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    As you say, anything between two weeks and two months (oh you did not say that?).... In the end it all depends on what we feel HAS to be in 1.00, We'll warn people who buy early that we still have 4 people working on the code. But good news is that we now have a long overdue updater in the works that will be used for the busses. Work in progress! For us this is a bit more complex than for other companies as we got to implement 200+ addons and not a handful like for example my buddies at PMDG. But next week all beta testers will be moved from updates via SVN to this system so we can test it in depth.
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    Sure thing! I'll post some more when I've finished up the details around the terminal area.
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    @Mathijs Kok Any chance for a small Tuesday update?
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    Ahh well if you feel we are not even in the ballpark of reality, I think that no matter what we do we;ll never be able to satisfy a person with advanced knowledge as you clearly have. It could simply be that this is not a product for you. No problem, we can't satisfy everybody with every product. You clearly are not very interested in the cockpit as a working environment and more in the working fo the systems. For us those are a tool, not the goal. We want to simulate flying an Airbus, not an Airbus. To do so we need a good aircraft and we believe we have. Our MCDU (which we feel is extremely important) for example is far more complete than any of our competitors. Also the fact we feel that a two person cockpit is one of our express goals makes our product rather realistic in our eyes. Flying an Airbus in your own is totally unrealistic, removes a large part of what makes a pilot (crew coordination). It's like using the building ATC, no serious simmer does that as it is silly and unrealistic. If you only see the simulator as 'systems simulator' that you can experiment with that makes sense. If you use it to simulate what pilots do it is serious flawed. However we have explained many times what has changed or redone in the parts you mention. It could be you missed those posts. It should be easy to find those with a search.
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    Seriously a down-vote for asking for an update after the weekly PM meeting?
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    Reading your post I assume that you are an experienced rw pilot with several thousand flying hours on the A320 family so that you can judge in what area the Aerosoft Airbus is not in the ball park of reality. So we would be happy to get some valuable input from you as a rw pilot.
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    The brother of a friend from a guy I know at work, who is dating my sister, said it was 92,86% yesterday.
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    We classify our Bugs upon entering it in the Management Software. Show Stopper, Major, Minor,... Often the tester decides the severity of it. Many things are "cosmetics" like shifted fonts at panels. Some regard to system behaviour. Some to details like ECAM Arrows or ND and PFD symbology. Me for myself am mostly looking for technical behaviour. Means: are the switches in their system-wise state and how is the power-up, engine start, Delay-Behaviour and suggestions for improvement and features. These suggestions for example might be discussed and maybe delayed until the Service Pack. All these 200+ are broadly something from everything. The major advantage of AS is, that we are a variety of different persons. Some from Aviation (Pilots AKA Franks, Technicians AKA Bens, ATC Controller, soontobe's AKA Emis), some are IT-Neets (Hans, Stefan,...) and some are just Simmers. Therefore we have a wide variety in different Computer-Platforms with different Specifications. And that creates alot of findings but building a good and a decent priced Product. What adds "delay" (not to regard a release but to work generally) is that we are all working poeple besides this. At least some of us "work".....Work.....it's a strange word. Nevermind^^ And what I have to say is: That the new bus will be a nice Aircraft
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    With all due respect but you will have no time for beta testing at the moment. I am myself in an TR now so I know what I am talking about If you want to prepare yourself for the A321 I would advise you to buy the product that may or may not have malware supplied with it. It is perfectly suited for RW TR orientation.
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    There is nothing wrong with the Airbus at all. Your abovementioned tool fixes outdated navaids in the simulator. Every add-on that uses an FMC with current navigation data runs into problems sooner or later without those fixes. Real world navaids change over the time. With loading current navigation data into your aircraft its FMC knows about those changes. Problem is, your simulator is then still on the navaid status of more than ten years ago. If you want your add-ons and your simulator being on the same status again, you have to update the navaids in the simulator as well. As I said, this has nothing to do with the Airbus in particular, but is required for every add-on your are using along with current navigation data.
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    indeed reading back I think it was indeed a troll and we all fell for it. I'll remove him from the forum.
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    Hi, This months we've been working on the Terminal to finish it as you can see in the screenshots is 100% done, so the next step is to texturize all the 3D objects around the airport to get ready for the beta. As expected the frame rate are excellent and the details are really good as we wanted. Cheers.
