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  2. Disregard, I found the Gift Vouchers. Thanks!
  3. Just bought SimStarter NG and need some guidance on how to use my saved sceneries.cfg files with my newly created profiles in SimStarter. I already have about 10 scenery,cfg files such as Englandscenery, AUscenery, NZscenery etc. These are .cfg files and I use the scenery config editor to open the scenery, then save as scenery.cfg file. So far so good, except that depending on the region that I want to fly, I have to disable my add-on xml airports using the P3D v4.5 H2 add-on menu. It's become tiresome. I'd like to do it all using SimStarter. I see that there's a way to import a scenery.cfg and use it in the profile. What's the best way to do this? I was thinking of creating folders with region names, then dropping the .cfg file into the folder, then renaming the file to scenery.cfg. Or can I just choose the file name (ex. AUscenery.cfg) and SimStarter will save the file as scenery.cfg. It will not be a problem if I need to manually save all my saved .cfg to sceney.cfg. My hope is to open each scenery.cfg file, then disable the add-on xml airport that I will not use in the region, then save the profile with the region name, example: AUscenery. Then when I'm ready to fly in AU, press the profile. When I'm ready to fly in the USA, press the profile name. I'm not too concerned with P3D v4.5 settings because if I lower anything, it will more likely be, just AG to normal. I'm sure that I can also create a VFR or IFR profile and add it to my region. Thanks for your help. Jose
  4. Hey there. I want to buy a product as a gift for a friend. How might I achieve that? He has Aerosoft products (Airbus 320/321) and I would like to get them the 330 when it is released. Do you have gift cards or can I gift them the product (with the discount as they already have the 320)??? Thanks! Phil
  5. Anyone? Charts keep accumulating in the kneeboard...
  6. We can only guarantee support for the latest version of the Prepar3D. We cannot say for sure what happens if you use an old version of Prepar3D but you might run into some issues with old Prepar3D that we cannot provide support for. Client should be sufficient enough for an update.
  7. What happens if you don't update? I only have hotfix 1 And if i do have to update, do i just need to update the client.msi or everything else?
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  9. Nice to see Hawaiian Airlines being done, love that livery. I got the Airports already :).
  10. For anyone interested, I've got about 1 hour to talk about the A330 on the Main Meeting channel of our Discord server... even show things if you need/ask me too. I just ask that you have your Microphone turned on, I won't respond to texts today. Aerosoft Flight Sim Community Discord Link: https://discord.gg/WgK5vz7
  11. Tomorrow will be a long day to AS team involved on the 333. Just to wish good luck and all the best to the new baby. I'm looking forward to fly her. Cheers
  12. Working on cool effects... (Open it full screen for better visualization)
  13. That's right Tom! I know Turkish will be done. Even though I'm a "retired" painter now....I still paint planes I want to fly and of course share those paints with the community. I am NOT taking requests (since I'm retired)....but will monitor the liveries channel and if I see a livery request that I would occasionally fly (and not already painted by the TONS of great repainters out there), I'll paint it and post it for everyone to fly (who wants to of course). I've got started on a few I know I'll fly....here are a few shots of them getting pre-painted on the maps... Simmers....I would not worry about your favorite airline being painted...you may just have to be a little patient until all the painters get ramped up with the new model, texture maps and the fact we have PBR onboard now....that is another skill that has to be understood and accounted for on certain liveries.
  14. Hello I already try the preset for PFPX and PFPX don't see the A330 if someone can help me please
  15. What are your PC specs?
  16. Bitte installiere P3D4.5HF2 (ein Client update ist ausreichend) und aktualisiere den Airbus auf Version mittels des ASUpdater (experimental updates aktivieren).
  17. You need to update your P3Dv4.5 to hotfix 2. Just re-installing the client package is sufficient, no need to re-install all P3D packages.
  18. I have prepar3d v4.5.12.... etc. Can i use the a330 for it or will it crash?
  19. Chances are quite high that it will become available shortly after release as a community upload by one of the many talented repainters here. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/124-aerosoft-a330-professional-liveries/
  20. Hallo gerhardt, ok, mach das bitte. Die Entwickler sind dabei, die Sache zu prüfen. Und je mehr Infos sie haben umso besser... Sende bitte dort dann auch die SAM.log Datei aus dem SAM Ordner mit. Und auch die Log.txt aus dem installierten X-Plane 11 Ordner. Danke und Gruß Heinz
  21. Where is turkish airlines, like its Turkish Airlines which have the most a330!
  22. Tomorrow will be historic, no doubt about it! Hats off to Aerosoft for your paitance (with us, the bickering customers), comittment to the hobby, your talents and so much more!
  23. Ich nutze die P3dv4.5 Version,allerdings ohne den neuesten Hotfix. Die Airbus Version ist! Shader Tools nutze ich keine.Sehr komisch!
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