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  2. Three more shots showing the area around the Lukla helicopter apron:
  3. Today
  4. Um das Thema zu beenden, hier mein Fazit. Dieser PC kann mit maximalen Einstellungen laufen. Hier mein Video was ich gemacht habe als kleiner Test mit HDMesh. Wer sich nen neuen PC für X-Plane 11 zulegen will fliegt mit den Komponenten extrem gut. Alle Daten in der Videobeschreibung!
  5. The Airbus Pro software is working fine on my system and a great many others in P3Dv4.5HD1 which seems to indicate that something us amiss locally, and I'm sorry to say thst a patch for P3Dvr.5HF1 is just not required. If you can, please describe the issues you're having and we will be happy to give you a hand. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  6. Eye of an eage, you're right! I just corrected it! There are NO additional addons required to get it look like that in Aerofly FS2!
  7. Totally screwed in P3d V4.5 Hotfix1 !!!!! Need an update or patch ASAP!
  8. Latest version, P3d V4.5 hot fix 1 A320 (latest version) ASP4 latest version cruise or climb doesnt matter.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I will just fly the plane during the day.
  11. Make a fresh install of P3D without any tweaks and your problem is gone.
  12. I only have this problem with the Airbus.
  13. with dome lights and Flood LT PED off: Looking at your 2nd screenshot: the knobs are way too bright. Typically the result of certain shader tweaks.
  14. Well, if they are off, the lights are off, or what do you expect?
  15. Your dome light is on and your integ light ped is half way on as well. What does it look like with those off.
  16. I suggest something is broken with your P3D installation or any other software changed (default) files.
  17. Habe mal ein bißchen herumprobiert. Es hat natürlich etwas mit dem Mesh zu tun. Ich habe den Mesh-Ordner der Scenery ganz unten im ini Ordner platziert, da darüber die Ortho4xp-Ordner liegen und ich diesen für Köln angezeigt haben möchte. In dieser Reihenfolge schweben die Personen der Scenery. Wenn ich den Mesh-Ordner über den Ortho-Ordner packe, dann werden die Personen korrekt angezeit, ich habe außerhalb der 1000 Quadratkilometer jedoch keine Fototapete mehr. Gibt es die Möglichkeit, dass beides klappt?
  18. This is with the dome and flood light ped on. With the dome and flood light ped off.
  19. They definitely work. Did you read the manuals how to turn on the lights? Show us a screenshot of what you (dont) see.
  20. The panels light don't work. The dome and the flood light for the PED work. The flood light for main panel, the integ light for the main and ped and the overhead integ light don't work. Any fix?
  21. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  22. Hi Mike, aktuell ist m.W. die 3.34 + RC2.18 Ahoj -Uwe
  23. Glad it’s working. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  24. I was just looking at the product page for LIMC/Milano Malpensa, and it says that optional SODE jetways are available from the developer at If you follow that link to David Rosenfeld's page, it shows a download link to the SODE jetways, and that gives a 404 file not found error. Are the SODE jetways still available somewhere for this addon? Regards Bob Scott
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