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  1. "Come on baby, are you ready to fly?" It's my entry...good luck to all! P.S.: @Bruce Hamilton: Sorry for the "same woman", but when I saw your screenshot I already "designed" the mine!
  2. Silently around St. Helens Good luck to all! P.S.: What about the winners of April & May competions..?
  3. @738: Taking off from rwy 10 of St. Barthelemy (TFFJ)...beautiful airport!!
  4. Sun, beach, spotting point....what else?! Good luck to all! Bye
  5. Wow! I was very amazed when I saw Shaun's e-mail in my mailbox some days ago!!! Thanks!
  6. Beechcraft Duke B60 few seconds before touchdown to Fall City Airport, Washington Good luck to all! Bye
  7. This is my entry...Turbine Duke over Alpes from Italy to France... Bye
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