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  1. FlightSimCreator

    Repaint requests

    This looks fun
  2. FlightSimCreator

    Repaint requests

    Not the Uruguay version, but I did just make a version. Can be found here:
  3. FlightSimCreator

    PaintKit downloads

    Thank you very much!
  4. FlightSimCreator

    PaintKit downloads

    Any new download links? All of the links are broken now.
  5. This is a fictional repaint for the Delta 737-800 that has a Portal 2 scheme to it. Hope you like it. Download:
  6. I have the airport, but everytime I spawn there with the Airbus X I get a Crash Detection... I have no clue how to fix it.
  7. FlightSimCreator

    PMDG NGX 737-600 Heineken Beer Repaint

    Thanks I would also say its pretty panda!
  8. FlightSimCreator

    Plane crash from the cockpit!

    Saw this on Pilot turned out to be ok!
  9. FlightSimCreator

    Screenshots by KiruhaQ

    Loving the Airbus X!
  10. Took awhile to make, but the love the way it came out. Pictures below and download link at the way bottom. Download:
  11. None of that will happen, unless you fly with Crash Detected. The NGX will fly normally. I have done it before on a flight from KLAX->KMCO... got pretty boring just sitting at cruise so I tried some things out.
  12. FlightSimCreator

    AES at Andras Field

    Those are some real nice panoramic shots! I still need to learn how to do it :/ I also prefer GSX over AES.
  13. FlightSimCreator

    Freight Europe or a Big Yellow!

    Oh woops Plus the quality looked to nice to be Captain Sim lol
  14. FlightSimCreator

    First Flight NZNI

    Nice photos Clem!
  15. I love the pictures! Can't wait for Sunskyjet to come out with Detroit now!