actual game does not come even closer to FSX.
  6. SimCheck support it amazing so is the product, ive never had any issues.
  7. It worked for me, long time ago tho .. you just need to set the keys and if your using a joystick in the FSX menu or else contact aerosoft support via email
  8. The video is great, try and add some light next time
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