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    News from the Tuesday meeting.... as always it is mix of good, okay and bad. The good thing is that systems and propulsion are progressing fine. we are down to smaller stuff like oil burn implementation (burn factor: CFM 0,5 qt/hr, IAE 0,3 qt/hr) (automatically reset on reloading the aircraft, we are not planning a maintenance module). Also good is that we'll have some super new voices for the checklists etc. Also small perfections like the cockpit lights that only should be active on the left side when the aircraft is on battery are now done. The less good is that the MCDU, FMS and AP still have bigger issues to sort out. There is progress but testing of these things take ages. Certainly the MCDU is complex as this is by far the most complex bit of code we have ever done. As before we are sure this is the most advanced Airbus MCDU you will see in the sim. We also decided on all prices, updates boxes, what manual will be printed, what boxes we'll do, what's needs to be translated (as before we'll release in English, German, French and Spanish (Italian and Turkish are considered) and for that I will start a new Preview Topic later this week. As always that long list of things we need to complete before we can release and that has little to do with the actual coding. We have also set a release date that is non-negotiable. It's June 26th.
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    From this moment on I will try to give a daily update on things our dev team has done. We took the plunge and moved the fonts to the simfolder. In principle this should have worked since P3d V3 but it always had issues. Now we think it is save. The big advantage is that the complete product is now in just two folder, the A318/A319 folder and a shared folder for all our bus products that has things like the company routes, nav data. Installing is now as easy as just copying the files. No more reboot to activate fonts etc. Stefan spend the day updating the VC textures so they will work with the new RealLight/TrueGlass modules. These allow compression so the extreme demands on Graphics Memory are reduced to an acceptable level. This makes 3 Gb graphics cards feasible and removes a massive headache from me. Robert, Frank and Baylan (the people working on the systems, navigation etc) kept on working the showstopper and critical bugs. A few were closed. Others discussed. In this stage making sure they all know what they are doing continuously is super important. We are planning a hackathon in the last week before release where we will focus on the simple and stupid issues, goal is to close at least 50 of them in 18 hours. One of our main advisory pilots did a test flight yesterday and made a video of the whole flights. He did not make things easy with a flight plan that had discontinuous elements he solved by going direct as is common on European airspace these days. Lot of new information to process but surprisingly no new bugs. The first stage to get to release is to make sure you get no new bugs! We added a new very experienced new pilot to our internal Skype group. This is very valuable as we need information and confirmation on issues at least 20 times a day. if we have that on hand it speeds up things a lot. I am pretty pissed off about some of the silly comments I read online since our news yesterday. I should not be, but I am. Things like that we are speeding things up to beat FSL's A319 release. Honestly I did not even know they were close to release and if I did it would have played no role. If a customer wants to buy that product at that price from that company they should. We are not in competition as the focus of the products is totally different. They do stuff we don't, we do stuff they do not do. I think a lot depends on who you want to give your money to. We got a lot of bugs fixed reports from Rolf on the checklists items I will check myself tomorrow. 18:30, our German devs are closing down after a 11 hour day, Baylan is getting breakfast and will start on tweaks to the TO, CLB, CRZ, DES pages. Some testers will check some bugs.
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    No need, Mathijs. This is the only way to I can support this project
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    Some update on the GPU memory issue we discussed before. As you remember using RealLight and TrueGlass increased the graphics memory demand very much and this caused low FPS on machines with older cards. The new version TDFi is now sharing solves much of this issue by compressing the textures. We are seriously happy about this (even though it means all textures have to be worked on).
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    The program isn't dead. I continue to use it frequently and it connects to the wx servers and the Navigraph data is updated. True there have been no new features for a while primarily because the author has had personal issues to deal with. Hopefully he's overcome those now. But it remains a very good program.
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    Pfff-WHAT? We'll have to do something to bring flight simulation to the front of the pack!
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    I will update that end of this week or over the weekend.
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    Drag and fuel flow will be influenced by the sharklets for this project in the same way as some other A320 product will.
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    Our shop can handle it easy (we have done MUCH larger releases like https://www.aerosoft.com/en/simulation-games/farming/2078/farming-simulator-17-add-on-straw-harvest). FS add-on sales don't even get close to that. For download we are using Amazon's servers so that's never an issue.
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    Sure, let's prove them wrong, lol. As said a lot of nonsense is written.
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    Yes, we will test with these new texture options in the next few days. It might solve the issues we have low memory graphics cards.
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    Hi, Just to know about the performance, the last week TFDI released an update for performances , it gave me a great boost, did you worked/contacted with them to work on this update ? Does it means the A3XX that will come will have the benefits of it too ?
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    It's not that FS-addons has gone down in sales. Our turn-over from this part of Aerosoft has been stable for the last 10 years. It's just that we have grown in other sims. But in the base we are still a FS-Addon developer/publisher.
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    We will send a email to all our repainters (remember we got over 1300 (!) repaints here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/2-liveries-repaints/) next week. For a long time we wanted to stay 100% compatible with older versions but some our latest changes make that impossible. Some tweaks will be needed to use all the new functions (for example the fact on battery only the left side of the pit is lit).
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    Btw, as always a lot of nonsense being posted on FB and other forums. Wish these people would just come here and ask me.
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    But to be clear, though we always support Navigraph in all our products, we will need the Lufthansa data in a geo referenced format to even consider anything like this. These discussions are going on at this moment. As we always said one of the reasons we started with NavDataPro is to make sure the community does not depend on one source. Imagine Navigraph shutting down (I have no sign of that, they seem to be doing spiffingly) and no additional source would be available. That would mean high end aircraft add-ons would hardly be possible. This risk was to great for Aerosoft. It would dampen the whole add-on business as high end aircraft sell high end airports and things like PFPX etc ect. The moment we have the data we need we will look at all EFB and EFB related topics,. What we will not do is try to generate charts on the fly from nav data and AFCAD files. They might looks somewhat okay, but simply do not match our standards for internal project that have professional spin-offs.
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    For anyone interested in discussing Electronic Flight Bag and Chart software... I've created a new topic to ensure we don't derail the Airbus Preview thread.
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    You are right, we are (luckily) living in a free world where we can express our opinions. This is true for everyone, and I guess that's also true for the down votes. Calling other users making use of this feature "children" simply shows your disrespect against those users and their opinion. So please do not claim the right of free speech if you can't stand the answers.
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