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  2. I think you missed part of my post, would you be so kind to read it again?
  3. True... we could just set a date and release two weeks later. It would make our sales and marketing department happy. I am just glad that my boss allows me to explain things to customers and get the product out to customers when we agree it it ready.
  4. What about including both sound packs and letting uses select which ones they want to use via the config tool ? that way everyone will be happy i guess
  5. Heidelberg = schlichtweg grandios!! Danke und gute Nacht Wolfgang
  6. But how is it possible to have a release date since a longer Periode and than suddenly on release Day you have to finish ore work on things. How do you guys give a fix release Date if you know you still have to work things out. I mean in a good working Management cycle you have to make a project schedule and plan in buffer times for unexpected problems and if everything is done and ready you can give a precise release date. At least thats what my Boss and customers excpect from me. Apart from this I'm looking forward to the release of this High End Addon and highly anticipate to get this thing on my sim.
  7. You re right. A RW pilot never see his plane air-to-air. But he see the plane on every outside-check
  8. That's not really the point - and I'm sorry for jumping in. Aerosoft is modelling the sounds environment after what the pilot/occupants can hear and experience in from the cockpit - not in seat 24A. This has actually been discussed, asked, debated and answered multiple times over the years... all with the same results. Insanity is defined as doing the same action over and over, and expecting different results...
  9. Wunschkonzert? 🙂 Hohenzollern bitte
  10. Tbh, I never pay much attention to where the vehicles spawn. The don't take the real world routes anyway, some are more accurate, some are just using the taxiways... Out of curiosity I followed the GSX passenger bus once at LIPX, and it drove to what seemed like a industrial cargo area behind the fire brigade, but usually it's fine for me if they just show up. But in the above case it just looked very strange when I saw the vehicles drove down far away on the other side of the airfield. Plus the busses and the baggage trucks drove right across the active runway where AI was taking off etc.... So that's the only case where I actually wish they could spawn somewhere at the main terminal....
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  15. Memberss 0 1 post Beitrag Melden Geschrieben vor 1 hour Hallo , wo finde ich eine Beschreibung über diesen Punkt. Speziell dazu das ich dort nicht eine IP Nummer sondern einen Namen, eintragen kann, damit auch bei einer änderung der IP-Nummer alles läuft. Ich kann dort zwar einen Namen eintragen der wird aber nicht aufgelöst. Besten Dank
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  19. Was noch fehlt, ist im FMC - entweder den Start-Flughafen einzugeben und dann die Position zu ĂĽbernehmen, - oder von der 2. FMC-Seite die aktuelle GPS-Position zu ĂĽbernehmen.
  20. Heidelberg? Bitte schön: Die Spargelhochhäuser sind falsche Einträge in OSM bei Höhe oder Anzahl Etagen, in Chemnitz hatte einer die Hausnummer 46 bei Etagenanzahl eingetragen. Das muss halt in OSM korrigiert werden, damit das beim nächsten Update wieder passt (zu spät für die 3.1). Es wird ja alles automatisch aus OSM erzeugt.
  21. What is so wrong if some people get a few "passenger things" just for joy and just to leave the cockpit to some areas of the flight where a real pilot maybe wouldn't go to? I mean that's what I enjoy in a simulator: Good systems AND a very nice look. And that's why people like me don't hesitate to pay more money for a very good airplane that can do BOTH, such as the Aerosoft CRJ, the Airbus (most probably), the PMDG planes, the Majestic Q400,.... and so on. I personally fly aircraft in a simulator, because I'm interested in the airplane itself or in aviation in general, not because I like to copy the exact lift of a RL pilot. So I just love to step out of such an airplane in CRZ flight and watch it from different angles in mid-air in sunset over beautiful landscape and enjoy how beautiful the airplane looks - EVEN THOUGH I went through the checklists and did things more "seriously" before takeoff. And I think I'm not the only one in this community. Is that attitude really so bad, that... ?? I don't think so. So, whoever wants to turn off the sounds can do that. And whoever wants not to leave the cockpit at any time of the flight might do so, but at least I'm happy with "no-headphones"-sounds, wing views and an awsome model. Or why else has Stefan posted all those beautiful air-to-air screenshots that a RW pilot would never see like that?!
  22. Hallo Marcel, Danke. Ich habe es ausprobiert. Hat bei mir auch funktioniert. Peter
  23. I'll talk to Umberto. If there is a way we can tell him where a passenger bus should spawn from we we might be able to assist. For sure it has to be something specific for GSX because the sim has no definition what building is what on a airport (apart from the tower). Is there any other scenery where the busses spawn at the right exit of a terminal? I never seen it.
  24. Lockheed bought our aircraft and it is part of the default aircrafts now. They even improved it!
  25. It is an ever increasing issue where high-end users who do understand that you do not hear the main gear in an A380 cockpit are juxtaposed to less experienced users who extrapolate their own experience in the cabin combined with YT videos onto add-ons. There is no way you can placate both these customers in the same product. We will always try to get things as much as possible as the crews experiences it. But not to the point where 25% of customers does not understand why they do not hear the engines. Not to the point where we get hundreds of support calls asking for the barking dog and flaps to be heard on the flight deck. It goes way beyond sound. Every pilot will tell you that after a 5 hour flight the flightdeck is as least as messy as the cabin is. Yesterday I got an image from an xxxx A330 flight where the flight deck looked like a McDonalds (that's not a great compliment to your catering department). Burger wrappers, small ketchup things and giant cokes everywhere. That's a real cockpit. Many pilots have high end cameras somewhere, they all have smartphones in sight and many these days have e-readers. They are not robots, they are humans. Almost like you and me. They are on the flight deck for hours upon hours. it's where they work. And yet, in almost every add-on the flight deck is a sterile environment. No bits of paper (even thought before taxi there are at least 6 bits of paper visible in EVERY cockpit, stuck between levers or under clips), no trash bags, no toys on the way to their kids that they HAVE to show to the others... They drink coffee, read a newspaper, have a croissant (and we all know you can only eat half of those, the rest ends up on your shirt and the ground), talk about their gardens and boy/girl friends. We really try to change that idea. We have hundreds of photos our friends made of the flight deck as it is used. And we implemented a tiny fraction of that. A cup of coffee.... and even that caused massive reprisal from people who believed that has nothing to do with flight simming or realism. When we say flying an A320 on your own is simply illegal and that crew coordination is major part of their training, they claim they are more than capable of doing the job of two highly trained professionals on their own. I am just not sure what they are simulating.
  26. Aloha! Da ich im Moment mal wieder nur den Stick statt Yoke montiert habe, ist auch die Auswahl der Fluggeräte etwas begrenzt. Dabei bin ich aber endlich mal dazu gekommen, ein paar ungeflogene Teile aus dem Hangar zu holen und endlich in die Luft zu schicken. Das Harrier-Video ist etwas lang geworden, aber TrueEarth GB macht schon Spass beim Überflug... Aufnahmen mit OBS Studio, Schnitt mit Pinnacle X-Trident's AV-8 mit TrueEarth GB und SkyMAXX Pro https://youtu.be/HTSZUHePaSY Nimbus' Bell UH-1 Huey irgendwo bei Toronto https://youtu.be/mRBBC0L0TMw safe landings Lem
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