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    It's March. We're reaching the end of the first quarter of the year. Chill.
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    Hi everyone! With Mathijs approval, I'll try to stream the A318 ***BETA*** tomorrow (Thursday) around 1400 GMT. https://www.twitch.tv/iflysimxofficial
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    I've said it before, the voting process here is a joke. Don't worry about it.
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    I am an owner of the latest version of the A-320 from Aerosoft and my first time on the forum and I have to say getting through all of these posts was quite a read. Excited to see the new product and can't wait to fly it, I'm glad you're taking your time to get as many things ironed out as possible before the release. I was watching a twitch of the A318 one of your beta testers flew and I had to laugh because I heard the "Approaching 36R" announcement and that get's me just about every time. We only have 1 of those in our fleet at the moment and it surprises me every time as I don't fly that one every day. On the sounds, I noticed that the PTU sound is heard in the flight deck. Is it possible to turn that down as well as some of the other sounds individually? I think it's great to have that option for everyone to experience it so I hope it's still there, but it's not heard up front so turning that off would be a nice feature. Also, when i'm in the back as a passenger you can see the first time airbus fliers because they get wide eyed when they hear it. I like to mess with people by tightening up my seat belt :-) Also someone posted something about the center line light noises being removed and wanting to know if they will be back in a later version. Not only is that something you can hear up front you actually feel them. Quite annoying actually and you will see most people taxiing just slightly to the right or left of the center line to avoid them. If you want a challenge you can try and keep them between the nose wheels however I doubt this would be something you could simulate. So if they are in the sound pack being able to turn them off by taxiing just moving a little to left or right of center line would be a nice touch. The one's on the runway are really loud and you feel them even more. I've been doing a lot of multi crew training with some of my friends and that is an AMAZING feature, you guys scored with this one keep it in there!!! Lastly I have to say that the 318 model looked stunning and i'm excited to put this beauty in the virtual hangar. Thanks for sticking with this product,!!
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    This is excellent news Mathijs... Having spent over 40 years in IT/software/development, I can now safely say that the project is somewhere between 1 hour and 1 year away from initial release Keep up the great work, it'll be wonderful when it's released, and I can wait - well, not "forever", given my advanced years, but I've got patience...
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    Ok, guess he got it, so no more need to feed a troll.
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    maybe you forgot to say the magic words "study level"... next time remember to write it as incipit so I can skip directly to the next post
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    Well sir, I think you bought something without understanding what you bought. That happens.
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    Hello Aerosoft, the TSS sound preview sounds nice. Have they been able to vary the sounds in regards to the aircraft altitude? I was asking this about 1,5 years ago and Frank Docter said he knows what I mean and wanted to talk to Emi. So both should know that there would be an improvement towards best realism. But I got the reply, that the sounds won't be changed as the customers would kill Aerosoft for changing them. As I can know see, the sounds have changed nevertheless. I was always a bit sad, that at higher altitudes the roaring of the engines did not dissappear like in real life. You know what I mean? When climbing out, the roar becomes more silent until it can't be heard anymore. I don't know if this comes from the thinner air in the higher altitude or "overriding" the roar sound by the higher airflow when accelerating during climb. Did anyone else notice in FSX or P3D3 what I tried to describe? Here is the link. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/114135-height-related-engine-sound-pleeeease/
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    Your post seems to suggest you have good experience in an A320 cockpit in all flight situations. If that is true, would you be so kind to contact me at mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com. We have a lot of comments from people who have a lot to say but never spend serious time in the cockpit. They send me youtube links with video's made with a smartphone that has a microphone that is 2 square mm and tell me that is how it supposed to sound. Often of versions of the aircraft we do not do, or much older aircraft. As said the newer airbusses (LCD screens) sound VERY different internally then the old (CRT screens).
