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  1. Hi Stefan, If you (would) have a throttle with two engine levers (a separate throttle set besides your yoke or joystick) you will not have this problem. But of course we are not all that lucky.
  2. I think Brian is relating to the wake waves created.
  3. Golden Knights? https://www.goarmy.com/events/golden-knights.html
  4. Mentioned on that site is the 'other' Twin Otter Archive: http://www.twinotterarchive.com/ Lots of pictures and info on the airframes, starting from #1.
  5. Winair for sure! I am also certain Brandon would ask the same, if he was here
  6. This will be my favorite aircraft in the sim (again), I am super impressed with what is shown in this topic! Brilliant.
  7. Maybe you should add a disclaimer to your signature, explaining in large friendly letters that you use a RTX3080 videocard
  8. Wow, looking good @Mathijs Kok! Will the model even more detailed than the CRJ because it's a smaller aircraft (so more polygons on a smaller volume/surface)? @Anne Ludwig Please make the models in the VC as round as possible, for instance the yoke. That was one of few things in the previous Twotter that needed improvement IMHO. Polygons allowing of course
  9. Phillppe, I think you are doing an amazing job, and I drooled at all the pictures. Please keep us posted!
  10. Great to hear this new from The Windy City, Marc. I am really excited with the nextgen adventure that MSF is to me, and looking forward to Hans' new baby as well. Hope to see you around more here!
  11. My goodness, Marc, it feels like decades since I have 'met' you in a forum. How are you doing? Ready to try the CRJ in MSF? (to stay on topic ;))
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