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  1. hi Vatsim inform users that 4th april will be set up Cross The Pond Event. Maybe I hope to have CPDLC working on 330? Will be a real help to this kind of flight! thanks anyway for all!
  2. hi to all. usually during winter operation we need to do anti icing before takeoff. That's a SOP procedure during winter in ice conditions. Well, basically we need to turn off ENG bleed, APU air and arm Ditching switch under safeguard for seal the plane during operation. Bleed and Apu could be turner off (also need Pressurization be in AUTO but anyways MAN is not modelled yet and I overfly about it) but Ditching switch is not modelled. Is planned ti make alive also it?
  3. good....Circling for 33 is waiting for us
  4. Please, A330-300 RR Air Transat will be very appreciated. thanks a lot!
  5. I set Seat Belt OFF after 8.000 ft; automatic check list at FL200 try to do what you explain, but find switch off and going stuck I suppose
  6. please Mathijs share this, I'm pretty sure that the solution is tho be careful with coma. this will be add to instruction of A330.
  7. WOW CONFIRM WORK LIKE A CHARM FOR ME !!!! final solution is a damned coma.....
  8. Hi checklist on 330 maybe stick on OFF command about Seat Bealt after takeoff. Impossible to reset or turn it off (DELAY OFF also stuck)
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