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  1. then with Mode 2 of TCA the new option on configurator is not needed to be ticked
  2. button 17 will be assigned to two type of function? is possibile?
  3. I never understand why LM push out v5 with al this issue
  4. I've wing white trail on taxy
  5. sorry, but Trueglass will be also disable via internal menu of P3D, right? or we have to turn off the dll?
  6. LM seem release hf2 in a couple of week. maybe help also 330. Actually CTD is sure everytime despite have a good vram use (3.2 on Essa Orbx)
  7. fresh first install and no issue for me. On ORBX Essa during thunderstorm with EA 4.5/5.0 Vram with a limit of 6.7 (1070 8gb) and 29 fps (locked 30). Seem pretty good.
  8. 🤔 I dont remember that installer said it on v4
  9. also A330 will be installed outside the sim like all update scenery for V5 during installation setup?
  10. this mean that busse for v5 will be release after LM fix the wind issue?
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