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    Well, I think that TSS always focus more on the outside sounds.. They are improving some things in the cockpit like the ground rolling sound but I miss the "rumble" sound, the sound of vibration that jet engines produces always get me a chill! PMDG did that in the NGX (its too subtle, but its there) MD-11 (big rumble on start up, but I miss it in flight) 777 and the 747 who got really intense sound of vibrations! I love it! FSL also did it, and created inside sounds wich is really cool on wingviews. TSS ones is just the fan wining (wich I do like, but I miss the vibrations on acelerations and reductions) i asked them on facebook about it and they said that it can't be done by limitations of the sim.. Well, as I said, PMDG did it. FSL did it... Also in theirs previous sound packages the sounds of equip cooling, packs etc are not that good. The exception is the 717 from TFDI that has this sounds really well done. But I don't know if it is the TSS of TFDI who did it. The best add-on sounds packages that I know are provided by Sound Immersion. Both 737 and Q400 are really well done! The SP3 of NGX is amazing! And the WIP CFM package sounds great so far, we can really feel in there.. I hope that aerosoft can do a very nice use of their recordings and bring us a great sound inside of the cockpit. This video preview are good so far (WIP of course).. But I expect it to be great!
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    Sure, it's a standard texture. I played around with the idea of picking a dynamic image from the net so the newspaper would be up to date every flight. But the developers just looked at me sadly and went on to work on actual useful stuff. They ignore my wild plans a lot actually.
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    https://www.airfoillabs.com/king-air-350 Seit langer Zeit verfolge ich dieses Projekt und habe vor kurzem nach dem Status gefragt: Die Antwort: Dear ...., We are working 24/7 on B350, will publish soon development news. Best regards, ... Dieser Flieger hat die besten Aussichten, bei mir im Hangar einen Platz zu finden
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    Just landed at a crowded airport
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    No,we left this (and some other) bugs allowing people, not recognizing that this is a beta and WIP, to report "bugs".
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    Going live in 5mins https://www.twitch.tv/iflysimxofficial
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    Indeed, please. At 1400Z pretty much the entire European timezone is either at work or still making their way home. EDIT: And, for that matter, the American timezones are making their way to work
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    Tom's answer above was spot on, but I just wanted to provide a little additional information as I see this question a lot in the flight sim world. The frequencies of Localizers (runway based NAVAIDS) change from time to time in the real world and those changes are reflected in the updated NavData and charts. In flight sim, the frequency for airport based NAVAIDS such as Localizers depends on the scenery you're using. So if you have up to date NavData, but are flying into a default airport (that hasn't been updated by an AFCAD that you had to add) then there is a chance that your NavData isn't going to match the frequencies for the default airport NAVAID. The only way you can check a default scenery's frequencies is to use a program like Airport Design Editor (freeware), pull up the airport and then check the listed frequencies. Many of us who make numerous flights per week use updated AFCADs for default airports (freely available at AVSIM and FlightSim.com) or we'll use a version of freeware scenery (rare) or use the payware scenery. This way we have matching frequency information between the updates NavData and what is set in the airport. I sincerely hope this is helpful. Best wishes.
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    To get back on topic; when the current Airbus serie was released it included a sound of the aircraft bumping against the taxiway/runway lights. This sound was removed after a SP which included new sounds. Can you tell if this sound will be again part of the professional series?
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    I understand your intention, but could you please - for future reference - refrain from (purposely) misqouting posts? It dictates a meaning into the post, which isn't intended. Thank you.
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    Please feel free to read through this and the previous Airbus preview topics. That will answer all of your questions.
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    And what exactly should an Aerosoft app for Android and iOS do? I am sure you don't just want to see the Aerosoft logo to be sown on your phone but also some meaningful content and functionality?
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    Merely from a physics perspective, it's not the altitude that effects the sound (it does, but you end up with the effects of pressure and air density rendering one another mute for our purposes here). It's really the temperature that effects sound propagation as sound travels more slowly through colder air (I don't believe there is any change in amplitude/volume). But perhaps more important is that you also have the aircraft moving faster, and the noise created by that movement creates additional noise which affects everything you hear. Imagine operating a gas powered chain saw while kids 10 feet away are setting off small little firecrackers... you might not even hear them.
