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    Small friday update: Work on the galley detailing advances nicely. Galley1 almost complete (Still needs trolleys and casing of the kitches painted). Other galleys follow detailing...
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    We will try to survive without your purchase jetkid. I'll make this forum section invisible for your account as it clearly serves no purpose for you.
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    Short update. As you noticed we expanded the beta testing program recently. Calling it beta is a bit confusing as there are parts that are not completed but we need to have the sections that are done checked out right now. We only wanted professionals because we still need a lot of input and advise (the manuals do not tell the complete story rather often and as stated so often we do not simulate the aircraft but the job of the crew). What you might like to know is how our test team is build up. We got: Seven pilots Four engineers (mostly performance and propulsion specialists One rampy One flight attendant Two representatives of VATSIM and IVAO Several friends who are always willing to listen to our moaning We use a rather advanced project management systems (Zendesk Zoho) to share information, manage progress and to handle bug reports. Here you see how the testers can insert bugs: These bugs end up in the bug database and the responsible developer is notified. When he inserts a fix to our file versioning system it is automatically shared with the testers and the bug status is update to 'to be tested' status. My task as project manager is to make sure we have the right resources for each section and to make sure all parts are more or less finished at the same time.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my 2048px Virtual Cockpit for the Aerosoft Airbus A320 & A321. Included are high resolution textures for the pedestal, overhead, FCU, fuses (both, overhead and the back side of the flight deck) and photorealistic buttons and switches made right from photos taken on the real deal. Additional VAS usage is at around 100-150mb in Prepar3Dv3.3. There is no noticable impact on the performance on my or any of the beta testers computers. Painting this took me around 150 working hours plus the countless hours of all the people who helped me with a tremendous effort. Special thanks go out to Holgi for helping me on some parts of the floor and backwall and Frank for taking all the pictures necessary to realise a job like this! Without you guys this would not have been possible! This is the 2048px version of this repaint, a 4096px version will follow soon! You will hardly notice a difference though Due to the enormous effort that went into this (over a month full time work plus countless evenings fiddling around with files and the quirks of our beloved flight simulators) I would apprechiate if you could donate a few € or $ if you like the paint! >>Please Donate if you like this<< (Unfortunately only a German link is possible, however just enter the amount, click login to paypal and then you'll be redirection to your language for the rest of the process ) ------------------------------------------------------------ Installation Instructions (read this... really!) ------------------------------------------------------------ Backup the content of the folder [FSX/P3D mainfolder]\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base. Unzip the file into a temporary location. Paste the content of the folder A320A321 into [FSX/P3D mainfolder]\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base. Make sure the content of the three subfolders gets integrated and you should be asked to overwrite 39 files in total. Make sure to overwrite the old files, otherwise this paint will not show correctly. [Important] Delete all files including the word MAINPANEL in the texture.xxx [where xxx stands for the respective name of the livery] folders within the [FSX/P3D]\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A32x CFM/IAE folders. This is important since FSX will pick files from those folders over those from the fallback folders. [Important] Repeat this step each time you install a new livery since liveries come with their own MAINPANEL files, which however are in the default resolution. See the limitations below. Ensure the Texture_Max_Load in your FSX.cfg/Prepar3D.cfg is set to at least 2048, better 4096. ------------------------------------------------------------- Known limitations ------------------------------------------------------------- The aircrafts registration will no longer show. This is unavoidable since the registration is saved in the mainpanel file which I had to alter. Thus you need to delete the mainpanel file in which the registration of the aircraft is saved. Please ask your repainter to supply you with a version of my mainpanel file including the registration of the aircraft. Painters are explicitly allowed to modify the mainpanel files supplied in this package to add the registration of the aircraft and upload them to this forums. Only the dark night lighting version was possible. Do not use the Airbus Configurator to change between the bright and dark lighting options! These are not compatible with this repaint. Final words: I hope you will have as much fun flying with my repaint than I had painting it. . . . . . ...you really read all the way down here here? Stop reading and go flying!
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    It is the most delayed piece of flightsim software ever to be announced.
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    Could you try to do normal boobs? Seriously. Those stereotypes are so yesteryear...
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    Some small update: No, for Lufthansa it is still to early "sk5645". Among other things the modeling, unwrapping and animation on the three galleys were finished this week. The door mechanic was to model rather near the real thing, even the guide arm cover on the top of the doors, as elsewise they hit the doors inner surface. So the designers at Airbus had to made this cover movable. Check the movie... Monday is then start of the galley texturing, the Lufthansa variant mainly was taken as blueprint. The galleys can differ strongly between the airlines; they even can have bars with cool neon lights which can take it up with every premium hotel bar!
