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Repaint requests (A330)

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Hi first of alI thank you for making the South African Airways livery that was requested. I would like to request the following liveries for the a330: British Airways(fictional) Rwandair, Pan Am(fictional), American Airlines(OC), Korean Air and Eva Air..



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Anybody fancy doing some of the MRTT schemes please? I know the exact model isn't available but they'd still be lovely


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Requesting and updated version of the Edelweiss Livery.


New Livery out of Paint Shop


Old Livery as in the Addon-delivery version


The Edelweiss livery which is delivered with the aircraft itself by Aerosoft is outdated. (HB-JHQ rolled out of paint shop with new livery on 1st June 2018 if I remember correct.)



In my eyes, the new one is much better.

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