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  2. Hi Mathijs, and thanks for your comment, I could be quite happy in accepting this if the issue was an isolated incident? however all my flights having the same familiarity, the managed mode is not being followed? in addition to this I have no Hot Keys, so I might as well carry out a clean reinstall, I got nothing to lose...can you point me to your recommended sequence of uninstalling with P3D v4? perhaps I should also mention that I the previous version with FSX worked perfectly well without any issues at all? LOL, it'e a funny old world! Thanks for your help anyway, if it doesn't work I may go back to FSX. Merry Christmas! Jim
    The Livery looks very good and suits the aircraft well. @LIAMD3012 Great work thanks for this.
  3. Thanks, @Tom A320 - but the fact that those files are not meant to be touched by customers was also the reason why I asked for an update adapting the current views to the one that are in use in the A320 family. 😉 @DaveCT2003 seems to have exactly those views in the screenshot he posted above. I reckon that those were from an earlier beta version?
  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Not weeks, at most it will be done next week. Things are a bit hectic right now. And to be perfectly honest NDP charts are not working brilliantly right now due to server issues.
  6. This only means that you have to disable the Airbus view system from the MCDU3 if you use ChasePlane. That's all. I use ChasePlane myself and have zero issues. You shouldn't wait for a tutorial from Aerosoft regarding the XML files. These files are mainly not meant to be touched by customers. Of course you can, but in this case you have to dig into them yourself. And of course you are totally free to share your files afterwards here with the community
  7. Yesterday I bought the a330 and the same thing happened to me. I could not remove the GPU. I checked and it was not in slew mode. Thank you, in advance.
  8. And please do not forget to reboot your machine after installation and before starting your P3D again.
  9. Thanks, @Mathijs Kok. I already thought about buying Chaseplane, but (including the purchase of the CRJ Pro upgrade and the A330) this Christmas season is particularly expensive for me. 😉 And I also shied away from buying it since you mentioned that Chaseplane is not compatible with the viewing system in the Airbusses. And since I was perfectly happy with the viewing system in the A320 family so far, I didn't want to drop it. But I will think about it in the new year. If there can be any other solution found (maybe a tutorial how to edit the XML or an update adapting the choice of views to the one available in the A320?) in the meantime, I and probably others would probably be very happy. 😉
  10. Nach meiner Ankunft in Zurich das gleiche, kein Pax zu sehen durch die GSX Jetways.
  11. Hallo, besitze sowohl xplane als auch preparv4. Möchte mir unbedingt den a330 zulegen. Bin jetzt echt am überlegen, ob ich den Jardesign oder Aerosoft-Bus kaufen soll. Hat diesbezüglich jemand Erfahrungen oder für welchen Bus würdet ihr euch entscheiden? Vielen Dank im voraus. Bernd Schwarz
  12. I am quite angry to find that now the A330 is only available for the Windows 10 O/S. I have waited very patiently for this aircraft for a very long time with the expectation that it will operate on W7 Pro 64. I have been unreasonably criticised by officials on your forum for asking questions or responding to comments that Aerosoft does not like. So I have heeded advice given on your numerous A330 forums and absented myself and thus been very patient only to find absolute disappointment now! Firstly we were led to believe that this aircraft would be available for FSX and excuses were made when it was announced that it would not be so. Now we are told that it will not be available for W7 Pro 64 bit. I have W10 on my notebook which I have only had for just over a year and I have had no end of problems with it I have had more problems with that computer in a year than the total that I have had in the last 25-30 years. It is no wonder to me, therefore, why MS gave away free upgrades when W10 was first released.. the O/S is RUBBISH! So there is NO way that I will be upgrading my W7 desktop and any future computers that I buy will run on Linux if I cannot install W7. If Aerosoft have taken it upon themselves to produce products solely for the W10 O/S then sadly I will be saying a reluctant but permanent goodbye! :-(
  13. Hi guilherme, are you using any custom shaders or don't have HDR enabled? If yes, please check if removing shaders and enabling HDR rectifies what you're seeing.
  14. Hi, as you can see from these images the NAV lights and strobe lights are hardly visible. I can see the strobe light but its way too dim and i cant see the nav lights at all actually. I am using default shaders and latest A330 version
  15. Hi Mathijs Thx for your fast reply i will check it tomorrow asap. Greetings Fabio
  16. yunuskurr


    Yeah indeed it did work! Thank you mirage!
  17. Hello, that's what the EFB looks like to me. Nothing changes, no matter what I do. Current version P3D 4.5 HF2 and the latest update for the A330. What else can I do?
  18. As discussed we are working on the flight model of the A330 because we agree there is something wrong there. All the work is being checked with real pilots but how they feel it should fly does not always match with what customers expect so we like to send out a few files here. Please let us know your comments so we can tweak it some more. Do mention how heavy your aircraft is because a fully loaded A330 flies VERY different from a empty one. Unzip this file in /Aerosoft A330 Professional/SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft A330 Professional Base/Panel_Fallback/ overwriting the file that is there. One possible side effect of this trial is thet X8 might not be stable anymore Airbus_ECAMD2D.zip
  19. Thank you for your quick action Mathijs. Looking forward to see the solution. Kind regards, Daniël
  20. I had the same problem yesterday and could not disconnect the GPU. I tried it several times. After landing I selected a instant replay and there the GPU was not visible anymore. But as soon as instant replay was finished the GPU was there again... Kind regards, Remo
  21. Well, a lot of people ARE flying the aircraft, just check the online ATC systems. The fact with is that we found an issue with the EFB and fixed it, what good does it do when we do not share it. That has nothing to do with the fact that we are also working on the flight behavior. see here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/148868-a330-flight-model-work/ Please note that we advised people that this was 'early access' and even advised people to wait two weeks if they felt insecure.
  22. I have Mini bus installed before A330 This problem exists after I updated all buses fro the updater.
  23. I still like to hear from williebarry if he was indeed in slew and can recreate the issue when not in slew. Right now we are unable to recreate it this but will discuss it internally.
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