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  1. I hear the (soft) tiresqueak sound at 15:17 in the video. Jeroen has a soft touch
  2. This preview used an already outdated sound set, the team is working daily on tweaking it further for the release version.
  3. Just look at the detailed exterior with rivets and 'decal technology' texts, and be amazed!
  4. It's a beauty and and a joy to fly IMHO Please note: WIP!
  5. No, the original book is only in German. Mathijs adapts and extends it for the MSFS Twin Otter, and that will be in English.
  6. The link is not working, but I assume you are reffering to this book (in German): https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/buecher/978/twin-otter-extended-you-have-control-grundlagen-bedienung-und-verfahren
  7. The good news is that every day we come one day closer to the release date! 😂
  8. NZAA. Please disregard the lovely Twotter, it is not part of the product The product’s only aim is to replace the fictitious liveries on the default AI aircraft with realistic liveries. In Online AI mode, it will replace liveries according to the live traffic data received. In Offline AI mode, it displays liveries at the correct geographical locations according to its own offline routing and scheduling data. Static ground aircraft will be generated with random liveries, this is controlled by the sim.
  9. LGAV On-line AI traffic, Live Weather and time (10:11) from the tower
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