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  1. 1) After purchase you can update all your add-ons until a new AIRAC cycle is getting released. NavDataPro keeps backups of downloaded data. So even after a new AIRAC cycle becomes you can still update your add-ons with your purchased data (for example if you reinstall an add-on). Important: after a newsletter AIRAC cycle becomes available you can not update add-ons which you haven't already updated before during the validity period of the purchased AIRAC cycle. At any time you can purchase a newer dataset (i.e. AIRAC cycle) if needed. 2) A single dataset isn't not a subscription. As long as the purchased dataset hasn't been replaced by a newer one (after 28 days latest) you can update all your add-ons (the ones you had already updated before and news ones. After your purchased dataset becomes invalid you can only re-update add-ons you had already updated before. In this case the data will be taken from a local backup from the machine. Add-ons you haven't updated before (i.e. for which no local backup data is available) can't be updated anymore.
  2. Something on your system is blocking the AS Updater to connect to its server. Please disable your Windows Firewall and Anti Virus Software and try again.
  3. This is not a benchmark/performance issue but an issue with missing functionality in the CPU which is used by the Microsoft DRM system. There are only two things you can do at the moment: - update your CPU - or - - don't use the marketplace version of the CRJ but the Aerosoft store version
  4. Pierre, as stated many times in this topic, the problem is the DRM system Microsoft uses in their in-game store (marketplace) and has nothing to do with the CRJ. All add-ons, which will also be based on the C++ WASM technology will run in the same problem when being bought via the in-game shop (at the moment it is just the CRJ using this technology, but more will soon become available from other manufacturers). But again, this has nothing to do with the CRJ but is solely a problem of the in-game store you used for your purchase. So you need to direct your comments to the provider of that store, Microsoft. Of course you are also free to request a refund from Microsoft.
  5. From what you have posted above your ticket is shown as opened, not closed.
  6. I have again removed email addresses from your post and also names from people you don't not know if they are ok with being posted publicly. Just a thought on your post: have you noticed that there is a weekend between your email sending in your serial number to flight factor and now? Maybe the good people from there are simply not working on weekends?
  7. I was just able to recreate your problem on my system. You are right, it looks like the AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-ZURICH-20_PROF_P3DV5_V2001.exe installer is having a problem. I will pass this into AS development. But at least I also checked that my above explained workaround works
  8. The problem on your system is, that there is no "Products" folder below the "Aerosoft\ASUpdater" folder. Product xml files are stored in there. I don't know who deleted that folder from your system, but if you create it manually and re-install the your add-ons which support the ASUpdater, everything will be fine again.
  9. The "Community" folder is not encrypted. In no MSFS version. Not in the Store version, not in the DVD version and also not in the Steam version. The "Community" folder is always freely available/accessible for any add-ons. That's why it is called "Community" folder btw. Stuff you purchase from the MSFS marketplace goes into the "Official\OneStore" folder, and that stuff is getting encrypted. This is the DRM (digital rights management) system of Microsoft. But this only applies to the content of the "Official\OneStore" folder, but not to the content of the "Community" folder. The above is true for every MSFS version and is also totally independent from the location (partition) you install your MSFS to. MSFS expects add-ons in either the "Community" folder or the "Official\OneStore" folder. Installers which offer you to select the "Installation folder" just don't want to go through the trouble of identifying the location of the "Community" folder on your system but leave it to you to know it. The locations actually differ between the Store/DVD version and the Steam version, and can also get manually manipulated, which makes it tricky for an installer to figure the correct location. But in the end this is not rocket science. Some developers just play it easy and leave the responsibility on the customers shoulder (where it doesn't necessarily belong). If you installed your MSFS to a location other than the default one, MSFS still expects all files at their default/original location. It only knows that location. When installing MSFS somewhere else (or moving it after initial installation via the Windows settings) you will get symbolic links at the original location pointing to the new one. So who ever wants to access MSFS files (either MSFS itself or an add-on installer) just access the file through the default/orignal path and the symbolic links will make sure the files will be found at the real physical location on your system. This so far has nothing to do with the "MSFS Addons Linker" (that comes later) and is true for EVERY "Microsoft Store" application on your system. The "MSFS Addons Linker" gives you the chance to move add-ons out from the "Community" folder (regardless if it is still at the default location or you moved it somewhere else) and leave symbolic links there instead so that MSFS will find it. Lets assume you have installed your MSFS on D. You still have the original MSFS folder structure on C. If MSFS wants to read some of your add-on files it accesses them at the original/default location. The symbolic links there (which have been created when you installed or moved your MSFS to D) will bring it to your D drive. Now lets assume you have all your add-ons moved out from the "Community" on drive D to your drive E and use the "MSFS Addons Linker". When MSFS ends up in the first step on your drive D when trying to access an add-on, the symbolic link there created