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    Yes. As you have no idea what has been done in that time and you clearly do not have a clue how much time it takes to model an animation like that, I find your post not very respectful towards one of my people. And many people know I am very protective of them. You got yourself a temporary ban!
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    A little evening flight.... HGS contains some debug data (like the cross hair flight director) so don't look too closely ;-)
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    the 3D printed model is actually a nice idea. I imagine a golden CRJ900 statue with a plaque reading "For Hans, the slowest developer of all times!"
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    hi all! Here is what I'm working on currently:
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    So far I got 77 mails but only 8 of people who are professionals. This beta is about getting things right in the code, not about getting things running okay on all systems. So please only people who really know the A330 professionally. And I had three people who said they were pilots but when I asked more details they turned out to be 16 and 19 and somebody who worked construction according to his facebook profile. For the people who are able to help, thanks, might be Monday before I answer. Really need one day off.
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    I don't think there are many (if at all) R-W A333's with crew rest area. With the limited range of the 333, it is normally not required. If there's a 3 man crew on a flight, typically a business class seat is reserved for the crew rest. To simulate the real-life crew rest experience, may I suggest the following: - find an uncomfortable reclining chair - wrap yourself in a blanket - put on an eye mask and ear plugs - try to sleep like that for 2-3 hours, then go back to the cockpit For increased realism, ask someone to have their dinner next to you, while you are trying to sleep. For ultimate experience, perhaps once every 3-4 flights, arrange for a baby to cry over your head for the whole duration of your rest... If, on the other hand, you want to simulate the A332-style crew rest compartment - try sleeping in your closet. Sorry, couldn't resist...
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    Gents I just invited some new people to our A330 beta project. But I can use a few more. BUT, at this moment we will only insert professionals. So pilots, maintenance people etc. And to avoid people pretending to be one of those we will be forced to ask for some proof. If you like to help, drop me a mail at mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com
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    And one from the VC for good measure....
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    Even the real Airbus has problems with the linedrawing, so no, ours will not be perfect there.
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    Hard to imagine... coming home from work and actually having the evening off. But the day will hopefully come soon I won't buy it either! You're the former CRJ pilot. You gave me all the info on how weird this plane is. I'll send them all to you
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    A little teaser of the groundpoly. taken with p3d. Jetways/Airbridges (some could clarify once how it's call????) are going to be position that weekend. Soon we will publish some photos of the whole project with it's VAS resaults- I think you are going to love what you will see, both quality and performance. Regards.
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    Lol I remember being so exited to get my hands on this plane... 2 years later still no plane.
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    So when it is finally released, you will refuse to purchase it? Suit yourself, but it seems rather self-defeating.
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    Wait for the A320 2017 preview forum to open please. We are only working on the A330 now. Thanks.
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    Landing rate is indeed something overrated in flight simulation. In real life there are many situations where a landing of about 300-400 feet per minute is very appropriate. Some pilots even say no landing with less than 200-300fpm is a good landing. BUT: Since you have no real feedback about your landing in a flight simulator (it doens't require you to visit the orthopaedist if you screw up) I can fully understand why people want such a feedback. Expecially in larger aircraft like the A330, 777 or 747 you can hardly judge your landing just by looking out of the window or by instrument readings. There are a lot of nice tools available that can measure your landing rate already, so we do not see the need to include such a feature in our A330.
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    Time for a serious response! I think Mathijs already said this a couple hundred pages earlier, but it's time to say it again: The CRJ is neither a Boeing or an Airbus. Thought it seems to be a simpler aircraft (no Autothrottle, only advisory VNAV), its avionics system's complexity beyond Boeing and sometimes even close to Airbus. You can choose between all kinds of navigation sources and use the cross-side (CPT side uses F/O side) data - choose the wrong setting on the NAV Source knob and you'll end up flying somewhere... but not where you want to go. Another example: if you're on an FMS flight want to intercept an ILS, you have to change the NAV source from FMS to VOR/LOC or the autopilot's APP mode will not capture anything. So yes, I fully except tons of questions and alleged bugs pretty much immediately after release. But then, that's what we have The Dude for
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    I wished everyone would stop with all the talk about how Aerosoft doesn't know how to release a product on time. Developing addons take time if they're going to be worth anything and that is exactly what Aerosoft is doing. Aerosoft announces the day they are starting a project (or close to), but who knows how long it took PMDG to develope the 747? For all we know they may have started 5 years ago and just not told anyone. Aerosoft is open and I feel as though some people take it as they are almost finished when they post it and they are not. They are taking some time, but be thankful that they are creating a great product that is going to work and not be buggy in the end. So stop asking for release dates, and stop pestering the AS team about not being able to release a product on time and just be patient, it will come.
