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  1. hi, I have a strange issue with the a330. When I do start pushback with GSX nose left/right, the nose starts pumping like the car of snoopdog. Brakes are released, no wheel chocks or whatever. And then once pushbacks done I have « delay To, brakes hot » indication. What’s going on ? Any Idea ? All my software are up to date. P3Dv4.5 HF2, A330 whatever but the last one). Intelcore i7 9700k, gtx 1070 oc 8gb, 32gb ram (4x8) 3000mhz,... this issue happens 2 times I flew like 5 time (five pushback) with the A330. Before the issue all steps of gsx integration where followed. IMG_3550.MOV
  2. I posted it again because I forgot to make the distinction of choice, I added “or” between the link’s. 3 liveries is to much one should be enough for the beginning, sorry about that
  3. Hello, Turkish Airlines A330-343 RR please. - TC-JNJ - TC-LOE - TC-JNL thank you guys
  4. Hi, can we please have some Turkish Airlines liveries as it’s the biggest A330 operator TC-JNJ: TC-LOB: TC-LOG:
  5. @DaveCT2003 Please watch sec. 40’’ of the video, I know it’s a A320 but no difference the sound is almost the same. Moderator Edit: Video deleted due to lack of copyright assurance and irrelevant as noted by Mathijs just below.
  6. I will send what I mean via video. I am not blaming the button sound that is fine, I just mean when an Airbus is powered up there is a power on sound on many systems and it gives an authentic electrical/ventilation sound
  7. @DaveCT2003 I respect what you did, I am absolutely not judging your stream and your way to fly we are almost all amateur. I just asked a question to Mr. Kok, and I didn’t listen well the audio I admit I was busy. Keep doing everything is fine.
  8. I just noticed that he was on vertical speed +2400. Not usual
  9. Hello, Very exited about the A330, waiting for the release impatiently. I saw today the stream on twitch and I was surprised when the FMA indicated A.FLOOR at about FL280, suddenly lost speed. Is the reason known Mathijs ?
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