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  1. Thanks Otto, now everything works. thank you for your quick help, highly appreciated
  2. thanks, I've checked, no they are not in the folder
  3. Hi Otto Thanks for your answer, where can I find these files? Massimo
  4. Hi Aerosoft Team After updating the A330 to v1.04, I have following issue below Any idea why? and also it takes so long to load the aircraft thanks for the support Massimo
  5. same here with P3D4.5 - it crashes when I click print (A330 update installed)
  6. Thanks, for example on the FsLabs it works perfectly but with the AS330 it does not. Is there something that I have to check first? configuartion?
  7. Hey Mathijs Hope you are doing well and stay healthy! just a quick question regarding the upcoming version for P3Dv5? are they some updates on the A330 or is the biggest update the compatibilation for P3DV5? thanks brgds Massimo
  8. Thanks @masterhawk This picture below is from a DL A330-300 and it show's the NAT Tracks different like N59W020 instead of N5920. Maybe it depends on a software version or someting like that.
  9. thanks Mathijs for your fast answer. In that case I'll wait until you have further information. stay healthy and take care! brgds Massimo
  10. Hi Bob Was you able to find out something regarding the bug? brgds, Massimo
  11. thanks for your answer Bob If you need some pictures or more information let me know - Massimo
  12. Any answer maybe regarding my question? 🙂
  13. Why the does the A330 can only show 4450N instead of 44N050W?
  14. Is someone able to paint the Swiss A330-300 / HB-JHD? https://www.airliners.net/photo/Swiss-International-Air-Lines/Airbus-A330-343/5696329?qsp=eJwtjLEKwkAQBf9lay1EsEhnsAg2WvgDy%2B1Dg9E7dhfiEfLvrofdMAOzUMpvx8dvtYA6MrCmB22osPLLqFvoiTpnlWAa%2Bu15OEW1rN7XMMKOY0ooDvn7iwr0l2Cpje4x3gVAr41pfwgvo5WJ2wPO40Tr%2BgURbi4o
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