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  1. Hello, We rely so much on navigation systems but what would the real world procedure be in the following scenario? Full Electrical Failure with just your engines running (No Comm Radios, Nav Radios, MCDU, No RAT, I mean nothing at all). I know it's astronomically impossible but lets just assume for this scenario. Full IFR conditions with no ground visibility. An airbus pilot does not carry VFR charts so pilotage is not an option. Would an airbus pilot use Dead Reckoning with data from the Nav Log to find their way? Thank you
  2. Hello, Has this been fixed in the latest update? Thank you
  3. Hello, When I roll past 33 degrees the A320/A321 does not attempt to return back to 33 degrees. I can even roll to the 67 degree marker and it will stay there. Joystick is working fine with no spikes Aileron is neutral while in the turn; no sign of deflection in the opposite direction by the FBW All axis assigned in P3d; No axis assigned in FSUIPC. FPS are above 18 Using Version Pitch and alpha protection work fine. ActiveSky is off so no weather Using A320 & A321; effects both versions. Thank you
  4. Aircraft is always on speed within the magenta bracket. The dive is exaggerated at greater than +4000FPM. The green ball is all over the place but the altitudes in MCDU are correct. I will try again without weather and a few other things later on. BTW Nav data is also current but I did update it before running the A321 for the first time, maybe that effected it somehow, don't know. I use a cost index of 30.
  5. My descent ball bounces at each waypoint. Once I reach a waypoint the ball starts back on top and dives while the aircraft pitches down to chase it at high rate. I noticed the ball is green instead of the magenta we see IRL, does that have anything to do with it? If not, anything else we can try?
  6. Below are two of my latest routes when it happened. It dived steeply on initial descent and stabilized after the last altitude contraint was met. One constraint was manually entered on the HILEY7 for Milsy at 280 and 16,000. Descent was in managed mode with no speed brakes deployed or overspeed. MCDU Winds were entered from ASP4 but also happens with no winds imported. Weather was clear with no joystick or null zone issues when hand flying. A321 - FL340 - CI 30 KLGA to KMIA RWY 31 - WHITE J209 SBY KEMPR DIW AR22 JORAY HILEY7 to RWY 12 A321 - FL210 - CI 30 KDCA to KLGA RWY 01 - DOCTR4 AGARD KORRY4 to DIALS for RWY 31 Visual Thank you
  7. I show the same with the high descent rate and have to fly the STAR in vertical speed mode. It happens on every STAR I fly and the altitude restrictions are properly entered. It's diving to chase the green dot at +5000FPM. I remember we had the same issue on the old FSX version a long time ago and it was fixed. Anyone else out there experiencing this on the A318/A319 or A320/A321? Thank you
  8. Hello, I have been searching everywhere for this American paint .Does anyone have it? American Airlines A320 IAE-Sharklets Thank you
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