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  1. To Fly. To Serve, one of British Airways slogan. Here is a small compilation of BA liveries shots taken during the past few years covering several decades of British Airways. Also, this series includes my latest addition to my fleet, CLS's BAe 146, a great model and glad to see CLS have finally upgraded their aircraft livery quality to HD quality (TBM 2048/4096), as you can see from one of my closeups. Please enjoy: (REX & various addons/settings) Thank you for flying British Airways, hope to see you again soon.
  2. Greetings all, You have all heard of the Pink Panther but what happens when you combine the wonderful freeware scenery of Blue Sky Scenery with the excellently modeled and painted F9F Panther from Vertigo Studios? A very 'blue' Panther. Enjoy: Thanks for viewing.
  3. Thank you both kindly, glad you have enjoyed my screen shots.
  4. It's been a while since I last posted some fresh new screen shots, but here are some, I do hope you enjoy them. (unedited, various REX themes & locations) Thank you for viewing.
  5. "Nice Landing Skipper. Last one in the pool buys the first round!" Good luck all.
  6. Hey folks, Enjoy this latest batch of my personal pick and mix selection: (unedited) (edited added blur effect) Old Photo: Thanks for viewing.
  7. Greetings fellow simmers, Here is another batch of pick and mix selected screen shots, hand picked for your viewing pleasure, most unedited but some lightly edited. Enjoy: (unedited) Light edits (blur): A pretty fly painting: An old photo of an old airline: Thank you for your time viewing my work.
  8. Happy Easter folks, As I had some spare time over this Easter weekend, I managed to produce another video called 'Double Trouble' here are some screen shots that are taken directly from this video and a link is posted at the end for the video itself should you wish to watch it, enjoy: Video is below, best watched in full 1080p, please feel free to vote or comment on the youtube channel. Thank you for watching.
  9. Thank you, as for the music, like all art forms, it is very much 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. I could never pick a piece of music that suit every single person. But I do try to pick something that I feel is suitable. Hopefully next time it will be more to your taste
  10. Greetings fellow simmers, this small batch of screen shots is taken from my recent video 737 NGX Landing at Tamworth. I tried to show off the beauty of the aircraft, livery and scenery. The link to the video is after the screen shots for those interested. Enjoy; Video below, best watched in full 1080p. Thank you for viewing.
  11. Decided to take the bus this time, enjoy these unedited shots showing off Airbus X by Aerosoft: Thanks for viewing.
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