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  1. I think that's this point is enough for divide pilots from players
  2. is possible (if someone don't make the question till now) to know with what livery the CRJ will be relese?
  3. like all plane do until the autothrust will be developed: using charts table to set constant thrust in terms of N1, EPR, etc for have a constant mach speed cruise (in accord with other data like altitude, weights and temperature for example). On regional like CRJ, due the short flight, this thing will be much easier done than to said, and reliable for the plane and airline. On other plane for long haul (747-200, L-1011 and more)....well, need the third deck member: flight engineer.
  4. have in mind to plan any kind of "giveway" for the release of CRJ on MSFS2020 platform? This bird will be the first complete and complex addon 3rd part airplane for MSFS2020
  5. this year I hope that Santa's sleigh will be tugget by eight CRJ instead eight reindeer....
  6. any chance to see it in MSFS2020? this platform is full of glass cockpit; a good analogic will be really appreciated!
  7. awesome! btw, I suppose that the work for adapt the EFB in MSFS2020 will be arduous
  8. stunning...a perfect revenge for dear CRJ....it take 6 years for come out for P3D and now will be the first for new MSFS.
  9. any news about CPDLC progress? Also Report Position will be working?
  10. then with Mode 2 of TCA the new option on configurator is not needed to be ticked
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