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  1. I finally sucked up my pride and got some of the Flight content (scenery + aircraft with VC). I spent about 5 hours with it and I have to say as a game it is actually very enjoyable. The graphics range between not great (some locations) and stunning (some other locations). Some of the activities are quite fun (not the flying through hoops stuff for me, but some of the missions and landing challanges). Systems are not present or very simple, but the feel of flying is right. I can see that it will not be something I will spend a lot of hours with compared to FSX or XPlane, but if you are looking for a few hours of entertainment it is just as good as many other games around. As a kid I think I would have loved it. The only reason I put up with VOR to VOR navigation and ILS approaches back then was because it was the only thing FS2 had to offer.
  2. I agree that the naming of past products should not be changed. When I am interested in a product, the first thing I do is look for reviews that may already be available. When you rename the product, the name will no longer be consistent with the information you can find elswhere creating a lot of uncertainty and confusion. And when someone wants to get a scenery for the Zurich airport, I think they will care more about it being "Zurich" than being a "mega airport" or an "airport". Just use the naming convention going forward and be clear for what sim the product is made.
  3. Thanks a lot, Matt! I played around with a weather theme creator I had downloaded today. The tornado is a (flyable) "aircraft" though.
  4. ....reeeaaaallly baaaad weather......... .... and most didn't even notice because they were watching the football EM Thanks for looking! Manuel
  5. Thanks a lot Karsten! I'll wait for the next update then. :-)
  6. Hi, I haven't dabbled with the x-plane scenery tools yet. However, at some airports there are some quite nasty floating highways, which I would like to fix/remove if it is not too complicated. Is this something that can be done easily with any of the scenery tools? (I had enough tweaking for a lifetime with MSFS and would like to use the little time I have for flying). Below is an example from Bergen/Norway. Thanks a lot! Kind regards Manuel
  7. Hi, I will probably not have time to enter this one, so feel free to disregard my ideas I always liked these ralleys where you not only have to get to a place, but have to complete an additional task at certain points. Could be things like - a short take off and landing competition - a competition who can fly the runway distance the slowest at low altitude without crashing or touching down (could be online or compared with a fs recorder track) - a target landing competition - find a hidden object or a certain building close to the airport (screenshot) - a short task using a hot air balloon (online?) - a pylon race at one airport on the way - having legs where the participants have to use a certain type of navigation (no GPS)
  8. I downloaded the base sim (Big Island and ICON), tried it for some time (freeflight, a few of the missions, the first 1 or 2 aerocaches). As I like GA and am not oposed to sims with limited map area (still have Condor for example, which is 7 years old now), it has the potential to be attractive. However, I think it would need real weather and some aircraft with a bit more system depth. I also have Aerofly FS, which I liked a lot better initally, but also rarely use at the moment.
  9. Ha, cought in the act! I was already wondering who chpped off all the flowers in my front lawn (I have the house next to the Aerosoft hangar) Here is my attempt - Soaring of Utah (after I had a joghurt that was a little past the use date) Good luck to you all! Manuel
  10. Fantastic screenshot Dale! Well deserved
  11. Congratulations Andreas, Gonçalo and Luke!! Fantastic scores everyone. The first round in the AFFC is on you. And a great thank you to Matt, Ole! You did a great job organizing all this - and giving us a kick when necessary to go on. Thanks a lot also to the FSFS people and all the sponsors!! Finally I would like to give my best wishes to my instructor Mr. Smith, who had to transferred to a closed psych ward after completing the RTWC with me. As far as I heard he is already improving and may be transferred to an open facility early next year. So let's see about the RTWC II when it comes along. Have a happy New Year everyone! Manuel
  12. Birthday so soon after Christmas - now that must have sucked as a kid Happy Birthday Ole
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