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  1. Any chance that you guys will update your Sacramento scenery to work in 4.5??
  2. happened again at 38,000 ft kinda irritating. Please fix...This never happened before I did the latest update.
  3. Repaint request Hawaiian Airlines N361HA COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please read the first post in this topic!
  4. This happened to me mid flight at 37000 I just lost all power. A320 Professional. Nothing worked to get power back on. Ended the flight .
  5. I just received a link to their private server. And downloaded it in seconds. So..kinda weird.
  6. tyried a different browser, or rather had to download a different browser in seconds no problem. And the same thing happened. Also I went into and downloaded topcat no issue at all.
  7. Thats exactly where I tried downloading it from it starts out great then goes to 16 days to timeout
  8. Hi I keep receiving network errors when trying to download the installer or it says 10 days to finish . The installer keeps timing out. Im almost ready to ask for a refund if I cant install it. My internet is fine here I have no problems downloading other items from Aerosoft. But this is silly.
  9. The Aerosoft A32xx professional is horrible! We paid good money for the software I feel kinda ripped off.
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