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  1. Hello every one. Terminal 1 almost complete. And soon the ground floor and the gates will be completed.
  2. Thank you alexdiazb,HB-HFK,yahyahazza and A340500. And I am very very sorry to take a long time. Work is still ongoing. This is beginning of Terminal 1: We will try to work as quickly as and I will update you later. Best Regards.
  3. Hello every one . I am very very very sorry that we will stop work temporarily in Dubai because we are on the verge of completing another project we were working in before Dubai Airport . Another project is King Abdul Aziz International Airport - Jeddah - Saudi Arabia : I finished the exams . Dubai Airport project will continue after King Abdul Aziz International Airport . Again I am very very sorry for the delay .
  4. Thank you Jack777,timflightx and BlackBird™ . For ground textures we are still planning . And We will update you later .
  5. thank you for your support and i will Keep you informed. this is my first render of my project(Dubai international airport) i hope you like it : and about my exams i am still studding but i keep some time to complete the work .
  6. Thank you for all will be payware But now began the final exams in our school so I will stop temporarily and I will continue after the exams .
  7. Hello I have completed Dubai Airport Control Tower : I hope you like it
  8. Thank you First Khartoum International Airport.Sudan The second Beijing Capital International Airport.China The third King Fahd International Airport.(Dammam).Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I m so sorry.
  9. Hello I have started to work in Dubai International Airport Scenery (Control tower) I hope you like it I Will show you the rest of the work later
  10. I dont know how to put it in Flight simulator Thank you
  11. Hello Sorry my for poor English I use Google Translator Sorry to many images These are some of my designs incomplete used GoogleSketchup (this is not my abilities I can make it more detailed) Khartoum International Airport.Sudan: Beijing Capital International Airport.China: King Fahd International Airport.(Dammam).Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
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