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  1. Hi Bob, Thanks again, everything should be back to default. I've got currently no tomatoshade or other profiles. If I need to reinstall the client I'll have to wait until I have more time on my hands to do it properly. I'll get back once I do! Kind Regards, Matthew
  2. Not that I'm aware of, used to have Matt Davies PTA and then ENVSHADE by TOGA projects but both are disabled now. I've made a quick video if it helps:
  3. Hi @masterhawk Sorry should have stated better, I'm on P3DV4
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to stop the textures on the Airbus from being so "metallic". They're almost like the old American Airlines liveries. Ideally I'd prefer them to be a solid and clean white colour and not to be so "shiny" and reflective so to speak. Not sure if this is possible, if it's in the texture files somewhere, P3D settings. Or if the Airbus is just designed this way. Many thanks for your kind help!
  5. Hi @Mathijs Kok , Thanks for your reply and apologies for the delay. I've narrowed it down to just affecting the A318 & A319. The A320 & A321 seem to work absolutely fine. It's also not livery specific, all default repaints have this issue and so do ones downloaded. I've attached two photos in the exact same position (same sunlight), one of the A319 Volotea and one of the A320 Atlantic Airways. Many thanks, Matthew
  6. Hi all, Brand new to the A320 professional bundle, when the sun hits the windows sometimes I can't help but feel they look very cartoonish. Sort of reminds me of Airline Tycoon! Is this normal? Something I need to adjust in the P3D V4 settings or with the Airbus itself? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Just wondering, at ENTO on P3D V4 the PAPI lights are displaced. See photo. Any thoughts why? Kind Regards, Matthew
  8. Thanks for your prompt reply Jo, much appreciated. I realized that where the cars were stopping and vanishing were default P3D AI cars, with the .bgl you've kindly given me I can now see your cars around the airport, in the parking and going under the bridge. Though they do seem to go into the tunnel under the bridge and don't reappear on one side I've highlighted in red some cars, the blue area there are cars but in the black area there are none at all. Just to double check with you and make sure the .bgl is working. Regarding the water thanks, that's good to know. I must say I was a good few days deciding which scenery to buy out of multiple choices and this one is just beautiful, one of the best I've bought. Kind Regards, Matthew
  9. Hi all, I made the move from FS9 to P3D last year and I'm ever so slowly building up my collection once again. I've still got a big list of things I'd like to purchase but anyway ENVA was right up there in my wishlist and I've managed to purchase it thanks to the sale that was on. Now I might be completely wrong and it might be normal, but I can't see in any videos or images what I'm seeing so I thought I should ask just in case. 1) The water looks incredibly dark to me, I've tried in Spring and Summer and it still appears to be rather "black" so to speak. If it helps, I have attached a photo of what Orbx products I have in case there is some sort of conflict? 2) I find it interesting how the train goes along the train tracks but the cars do not ever go under the bridges where the planes pass over the top. In the official trailer I saw cars driving around the car park and also under the bridges which I'm also not seeing which is why I'm also suspecting I might have something wrong somewhere. I've attached a screenshot, this is where cars disappear, they don't go any further than this point at all or under the bridges. If I can give you any more information or try anything please do let me know and I'd be more than happy to help! Kind Regards, Matthew
  10. Version 1.0


    PACK 1 (FS9 & FSX) Hello and thank you for looking at my Vueling Airlines fictional AES pack! Vueling Airlines is a low cost Spanish airline operating a fleet of A320 aircraft. Vueling do not have their own ground handling vehicles but as a request I have used my imagination in this pack. As you can see this is PACK 1, it has only afew vehicles changed so far as PACK 2 & PACK 3 which contain the rest are still in development and will be released soon, keep checking back here for version 1.1 & version 1.2! Please note, these vehicle repaints are only visible at LEBL Barcelona Airport (Vueling main hub). TO INSTALL: copy all the texture files and paste into: <FS9/FSX>\aerosoft\AES\TEXTURE THEN... VERY IMPORTANT! Go to: <FS9FSX>\aerosoft\AES\ And rund AEShelp.exe so that the textures can be refreshed into FS!
  11. Version 1.0


    AERSOFT AES - OFFICIAL ROROS FLYSERVICE VEHICLE REPAINTS FOR FS9/FSX V.1.0 --------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for downloading the Official Røros Flyservice Vehicle repaints for FS. This is the first release in which many AES vehicles have received new liveries specially for Røros Flyservice, particularly in Trondheim and Oslo Airport. There are two ways which we can name the files, either XXXX (all over the world) or for example ENGM (just Trondheim). NowAs requested we have named the files ENGM & ENVA so pilots can see the new paints at these two airports. You on the other hand are welcome to change EGNM/ENVA to an airport ICAO so you just see it in a certain airport or by adding EN-- you will see them in the whole of Norway or indeed adding XXXX worldwide. TO INSTALL: Roros Flyservice FS9 & FSX (HQ).zip is intended ONLY for FSX and high powered FS9 computers and are 32 bit textures. Roros Flyservice FS9 & FSX.zip is intended ONLY for FS9 with slower computers not taking up so much room and are in DXT1 format. This is also ok for FSX. copy all the texture files and paste into: <FS9/FSX>\aerosoft\AES\TEXTURE THEN... VERY IMPORTANT! Go to: <FS9FSX>\aerosoft\AES\ And run AEShelp.exe so that the textures can be refreshed into FS! Any problems? PM me. Yours, Matthew Brown
  12. I posted this aswell a few days ago http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/40496-possibility-of-selecting-door-services/
  13. I know this is a VERY old topic but Penn has a very valid point you know. A quick search reveals no other topics on this, but there isn't much to add to the above post except the fact that it would actually be a very good idea to see. For what we are talking about please see pictures below of a Dash 8-400 using AES at EGBB. Thanks for looking (hopefully Oliver) and look forward to something like this in the future! P.S. Brought my third AES credit pack today
  14. ICAO: LEZG NAME: ZARAGOZA TYPE: FREEWARE FS: FS9 (FSX available too). DESIGNER: Air Hispania LINK: http://www.airhispan...0110525105903 file is called "Aerodromos (Aerodromes) 4.0"
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