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  2. Thanks for the reply. As suggested, and as I've done before, I uninstalled and reinstalled both the 319 and 321 versions. Everything was fine - for a time. While I don't fly the Airbus all that often, today I opened the A321 CFM (Delta livery) in P3Dv4.4 (awaiting a fix to v4.5 before installing that version) and the error message appeared. This is strange because I know of no settings that have been changed. I'm using the Navigraph database but the current version is still current since the last install. Something is causing this error. While it's fixable through a reinstall something just isn't right?????
  3. Seems like there are some issues with loading the plane. 1) Load plane in C&D 2) MCDU3 init loadsheet 3) Load with GSX 4) Everything looks good, numbers check out 5 ) After push back and starting engines -> GW shows 47.9 tons -> The plane is suddenly empty. Is this a bug or is there some fancy way we are now supposed to load up the aircraft? It would be nice if the instant button on the load & fuel page actually forced the desired values if GSX/whatever flakes out.
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  5. Hi, I have updated the A320 to version but now the semiautomatic checklist dosent work...when I get to the pushback it tells me that GSX will go off the external power unit. But it doesn't do that. GSX asks me to unplug the external power unit and the checklist freezes without ever moving forward. After I turn on the APU to disconnect the external power unit, the MCD4 checklistg jump in autiomatic to START but without making any voice calls from the first officer.
  6. Hab es jetzt mit der ZIBO der Standard dem A319 und dem A330 getestet. Immer das gleiche. Echt seltsam zumal wenn ich an dem Airport starte alles gut ist stehe genau da wo ich soll. Nur das parken klappt irgendwie gar nicht.
  7. Hi there. I was fortunate to get to meet you guys in person at the Madrid Air Sim Meeting recently. You kindly gave me there a coupon code with a discount for a selection of products. Unfortunately I could not find which products are eligible. Is there any way I can find out? Thank you!
  8. Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir über einen You Tube Link den A 320 als ZIP Datei herruntergeladen und entpackt. Das Flugzeug wird auch in der Auswahlliste angezeigt und ich kann es öffnen. Um das Flugzeug zu fliegen, benötigt man einen kostenpflichtigen Code, wurde vorher LEIDER nicht gesagt. Ich möchte den Flieger jetzt wieder "entsorgen". Die Dateien bfinden sich im Ordner: Airkraft-Lamnar Research . Ein Uninstaller kann ich nicht finden. Wie kann ich den Flieger 100 % löschen? Einfach den Ordner 320_JADesing löschen?? herzlichen Dank Peter
  9. Thank you for your replies!!!!! They have been very useful to me.
    Hola, el enlace de descarga no funciona.
  10. Actualizo mi mensaje, sigue fallando con la versión 1.2, al cargar esta librea P3D v4.5 se sigue cerrando.
  11. Probiert mit der v0.9.7 einmal den x-updater. Dort keine Änderungen eingeben.... Ausser das Verzeichnis angeben, in dem der A320Ultimate v0.9.7 installiert UND aktiviert ist. Dann nur Betas anwählen.... Ich würde den aktiven A320 U v0.9.7 aber vorher irgendwo anders sichern. Gruß heinz
  12. Hola, a mi tampoco me funciona la versión 1.1, uso P3D V4.5 y al cargar esta librea el simulador se cierra.
  13. As CuzIm_Tom and others already suggest, I would be also very happy about a possible Eurowings repaint. 🙂
  14. Something Green for Spring...but it's not the airplane! Somewhere over Switzerland after departure from Saanen(LSGK). After departure from Monttpellier France Entering the Italian Alps Virgina contryside after Dulles departure. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  15. wow and I already get bored as hell on those flights to Aqaba or the Canaries. No thanks, I'll stay on shorthaul
  16. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Here is the photo of the plane flying NON STOP for 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes, and 5 seconds. That is how long the Cessna 172 flew without landing from December 1958 to February 1959. The two pilots refueled from a truck and slept in shifts on a single mattress. Do any of you want to break this record in real life or on FSX? Regards, Aharon
  17. Thanks. This has been my experience of the repaints in the pro forum. Well that's crazy then, why wouldn't they? And then there are repaints that say compatible with pro, or updated for pro but manual install only... And that's fine, i can manage manual install. But it seems to be hit and miss. So you have a repaint, the installer doesn't want it, you manually install and it wont show, you make the edit and it wont show, but does in the livery manager, so you change the model and you get alpha textures only, so you try the other model and by now, you have 7 txt files open, the sim open, 3 folders open, you don't know what your name is any more and you have made a complete mess inside your install! haha. I need coffee.
  18. As said, the shopsystem doesnt allow it and as it come not from Aerosoft, it will not be changed in the foreseeable future.
  19. Of course I understand that but I have still no idea why there is no simply button to unclick the sale % and add the 50% from the upgrade service to the normal, not sale price or anything like that. Makes absolutely no sense for me. Now I have to wait until the sale is over although I could get the upgrade price. Not really customer friendly in my view.
  20. The Livery Manager works very well except in the following cases: - people use old repaints not being (100%) compatibel with the current aircraft version - painters do not follow the guidelines given by Aerosoft, so that they have a package which can be used by the Livery Manager. So you have to ask the Painter we he doesnt stick to the rules.
  21. As Otto said, the shop does not support a combination of different discounts. Just wait until the sale is over, then you can use your key again for the upgrade.
  22. Got this one " Airbus A31x/32x " Why is it not possible to remove the sale % and add the % of the upgrade service?! It's just senseless. I'm sure I'm not the first having this problem.
  23. Unfortunately the shop system does not allow the combination of various discounts. So you simply have to wait until the Sale is over. BTW which version of the Airbus exactly do you own. The very very old Airbus X does not apply for an upgrade: - Airbus X -> no upgrade - Airbus X Extended -> no upgrade - Airbus A31x/32x -> upgrade possible
  24. Hi there, I would love to have a Easyjet fleet but I have only found 10 liveries tops.I don't know if anyone could help me out here. I would love to do it myself but I have no clue about doing repaints. Thanks Rob
  25. Ich finde Deinen Einsatz und die Offenheit mit uns zu teilen auch klasse, benutze aber (immer mal wieder wechselnd) FL95, PlanG, VfrFlight oder LittleNavMap, welche allesamt kostenlos erhältlich sind. Danke dennoch, viele Grüße und viel Freude beim Flugsimmen!
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