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  1. Would it be an idea to ask people what they prefer and are willing to pay for a new upgraded Twotter? Like "Option 1: XX euro for new VC with GSP and sound only, or option 2: YY euro for improved external model as well". To make a poll?
  2. Will this include (better rounded) modelling and hi-res texturing as well? Or only PRB, RL and TG?
  3. Is it on-topic to say that I am very excited about this update? Please add GTN750/650
  4. Diese neue version 'Odyssey +' (Plus, XE800ZBA): Ich habe es selbst in mein Gepäck mitgenommen
  5. Hallo marvel_master, Ich habe die gleiche Erfahrung wie Armin. Ich besitze die Samsung Odyssey+, sie funktioniert sehr gut mit XP11 und DCS. Die Auflösung ist die gleiche wie beim HTC Vive Pro (höher als beim Rift), das O + hat jedoch einen viel besseren Preis. Der O + muss keine 'base stations' im Raum aufnehmen, die Sensoren sind in das VR-Glas eingebaut, was das Einrichten erleichtert. Der O + hat fast keinen „Screen Door-Effekt“, der in dieser Preisklasse einzigartig ist. Der Schwachpunkt ist, dass nur die Mitte des Bildschirms eine gute Schärfe aufweist. Sie müssen also den Kopf drehen und nicht die Augen, um ein scharfes Bild zu sehen. Außerdem ist die Passform nicht angenehm auf dem Kopf, obwohl das geringe Gewicht recht gut ist. Zusammengefasst ist das Samsung Odyssey + meiner Meinung nach der beste Kauf zu diesem Zeitpunkt. Aber für das beste Ergebnis sollten Sie natürlich noch 10 Jahre warten. 😉
  6. I assume that you also tried to vote me up, but failed as well.
  7. Looking forward to that as well. In what area is your scenery?
  8. Your quality of liveries is one of the highest available, so that cannot be an issue!
  9. Interesting indeed, thanks. I see you have a 'clean desk policy':) So normally you have two screens on your desk? Are you drawing all textures with that sketchpad? Must be very difficult (I never did anything like this).
  10. You make me happy, Daniel. Looking forward to your new releases!
  11. Hi Rob, The maximum upload size is now increased, so you can try again if you wish. We like to have all Twin Otter repaints here in the forums, so you would do us a favour!
  12. Dear Aerosoft customer, Although I am not part of the management nor of the staff of Aerosoft I take the liberty to reply to you since you seem to be in haste, having waited for a full day already for an answer. You have posted your question in the 'management section' of the Aerosoft support site. Since Prepar3D is not an Aerosoft product, nor distributed by Aerosoft, I suggest that you consult Lockheed Martin about your concerns. As for the lag in replies here, I need to point out that yesterday and this weekend the management of Aerosoft is off to Lelystad (NL) to attend the FS Weekend ( I assume that you will get an official reply after the weekend.
  13. Hi Drew, Welcome to the forum, and I hope that you enjoy the Twin Otter. Regarding the paint kits, there are numerous threads about it in this forum. Look here for example:
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