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    That went quick, I'll release it sometime next week.
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    Don't forget as already mentioned several times in this topic: everything is one step after the other. A330 2017 A31x/A32x 2017 Before step one isn't done no promises etc. will be made about step two. So, this will just keep your excitement on a constant high level for a long time, instead of boosting it up even further
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    Keep in mind, he put them in in the first place
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    Dudleys reply is pretty much spot on, there are certain things that people will use on most flights and these are modelled. The doors are most certainly one of them.
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    We are just about to complete the new and final version of the Groundpoly, place the jetways/airbridges and we will publish that. Otherwise, it will give you all the impression no progress. A little bit more patient. It's big project and like everything we (GayaSim) started, it's will come to it's end with exciting result and experience. I remind all we still not have a 64bit simulation platform, so we are taking it really serious to keep the sensitive balance between the quality and the performance. I invite you all to check our Genoa and Kilimanjaro sceneries (published by Aerosoft of course) to see how we keep that "famous" balance. Thanks for the credit you give us. I promise all it will worth that. Gayasim.
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    Took a while but here is proof this project is very much alive.
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    Did a few experiments with EDDF's chronic greedy VAS gluttony and OOMs when you approach EDDF from another destination. Don't think Aerosoft reads (cares) anymore about the topic but maybe one of you will have an idea. Here is what I found - In the [Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 Terrain\scenery\] folder is a file eddf_aerial.bgl which is a massive 1.5 GB - if you disable this file the VAS jumps up considerably and NO OOMs have been experience with PMDG or Airbus on approach or taxiing to gate ... the 1.5 GB alone is pretty much self explainable for this. The problem is that, when disabled, the whole area on and around Rwy 07L/25R is covered with trees on the runway an taxi-ways which tells me that either ORBX Global and/or ORBX Europe LC place them there and eddf_aerial.bgl has an exclude component to counter this. Could it be that there is a conflict between eddf_aerial.bgl and ORBX Global/LC ...? I remember a similar problem with FlyTampa EKCH where the OOM was fixed by renaming certain files that conflicted with ORBX. Once FlyTampa fixed the problem with an update everything was working 100% I have NO idea what a file of 1.5 GB is doing there if it only excludes other landclass and scenery because the taxiways and runway are clearly visible underneath the trees when the file is disabled (turned OFF) and is therefore not so much scenery as elevation to get over the bridges and to exclude the default and/or ORBX scenery/LC Maybe there is a solution, if Aerosoft is willing to investigate if this massive file can be reduced to something more VAS friendly or come in contact with the ORBX guys to try and find out if this could indeed be the troublemaker.
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    Here's some screenshots for the upcoming version of Vaeroy for X-Plane 10 and 11, all screenshots were taken in X-Plane 11.
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    Yes, but we have to work with the imagery we have, in this case I believe that is more recent than Google maps).
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    It can be safely assumed that nothing will be implemented into the AS A330 which isn't in the real thing.
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    First things first… Thanks for redoing Madeira and Porto Santo! Well Porto Santo sort of... :). In addition, I want to point out the amazing support given on the forums. From the previous version, Madeira Island has lost the following: The Ponta de São Lourenço lighthouse and the islet where the lighthouse it is supposed to be is flat (mesh issue?); Machico beach (If I remember right it was present on the previous version… or was it the FS 2004 version?). It would be great if the following could be add later on (future updates?): Small red warning lights along the runway small slope - left to runway 05 (can be seen from the north frontage of the terminal building); Remaining island lighthouses (since the most important one is missing I am presuming the same for the remaining ones); Improved representation of Funchal Port (Pontinha) with some static cruise ships with real liveries (as previous version); Improved representation of Funchal Pier; Improved representation of the island marinas (at least the Machico and Funchal ones). Proper Desertas and Selvagens islands mesh. One negative thing about this scenery is Porto Santo (LPPS). Porto Santo was advertised as having the same representation of the previous version, but in fact lacks some important objects present in the original Madeira X scenery. No lighthouses, no windmills and no fictional ferry docked on the port. I hope that someday we can have a good representation of Porto Santo (as Madeira X evolution upgrade/new scenery) it would only require adding a few but important things: Add recent runway, taxiway and parking changes with the respective proper textures, signs and markings; Remove the checker radar building close to the runway. That structure doesn’t exit there anymore; Add mesh to an important islet (Fonte da Areia) on the north part of the island (to the right side of runway 18 final approach). In the actual and previous representations the islet is flat; Add the existing big antennas throughout the island with their respective red warning lights; Add the windmills with the red warning lights on top of them; Add the navigation radar on Pico do Facho; Improved representation of the Port (Porto de Abrigo) and marina; Better representation of town center (Vila Baleira) Pier; Representation of the static ferry docked on Port with the real livery. Thanks for the actual scenery regardless… Regards, Luís
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    Why? You already had to answer all those questions to me
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    Aerosoft has provided a full explanation for the development delays with his aircraft - and taken full responsibility for them. As far as I'm concerned, once someone has done that, I just don't think it's morally or ethically acceptable to speak ill of them. I must say that I'm immensely proud to be associated with the vast majority of morally and ethically savvy people and loyal customers who read and accepted the explanation provided by Mathijs and understand just how hard the team is working to provide an aircraft that is first rate by any standard - and I'm not guessing at that, I know it for a fact! The choice was either an average aircraft or a high level simulator, and the latter is what was decided on. It will be our customers rather than Aerosoft who benefit from the decision to further development of this aircraft. Our loyal customers understand this, and know that nobody wants to see it released more than the developer.
