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  1. I made it CYVR-LGAV; RJAA-LGAV; KSLC-LGAV all in the MD-11 with good pax and cargo loads. Flying TATL PAFA-LGIR might be easier for you however
  2. Mathijs.... What are you doing! Where are the screenshots, all I see is someone's holiday pictures!! But seriously, this is amazing by all involved, my card is already waiting to be used
  3. Close to release... Waited a long time to see this, can't wait for this, coupled with UK2000 Glasgow I'm in for some fun flying between the two in the Thomas Cook 757-300 The surrounding areas are absolutely stunning! Emilios, I can not thank you enough!
  4. I do now... spent a good couple of days down there at the start of July... the views of the aircraft is stunning, especially takeoffs on 09. The attention to detail in this scenery is amazing, one of the best works I've seen!
  5. I would like to see the actual Fuel Truck brought back... kinda weird getting a fuel tender at a remote stand...
  6. As good as that sounds I'd rather be able to get Heraklion on it's own
  7. Emilios, is there the possibility of seeing some screenshots of the surrounding scenery areas??
  8. Thanks Emilos Can't hold back my excitement now, seeing how much scenery is covered, well done brilliant!!!
  9. +1 Great to see such work on the surrounding areas aswell, well done Emilios, great work. I can't remember, did you include Dia aswell?
  10. Mathijis, thank you for those screenys very impressive, can't wait to burn some rubber on that runway
  11. Not Greek but I sure would like to be!! I am however, sitting in Stalis, Crete right now, does that count? I'm actually going to the beach next to the airport tomorrow to go "spotting" really looking forward to getting to see some planes up close (and some good pics I hope)
  12. Let's not forget the RB211's... or is that just me? Looks amazing Emilios, Sitting here in Crete just watching flights inbound to Heraklion and hoping I can do that on the flightsim when I get home
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