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  1. ICAO: LTBJ NAME: Izmir Airport, Turkey TYPE: Freeware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Murat Koncavar LINK: Great scenery for anyone interested in flying there, payware quality. Regards, Ró.
  2. There's a new one in the works from Eiresim, which is why he thought that this may have been a collaboration between Aerosoft and Eiresim. Given the size of the market, this option probably should at least be examined if Aerosofts progress hasn't been fully started yet.... Here's a pic from the updated Eiresim Dublin.... Rónán O Cadhain Jr.
  3. Aerosoft is developing Dublin? Is there a source for this or just hear-say?
  4. Would it be possible for a future release of AES, to have a "Green Box" setting thing in the aircraft config file, to position on the point [(x,y,z)co-ordinate] of the aircraft wing where it's refueling point is, so that we can have a hose from the Bowser "Connect" to the aircraft? Just a suggestion. Rónán O Cadhain.
  5. Out of interest, will it work in both FSX and FS9, as the Spanair one only has FS9 written on it in the Download section, but I'm not sure if it'll work in both? Ró.
  6. Catering trucks are EIN, just the exact same as an aircraft, Baggage and container loaders are akin to the stairs, white with Aer Lingus and a shamrock on the side, Cleaning vans EIN livery Stairs are EIN livery Bowser is typically Shell Buses if we use them rarely are DAA or we have a few old ones around still I think. Pushback Tug is EIN colours again. Water Services Vehical, again EIN colours. Van: Stairs; The baggage loaders are practically the same idea, I can't quite find a pic though. Catering Truck: DAA Bus Pushback Truck [if you get the idea] Few More Pics: I know texture artists like to get side on images, but I'm afraid this is the best I can do at short notice. Thank you so much, Rónán.
  7. With the new ability to create custom textures for AES, could I be so bold as to ask a texture artist to create an Aer Lingus set for use in Dublin Airport. I'd be extremely grateful... Perhaps there could be a request thread set up, as I've a feeling requests like these could become common place over the next few weeks by those of us who lack the ability to create accurate texture sets, cluttering up the AES support forum... Capt. Rónán O Cadhain.
  8. Cool... He wrote a story on my dad... He sent me a sample copy of a review he wrote this morning to check it over for him, so I think he got the email. If he's recieved the position and already working for you, are the positions still open or is there still space?
  9. Looks great, will have to get this one, This Dev should do more airports, very talented...
  10. Strange thing I just noticed was that on Tuesday, the most ever users online on the aerosoft forums was recorded, yet nothing appears to have come of it...
  11. Lads, it's getting a little personal here now. At least what this topic has done is brought to light the elephant that is in the room, and now that elephant needs to be addressed, fixed, and hopefully removed.
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