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  1. O.K., you probably don't want to hear this, but here goes: It strikes me that this is largely a problem of your own making. Certainly, you knew this would happen when you released the product. And your current approach is only going to irritate your loyal customers. After all, AES for the most part only works with pay sceneries -- it does not work with the default FSX airports. So anyone who is using has probably purchased the airport scenery itself from you, so why be nasty to your customers? I am a good customer, but I have not used AES yet. But the attitude you show here really makes me want to NOT purchase anything from you again. A better solution would be to include AES with every airport scenery you sell. Yes, make it part of the original package. If you need to pay for it by raising the price of the scenery by a buck or two, no one will ever really notice. In doing this, you would be raising the bar for quality for airport sceneries and make your products more attractive than those of your competition. Then you offer to make AES available to other scenery makers -- to be included in their scenery. If AES is truly a good product, other developers should jump at the opportunity to enhance their products. In fact, it may become necessary for other developers to include AES with their airports just to stay even with everyone else. By doing this, you are not marketing directly to the consumer, but to other developers. You also end up increasing your sales because everyone who purchases an aircraft scenery also ends up purchasing the relevant AES package. This also ends your piracy problem, at least with respect to AES because there no longer is any incentive to pirate the package. If another developer does not want to purchase AES from you to include in their scenery, you can choose either to sell it directly to the consumer, as you currently are doing, or simply not to sell AES for products made by the developer. If AES is not available for their sceneries, their sceneries lose a lot of their value, and their sales take a hit. In any case, you have made a serious dent in your piracy problem. Most problems have a nice solution and a nasty solution. You have opted for the nasty solution which punishes the people you ultimately sell to. There are nice ways of handling the problem.
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