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  1. Phillppe, I think you are doing an amazing job, and I drooled at all the pictures. Please keep us posted!
  2. Great to hear this new from The Windy City, Marc. I am really excited with the nextgen adventure that MSF is to me, and looking forward to Hans' new baby as well. Hope to see you around more here!
  3. My goodness, Marc, it feels like decades since I have 'met' you in a forum. How are you doing? Ready to try the CRJ in MSF? (to stay on topic ;))
  4. I believe in the principle that you should treat people the same way you want to be treated yourself.
  5. Mathijs, I wholeheartedly agree. I am flabbergasted and shocked to see so many barbaric reactions. Relax, people, and be a bit patient. Everyone involved works his butt off to get issues solved and/or help you.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_Assignment%3A_A.T.P.?wprov=sfla1
  7. Certainly not. In the Netherlands it was about the first online service. And there it was where forums became popular. Only years later the internet came available for home users. Mathijs and I were part of the moderator team on FSFORUM, but oh boy, those chief moderators were very strict on what people were allowed to write and not exactly in line with what us "freedom loving" Dutchies were used to.
  8. Raphael, thanks for the updated Bonanza template, it works perfectly now. For now, I will use the 'save and activate' option each time when changing profiles, until you have added the 'activate only' option. What actually happens in the programs/system/hardware when I use 'activate'? Where are the values stored? If I restart my computer or your YokeInput program, will it read back the current/previous state from somewhere? I am still struggling with the concept. Maybe you need a beta tester
  9. Raphael, This is very peculiar. I read what Bobby did, and I did the same: create a new profile from the Bonanza template, save it and activate it. To my surprise most switches are working now! But: - The AP on/off button (red button on the right horn) still does not work - Now the Taxi Light only works when shifted to the up position, the down position of the switch does not do anything. I don't understand what happened. I will check further if funny things happen when changing profiles etc. and try to understand when a profile gets 'active'. Maybe you h
  10. Hi Benjamin, With me the following switches are not working in the Bonanza: - Alternator - Landing lights - Nav lights (already mentioned by OP) - The AP on/off button (red button on the right horn) All others work perfectly with the A2A Bonanza template of the version .
  11. Benjamin, I mostly use A2A planes, and would appreciate if you (or someone else) could make a template for those. The battery switch only wants to switch off, not on, and the avionics master switch is a problem. Maybe all L:Vars. And of course the trimming is sooo slow, unless you use the A2A input configurator for that. I am also considering if it is not easier to us FSUIPC, since that program list all available variables.
  12. I am not a developer, nor a cockpit builder, so I have been struggling a bit to find the correct variables and conditions that are used in P3Dv4, for setting up the buttons and switches in the 'Honeycomb Controls' program (a.k.a. 'YokeInput.exe') supplied by Aerosoft. The manual refers to the site http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/LearningCenter.php. However, that means a lot of searching, so I share with you the correct URL listing the variables for P3Dv4: Key events (K:): http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/references/variables/event_ids.html Simulation variables (A:): http:
  13. Hi Benjamin, I am wondering about the difference between a profile and a template. Am I correct in thinking that the resulting JSON files are basically the same, and that it is just a matter of 'organizing' what AS pre-made and what I make myself?
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