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  1. I cannot find them anywhere, not in my download page, not in the scenery folder, nowhere. Assistance appreciated.
  2. Hello, Shaun It's i, not L. I effectively tried to reinstall the plane to check if it would work again but without luck. That means I'm not going to touch this plane ever again. I'm not going to edit xml files, even though I know how, because that's not my job. I payed for something and I expect it to work. Especially after all of those patches you've been issuing, which effectively broke it more. Maybe you should finish the airbus before moving to V2. What shocks me most is seeing this type of quality from a German company. Very disappointed. So in the words of Paul, its my loss that I took action to remove a faulty program off my hard disk. My only loss is paying for this. Warm regards, Ioan
  3. Hi everyone, I'm one of those that bought the bus shortly after release and after flying it partially flawlessly, I hit the latest patch, which completely up my A320/1 First of all, the most annoying bug, or whatever it is, the plane lags to and back each time I: - Use the mouse to click something in the cockpit / pan the view / pan the view with the hat switch without the pointer having disapeared yet. The frames go from 40 to 10, and they stay there until the pointer disappears. - Turning the aircraft, no matter which direction, in the ground or in the air, will lag the plane to oblivion in the same way as above. I have absolutely no idea is causing this, but I know that: 1. It's not my computer, I can run Crysis like a waterfall while making 57 cars blow up. 2. It's not my simulator, because my PMDG aircrafts, which are of quality, do not do such things, and even better, they run more smoothly than the bus. Another bug that really me off is the fact that each time I start the engines they all over-rev as if I'd given them TO/GA commands, this shouldn't be happening and It forces me too keep the parking brakes on so I don't fly in the terminal. I'm not even going to get started on the nose dive mess and that autoland joke. I've come to turn off the FBW on each and every landing. This being said, if I can't have those issues solved, I'm going to wipe this aircraft off of my PC and fly the 747 on regional routes! Sorry for the rant, but my patience is running out, especially after 9 painful flights like those. EDIT: Sorry for the double post.
  4. Will it a free update for airbii X owners? EDIT: Nvm I can't read. )
  5. Here is mine! PMDG 747-400 Addon Aerosoft EDDF Landclass (scenery too heavy on frames) D-ABVF paint by Ioan92
  6. Question: What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? Answer: Claustrophobic.
  7. Just a little question: What if I only use Mega Frankfurt's landclass in my screen capture? Does it still count?
  8. Well a nose up is less bad than nose dive at 50 RA
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