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  1. Hi @Mathijs Kok any news on the runway issue? Since SU5 I'm a bit reluctant in buying new addons anyway. I see many airports having issues and I don't see anything happening - either on the Asobo side or the addon dev side. I know, issues like the disappearing / broken jetways need to be fixed (even fully identified first) by Asobo. I see the the desperate posts in the official MSFS developer forum. It seems like nobody is moving on. And when I say, I'm reluctant, I don't mean that as a threat. I just feel a bit worried, buying new scenery right now, which may or may not work correctly. I don't know. Maybe MSFS was released to early...
  2. Of course I meant Simwings. According to the ASUpdater, I have version installed.
  3. Hi there, since I fly from EDDH (also before SU5), I have a rwy issue on EDDH. Using live weather, the wind is good for 23 to take off. Checking in the MSFS world map, it says 23 for takeoff. Wind is about 220/xx. But everytime I spawn at the gate and prepare for takeoff, ingame ATC gives me rwy 5 instead (wind is still the same). Since there was a similar issue with EDDB - which has been fixed by the developer - I asked myself, if it could be the same issue with EDDH? Thanks.
  4. Holy Moly! Das ist kein Wunder. Der "Hotfix" hat schlicht nichts gefixt. Als wäre er gar nicht existent.
  5. Im Moment wäre jede Aussage, was mit was zusammenhängt, reine Spekulation. Aber wenn Du ohne EDDK besser fährst, dann mach es so. Wir warten einfach alle auf den versprochenen Asobo Hotfix und sehen dann weiter.
  6. Ich bin Teil des FBW A32NX Teams und wir sind derzeit auch am rotieren.
  7. Hi there, I know, it seems to be only me (didn't find anything in any other forum), but when I use/install Zagreb - with the enhanced groundvehicle thingy which comes with Zagreb - on many of the other airports (stock or addon) the baggage truck on the gate disappears totaly. It's the baggage TRUCK only. Whereas the baggage loader and all other vehicles are still there and working. Which results in the behaviour that the baggage loader docks to the plane correctly, but never undocks, cause it misses the TRUCK going back to parking position. Tested: When I remove Zagreb, everything works fine. All ground vehicle are there and working as intended. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks.
  8. Danke vielmals für diesen Fix. Bin sowieso die ganze Zeit mit dem ingame ATC (und Start- oder Landebahnzuweisung) am hadern. Bei BER hatte ich aber tatsächlich das Gefühl, dass etwas mit der Scenery nicht stimmt. Weil es wirklich treffsicher immer die falsche Bahn war. Vielleicht ist mit anderen Airports ähnlich und MSFS ATC / Wetter sind gar nicht schuld.
  9. Hi, I have the same problem. Only when approaching EDDK. When taking off from it, no problems. And it works, when I do a short haul (around 1h or less) to EDDK. When doing longer flights (1:30h and above), approachng into EDDK causes a CTD. I also have EDDL installed. Don't know right now, if it would be the same issue there. My eventlogger says, it's a problem with CoherentUIGT.dll.
  10. Just a short question. Is the version 1.02 the same as the old one with the test-patch applied? Or should I install the new version?
  11. I deleted it. But that doesn't matter, cause everything in there, I quoted already. Its only content was like: Could not open file Could not open file Could not open file Could not open file Could not open file Could not open file Could not open file Could not open file Could not open file Could not open file Could not open file ... No file specified or any other information. I wished there was more information.... sorry.
  12. Maybe I have a hint for you. When I install EDDM and start the SIM it generates a builderlogerror.txt in the main MSFS user folder. It generates it again, everytime I start the sim. In the txt, about 15 to 20 "could not open file" messages are written. When I uninstall EDDM and start the sim, no builderlogerror.txt is generated. So there must be something wrong with the airport. I have CTDs too, btw.
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