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  1. generale84

    Next update?

    in V/S mode, without an A/THR moreover, you can stall your bird very easy if not provide a continuous correction of rate during climb....IAS mode reduce pitch if speed when you loose speed during climb
  2. generale84

    Next update?

    climb using V/S in manual is really dangerous in real life....
  3. generale84

    Bologna X - missing dynamic lights

    thank you very much..! waiting for news.
  4. generale84

    Bologna X - missing dynamic lights

    thank you for your answer...v1.06? but last vesion is 1.05 or I miss somethings?
  5. generale84

    Bologna X - missing dynamic lights

    no one can help?
  6. Hi, Bologna X v1.05 on P3Dv4.3 have missing dynamic lights. Any suggestion?
  7. Seem that galley/internal textures are missing
  8. generale84

    Tomatoshade Reflection Profile

    I know but the effects added with this kind of software (like PTA,etc) are stunning on P3D.
  9. generale84

    Tomatoshade Reflection Profile

    Hi anyone have tomatoshade reflection profile for DC-8?
  10. generale84

    GPU Bottleneck

    hi. yes a 970 witth 8700k is a need a 1070/1080 to stay well.
  11. generale84

    About INS

    thank you so much!
  12. generale84

    About INS

    Hi We know that INS have 9 recordable waypoints. My question is, when approaching the n°9 WYPT if I re-inser on WYPT n°1 a new waypoint, after 9 it flight again to the "new" 1 WYPT? I know that a DC-8 tool could be use manage more of 15 waypoint but I want to do this in more realistic mode.
  13. generale84

    Load Manager : using KG

    ok. thank you
  14. generale84

    Load Manager : using KG

    Hi is possible to change units in Load Manager to KG?