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    I solved the performance issues with it.....By uninstalling it. Won't ever buy another IDS made product. I see by the feedback their Manchester is having same issues....
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    Frank, the dude, is a busdriver. They don't understand Boeings. Now nobody understands Airbuses, but busdrivers are highly skilled in hiding that.
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    Lovely don't you think? The lighting in X-Plane really is a step up from P3D v3.
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    That is not how it works Layth23. Aerosoft is producing the A330 and Aerosoft as such will decide what sounds in what form will be used. TSS will supply Aerosoft with sounds yes, but Aerosoft has control over that and not TSS. In short, asking us (Aerosoft) here is the correct place.
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    As a matter of fact, I did back then with the AXE! It took me two days sitting in the beer garden after work.
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    As Mathijs stated back on February 5, TSS will be creating a custom sound pack for the A330. A quick forum search would've alluded you to this answer Have a good day!
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    I am looking forward to the TCAS and Transponder questions.
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    And which buttons would that be that you'd like to see simulated?
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    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Great relationship management with the community.
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    Alles was Du brauchst ist bei der Installation vom Airbus installiert worden. Schau einfach mal in Dein Windows Startmenü. Dort wirst Du die komplette Dokumentation zum Aerosoft Airbus sicherlich ganz schnell finden. Du musst nicht! Nur wenn etwas nicht geht wie Du es erwartest, ist eine Dokumentation immer hilfreich bei der Beantwortung der Frage, warum es nicht geht. Wir setzen hier im Forum schon voraus, dass Benutzer die Dokumentation lesen (Du musst nicht jedes PDF lesen, der Step-by-Step Guide reicht). Wenn etwas nicht klappt, obwohl Du es genau so machst, wie es erklärt wurde, dann helfen wir hier gerne weiter. Für das Vorlesen des Handbuches sind wir hier ehrlich gesagt nicht da. Sorry, wenn das jetzt etwas harsch klingt, aber es hat gute Gründe, weswegen der Step-by-Step existiert und so ausführlich geschrieben ist. Absolviere also bitte den Tutorial Flug der im Step-by-Step Guide beschrieben ist. Wenn die Checklisten bei dem Flug auch nicht gehen, werden wir der Sache intensiver nachgehen.
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    Hello Those typical white/gray 'runway-borders' aren't there anymore... The runways have changed colours since 2015-2016... Just wanted to let you know.... Don't know if you will/want/can change it? Regards
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    Hallo, wer sich in seinem X-Plane 11 (noch Beta und/oder DEMO) bereits Flugzeuge von Drittherstellern installiert hat, kann sich Vorschaubilder von X-Plane 11 erstellen lassen, damit die Flugzeuge und Liveries in der Auswahl als Vorschau erscheinen und nicht mit einem Fragezeichen. Dazu einfach das Flugzeug mit der (bevorzugten) Livery laden. Dann im Menü - Developer - "Regenerate icons for current aircraft" wählen. X-Plane 11 erstellt dann Vorschaubilder mit den zur Verfügung stehenden Liveries. Das dauert einen Augenblick. Bitte X-plane 11 dabei nicht unterbrechen. Spätestens beim nächsten Start von X-Plane 11 sollten die Bilder dann vorhanden sein. Es funktioniert schon sehr gut. Bei einigen Flugzeugen gibt es noch kleinere Probleme, aber besser, als gar kein Bild denke ich Gruß Heinz