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  1. Could you make a folder/library of the files? Downloading single files could lead to problems... ­čśĽ
  2. Requesting and updated version of the Edelweiss Livery. New Livery out of Paint Shop Old Livery as in the Addon-delivery version The Edelweiss livery which is delivered with the aircraft itself by Aerosoft is outdated. (HB-JHQ rolled out of paint shop with new livery on 1st June 2018 if I remember correct.) In my eyes, the new one is much better.
  3. Hello Mathijs This topic is more than one year old, but I haven't heard anything (just did a short search for "LSZH" in the forums). Are there any news? Sorry, but the AFCAD is really outdated by now... (See first post in this topic) "New Rapid exit taxiways are currently under construction to Runway 28 between the Runway crossing (16/34 and 28/10) and the end of the runway. " Those taxiways are finished and in use. Also the new baggage sorter has progressed quite far in the meantime.
  4. Hi Mathijs! I wish you all a pleasant 2019! Did you get any news on this? Today I just found another problem with the v2.0 scenery: On the B gates, the jetways are positioned in a way which generates some problems while using those stands. Right now I have the problems with the southern B gates (B32, 34, 36,38). With the positions of the gates like they are now, a correct usage of B32,34 and 36 is not possible. Reason: The two jetways on B32/34 are in a strange position. If a heavy aircraft is parked on 34 (32 too small and therefore 34 in use), 36 can not be used. In order not to block the stand center line of 34, the jetways have to be repositioned. Both jetways are then in a relativelly left position (position 1, compare with google maps) If three medium aircraft are parked on 32,36,38 the jetways on 32/34 are positioned on position 2 (right position, blocking 34, but allowing use of 32). If the jetways are NOT in this position, 36 could be used, but with caution. BUT: The jetways of 34/32 have to be fully retracted and not like it is in the scenery right now, nearly parallel to the center line of 32/34...
  5. Theoretically I could give inside information including push back and aircraft restrictions to the Golf stands, as I am a ground handler at Zurich. But I am not allowed to do so without company and airport permission. While this information is not extremely classified or so, the rules forbid it. For detailed information, I recommend to contact the airport directly. Those two remote stands are the W41 and W42 which I mentioned before ;-) Update: I just noticed other changes between the v2 and the real world: - in the maintenance area, the protective walls behind the big noice cancellation hall, have been remove since a while now. - on the Charlie stands, there have been ground power supplies added. They can be adapted to the aircraft position by moving the arms out. Also some equipment parkings have been added. (You can see them on google maps.) ;-)
  6. Hi there. Is there any update planned in the close future for Zurich? Since the release of v2 several changes have been made, or are ongoing, in real life. I know, it is not possible to keep the high number of sceneries exactly up to date after every small change, but currently there are several crucial changes going on at Zurich airport which have an impact (positive and negative) on the airport operation. The list below is not complete, as there are still many changes planed in the relatively close future. This mainly will also include the planned taxiway around the threshold of Rwy 28 to Rwy 14/32, which will result in a removal of several buildings and construction of the taxiways and more. Also there are plans going on on building a new tower and terminal A, but I haven't seen public available plans now. Besides the list below, I request a possibility to disable to static carts on gates where an overlapping of stands is available. This means especially complete terminal B, E and the southern part of terminal A. On the open stands this should be possible on all stands, as an overlapping is always possible. Why? As a ground handler (real life) and pilot/ATCO on VATSIM, I can tell you that sometimes it is required to place aircraft differently. Example: I want to place a widebody on B35, but there are carts between the stands B37 and B33. (Right now I am not completely sure if this is one of those gates, but is likely to.) Parking on carts is really not nice.. ;-) Changes in real life till today (since v2): Stands: - Golf (G) Stands added (just westwards/next to Werft 3) --> 11 to 14 on eastern side, 1 to 6 on western side of the taxiway. Taxiway leading into the Golf stands is taxiway Echo (E). They have just been taken into operation. (05, 06 and 13,14 will be in the next two to three weeks, as they still require approval.) - Delta Stands have been modified slightly: Jetblast fence between Delta 6 and Taxiway Echo have been removed in order to allow straight out taxi. -Whisky Stands have been "upgraded": W41 and W42 have been added between GAC Sector 7 and taxiway Lima. - Alpha Stands have been modified. Most widebody stands have been removed. On the north side this belongs to: A43, A45. A47, A51, A53, A55, On the south Side this belongs to A50. The signs on the terminal wall have been removed/covered with dark gray paint or place holders (I can't tell it from the ground...) - India Stands have been modified. Since the Avros are not used anymore by SWISS, the India Stands with the numbering of 90 and higher have all been removed and only the Stands India 01 to 05 are available. The Equipment parking between I 02 and I 03 has slightly been adapted to the needs. - Foxtrot Stands: The stands west of F72 (so: F70, F71 and F61, F62) and the "straight" parkings have been removed. (only 72 to 75 available now) Also the Taxiway Y has been shifted. --> More about it later. Taxiways: - Taxiway E has been extended into the Golf stands (as mentioned before). - Taxiway R has been extended in order to access the W41 and W42 and was connected to taxiway Lima. - Taxiway Y was shifted. The western connection to taxiway Alpha was shifted eastwards after the F-stand removal and an GSE area was generated on the now available space. - New Rapid exit taxiways are currently under construction to Runway 28 between the Runway crossing (16/34 and 28/10) and the end of the runway. Buildings: - "The Circle" at Zurich airport is currently being built. Old buildings in its place have been removed. This includes everything on the eastern/inner side of the circular public access road at the airport. - Some buildings between the baggage sorting building and the check-in 1 have been torn down and a new extension to the baggage sorting is under construction.
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