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  1. I try a second reistall and seem the problem is solved in my case
  2. Oh yes! 2D is like AS EDDK. That's only a GoogleMap old data Case Closed šŸ˜Ž
  3. Seem 2019 Google Data, but also some Image data from 2009 (GeoBasis)
  4. but from googlemap seem that all have jetways...
  5. Hi after install SODE update for EDDK some jetways disappear: any ideas?
  6. Also me the same...when reach CRZ the speed IAS/MACH drop in Managed mode...seem like drop to approach speed.
  7. confirm also for me with v1.2.3.1 stuck MCDUs when use Print All*
  8. sure, but constant improving of systems reduce the impact of the "human factor" that generate many fatal accidenta in the aviaton. Then a IAS Holder reduce the load work of pilots meanwhile reduce the possibility of a stall...
  9. in V/S mode, without an A/THR moreover, you can stall your bird very easy if not provide a continuous correction of rate during climb....IAS mode reduce pitch if speed when you loose speed during climb
  10. climb using V/S in manual is really dangerous in real life....
  11. thank you for your answer...v1.06? but last vesion is 1.05 or I miss somethings?
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