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  2. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  3. We did re-code the entire ND for the A330 to support separate ND displays without sacrificing on performance. So it's different code to render lines on the A320 and A330 and that is probably why it's working on the A320 and not on the A330.
  4. Dear Hans ! The hint that the checklist.xml file is blocked against overwriting was useful. I checked the properties of the file with the file explorer and I noticed that the file was marked for "read only". After unchecking this the update with the Aerosoft Updater worked well. Maybe this is useful for others with the same problem. Many thanks for the advice. gwdoc
  5. I've had similar issues, I had parked the plane, but was thinking about doing the updates and then trying to refly it. Having managed Platform development I know how difficult some of these SW/Client issues can be, but until a root cause is found and corrected and tested it's just a crapshoot to try flying it.
  6. Hi Secondator, Thanks for the reply and explanation. However, I am confused (a not unnatural state of affairs!). I do not have this issue with the Baby Buses - the range rings and dashed course line is there with 8xSSGS. Why then, would they not show on the A330 display? Anyway, I changed via Nvidia Inspector from 8xSSGS to 8xSupersampling and the range rings now display on the A330 MFD. Regards, Scott
  7. OK, Version is available now and can deal with broken aircraft.cfgs like the one posted above. Please try and report if everything's OK for you now.
  8. The first photo: 49°11'21.8"N 20°14'03.0"E (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Skalnat%C3%A9+pleso+Observatory/@49.1893763,20.2326972,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x473e2189e921ddcf:0xa703ce02d78317ac!8m2!3d49.189347!4d20.2341771) The second photo: 49°07'41.8"N 20°03'19.4"E (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Skokansk%C3%A9+most%C3%ADky/@49.1248336,20.0557251,16z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x473e27819807e8f9:0x2bde7e92fd5e99f1!2zxaB0cmJza8OpIFBsZXNvLCAwNTkgODUgVnlzb2vDqSBUYXRyeS3FoHRyYnNrw6kgUGxlc28sIFNsb3Zha2lh!3b1!8m2!3d49.1193882!4d20.0630115!3m4!1s0x471589d1543fb97b:0xbf86b404c532cf68!8m2!3d49.1282879!4d20.0553837)
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  10. I have now tried to fly EHAM EIDW 3 times now. Each time during the climb the throttle appears to go to A/floor TOGA Lock for no reason. Then it climbs until it stalls. Disconnect AP does not seem to disconnect, and has to be done few times. Also A/THR does not disconnect correctly. The last time I flew this I was ready to see what happened. I was on a normal climb from rwy 24 about 15 miles from BERGI. Just passed FL180. Attached picture from just after the problems. Software used P3D 4,5 + HF A330 V updated today Active sky P3D AS Cloud art Chase Plane Aivlasof EFB Spad next Linda SIm Server HW I7 8700k 4.3 Ghz Nvidia 1060 Hneycomb Alpha Yoke VRsim MCP 2 I have had numerous similar problems over the past month. I dare not fly on-line with this aircraft so I am leaving it in the hanger until the next major update. Frank Darbyshire
  11. This aircraft.cfg contains an invalid line in [fltsim.31] "Aerosoft A333 professional Shamrock St Sillan": description = Airbus A330 - 300 / Aer Lingus EI-EIM \nwww.aerosoft.com \nRepaint by Nicolas Nectoux (https://www.facebook.com/NNiSimulations/)\n\n There's a hard return before "(https" which is not allowed in .ini files (aircraft.cfg is just a .ini file). It's likely that it already was like this when you downloaded the livery. I'm going to add a workaround which ignores lines which don't match the format "xxxx=yyyy". This should help avoiding problems with messy aircraft.cfgs like this one.
  12. Sir, This topic is already covered extensively here in the forums. Two of the posts are linked below. Best wishes!
  13. We have talked this between developers. The issue lies in Sparse-Grid Supersampling (SSGS) anti-aliasing setting being so powerful that on dashed lines the anti-aliasing makes lines disappear. There is no "easy" solution to this other than making the lines bolder. This however means that anyone not using the SSGS setting will have unrealistically bold lines on their ND. Since we believe majority of users don't use the SSGS setting, it is not really a viable solution that we can apply. Unless we can come up with another solution to this issue at some point, I cannot see this getting solved unfortunately anytime in the near future. However we will keep looking if we can find a way to get it sorted at some point. Solution right now is not to use SSGS setting. I know for people loving the SSGS this might not be a preferred solution, but right now there is no other method to "fix" this issue.
  14. most people nowadays have chase-plane i however dont and therefore cant have wing views for the a330 is there anyway i can get wing views without chase plane
  15. I've been having autopilot/control issues since the 330 was released. I feel your pain, I've killed numerous flights also. Just hopeful some day it gets fixed.
  16. Hi Dave, Thank you! Regards, Scott
  17. Well, this means that the updater can't overwrite the checklist.xml file. Either P3D is still running or the file is open somewhere else (text editor for example) so it can't be overwritten.
  18. would that be the issues that was causing p3d to crash or is that something else
  19. Hallo, Bei der Szenerie funktioniert die Ground-Frequenz vom ATC nicht. Ich erhalte vom ATC keine Anweisungen. Installiert ist mittlerweile Danke für Abhilfe.
  20. If possible I'd love to see a video of this. That would help us nail this down. Off the top of my head, I'm wondering if this is trim related.
  21. Hi Don: The original 330 release contained the livery manager for the 318/19. Aerosoft stated that this was done as the 330's is not finished, and the 318/19 was included as a type of placeholder until it was ready. So, manual installation of liveries until it is ready. I noticed the dates on my files were all identical for all three versions even after the updater crashed on the 320/21 installation, so the updater did seem to work. - Roger
  22. A333 cfg attached. aircraft.cfg This is what happens when I try to update. First time I've ever had this issue since I owned the busses. CRASH.txt
  23. Hallo, ich habe die DVD Version von Approaching Innsbruck, habe mir die aktuelle Version hier bei Aerosoft mit dem Key runtergeladen. Installiert aber ich sehe es nicht in FSX:SE es ist nicht im Addon Ordner sondern im Aerosoft Ordner. Wie installiere ich das richtig? Danke Olli
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