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    Hello Mathijs, unfortunately my experience on A320 are only in the pax cabin.. I do have some flight deck experience but in 767, MD-11 and 737 CL and NG. Please do not take my post as something ofensive. I'm just pointing that engines do have vibrations and you can hear and feel it in the cockpit of every aircraft that I've flown. In fact, in the MD-11 the engines vibrations is all you can hear or fell in various phases of flight because the engines is really far away from cockpit. Most of the time is just wind and cockpit equip... I see a lot of people in various add-ons foruns giving their opinion and I understand that you can't listen to all or you will get crazy and you will never get a sound pack done. Also people tent to ask for some sounds that aren't audible from the flight deck.. like the PTU in airbus.. But you have been in some cockpits yourself (just yesterday i saw some comments from about an MD-80 from Alitalia landing on EHAM). Although the MD-80 FD is really quiet on the egine noise side (its hell of noisy in there but we can't blame the engines can we? LOL) probably you have been in the cockpit of other aircrafts and you listened and felt that cabin vibrating when you reach the TOD and the engines starts to spool down of when you start to spool up at around 35-45% n1 for takeoff.
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    As this new Style of Activation of Airport Addons (add-on.xml) will show us some issues on some customer P3D V4 Installations, so we need to finetune this tools at the moment. To have a central point to store the newest Version and have better overview for the customers, we list them here for now. As long as there is not a special note related to the updated version, just replace the EXE file in the mainfolder of the related addon, by that one in the zip you can download here. If your installed tool have the revision number in the headline (see in red field below), your Tool is uptodate. Sim-wings Anchorage Professional (PANC) Revision: 2 PANCConfig Rev 1.10.2.zip Here updated: 2018-03-11 17:00h UTC Latest Installer Version: 1.10, Configtool 1.00.1 included (has no number in the headline yet) Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg Professional (EDDB) Revision: 4 EDDBConfig Rev 1.00.4.zip Here updated: 2018-03-11 17:00h UTC Latest Installer Version: 1.00, Configtool 1.00.1 included (has no number in the headline yet) German Airports Dortmund Professional (EDLW, part of Aerosoft Approaching Dortmund) Revision: 3 EDLWConfig Rev 1.10.3.zip Here updated: 2018-03-11 17:00h UTC Latest Installer Version: 1.10, Configtool 1.10.1 included (has no number in the headline yet) German Airports Stuttgart Professional (EDDS) Revision: 2 EDDSConfig Rev 1.10.2.zip Here updated: 2018-03-11 17:00h UTC Latest Installer Version: 1.10, Configtool 1.10.1 included (has no number in the headline yet) Professional Scenery Addon's not listet here, will have no issues with the Configtools or not use the new system yet. In this case the Tools in the Installer have the newest level.
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    No, we have really looked at those options but in such a high res environment something that is not 'as good' looks horrible. And humans are trained to detect problems with human figures so issue are always very obvious. To make it look good you need at least 10000 polygons and 15 Mb of textures. Now as a static object that 'might' be okay for a user with a 1080Ti card but when you start to animate that the load on the GPU explodes. Look at this: That's a 3d model, fully rigged, very usable. Costs a few hundred dollar, peanuts if you think it would costs 20 times more to redo it. But thats 25.000 polygons. There is simply no way you can show something like that close up in animation inside the sim. Even a dedicated game engine with very limited sightlines, flat earth etc etc will be pushed. I find it always strange people want floppy wings and complain if the font of something is not 100% correct when they are willing to overlook that empty seat on the right. Taking off or landing in an airliner without a second person is something only happens when the other pilot is incapacitated and would count as a very serious emergency. For every new project we experiment with filling that seat, but to this date it simply can't be done as we want it. And I hate it.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1803 for best results. Changelog Update: AltCap, RAD and Directs Update: minor fixes in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing Update: added directs to/from EPSC for better connectivity with ATS routes Update: adapted RAD and Directs to offer more route options via Maastricht UIR (FL245+) at weekends/nights Update: implemented Free Route Airspace for Rhine Radar UIR East (FL315+) and North (FL285+) (East Germany) Regards David
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    If you have any question about this project, please first read this:
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    Please accept the answers already given to this discussion. There is no need to open a Dublin topic again and again. No new information will come from that at the moment.
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    We are experimenting with the shades, but as this moment the current P3d version does not apply the correct shading with them, we are talking to Lockheed about that. We are not including sunshades that are just animations if they are not functional.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hellow everyone another new livery that i will give to you! The First A321ceo of Cebu with Alpha Textures! ATM this Aircraft is on its way to Her new Home! Enjoy! Note: Manual Installation or known as the traditional way
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    It will be released for P3D v.4 first, and then after some time needed to make the necessary changes, for P3D v.3 and FSX.