by the "MSFS Addons Linker" will again redirect it to the final and real physical location on drive E. This is how symbolic links work. But again, in no MSFS version the "Community" folder is encrypted and you are forced to install add-ons somewhere else to escape that kind of encryption. Nothing like that exists. Add-ons must be installed into the original MSFS "Community" folder. This is by default on drive C (complete path is somewhere above in this topic) and MSFS will only access this very folder. Installing/moving it somewhere else is totally transparent to MSFS. There is however the possibility that you explicitly tell MSFS that your "Packages" folder (in which the "Community" and "Official\OneStore" folders are located) is not at the above stated default/original location but somewhere else. In this case you have to manually modify the "UserCfg.opt" file and that's why asked if you have modified it in one of my previous replies. The latter way through the "UserCfg.opt" file is an MSFS build-in way to specify the location of your "Community" folder on your system (regardless where it is). The other way of installing/moving MSFS is through Windows functionality which will create the above explained symbolic links for you. A user can chose either way. Usually one choses the way via the Windows settings as it is more obvious and more easy to handle (as it doesn't expects any deeper knowledge of the file system from the user). Coming back to the CRJ: it simply is not necessary for the CRJ setup to allow the user to specify an installation folder. The setup is clever enough to detect the one that needed to be used (regardless of which of the two above explained ways you have used to move the "Community" folder). And again, there is no such thing as an encrypted "Community" folder. Who ever explained things differently to you and even told you that this is a "common" issue simply didn't knew what he/she was talking about. I am not saying that everything I explained above is easy to understand and easy to figure when having to deal with it for the first time. And nobody is to blame for having trouble understanding it. But that's the way "Microsoft Store" apps and the MSFS as such work on a file/folder level.
  10. Please have a look here. The presentation will give you a good understanding of the MSFS Xbox version and what is possible there.
  11. If there are proper "symbolic links" in place in your MSFS installation between the original MSFS folder structure and the one on your D drive, there is nothing you need to do. The CRJ installer detects the "Community" folder at its original location on drive C (the one I have posted above) and the symbolic links there will make sure that all files will end up on your D drive. So what exactly is your problem? That the CRJ installer shows the "Community" folder on your C drive during installation? That is not a problem, as the files will end up on your D drive. That's what the "symbolic links" in the original "Community" folder do for you. You can easily move the CRJ files out from the "Community" folder on your D drive and use the "MSFS Addons Linker" to create a "symbolic link" in there instead that points to the new/wanted location on your hard drive. So, if this is not the case for you, you need to provide much more detailed information about where exactly your problem is! What exactly doesn't work for you? And please don't repeat that you can't select another installation folder as there is no need for any such selection option.
  12. First party partners develop add-ons that come directly with MSFS, like for example all the Gaya sceneries you get through the world updates. You don't need to purchase first party add-ons, as they are a free part of the simulator. Third party partners develop third party add-ons that need to get purchased (or are free) and installed into the simulator. So Aerosoft is a third party partner and the CRJ is a third party add-on.
  13. Sorry, but that is wrong! MSFS does not protect any files within the "Community" folder. You mistake that with the MSFS Marketplace, which protects/encrypts add-ons you purchase from there on your hard drive. But those add-ons are not getting installed into the "Community" folder of your MSFS, but somewhere else. It is NO problem to use the "MSFS Addons Linker" to place ANY add-on which is installed in your "Community" folder somewhere else and leave "symbolic links" in the "Community" folder instead. I have moved my "Community" folder as well to my D drive, keep ALL my add-ons (including the ones being bought from the MSFS Marketplace) somewhere else and just use the "MSFS Addons Linker" to enable them when needed. So, once you have fixed your "Community" folder problem this will also work for you.
  14. So it took you just 5 posts to tell us, that your problem is, that the CRJ installer doesn't recognize your moved "Community" folder. That could have gone much faster, don't you think? If the CRJ installer doesn't recognize your moved "Community" folder, you simply haven't moved it the correct way! Have you updated the "InstalledPackagesPath" setting in the "UserCfg.opt" file of your MSFS when you moved the "Community" folder?
  15. Windows does not lock your entire C drive, just the "Program Files" and some system folders. The MSFS "Community" folder is far outside of any of those protected folders (C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\), so it is not protected by Windows. If you have any such problem, you have either managed to get the "Community" folder getting installed below any protected folder, or you have any security software running wild. However, this has nothing to do with the CRJ installer. It just installs the CRJ into the MSFS "Community" folder, where ever that might be on your system. If the "Community" folder is protected, then this is something very special on your machine. If you want to keep your add-ons out from the "Community" folder you are always free to do so and use symbolic links within the "Community" folder instead. The Windows File Explorer and tools like the "MSFS AddOns Linker" will help you doing that. But this is something you have to do by yourself. The CRJ installer just installs the CRJ where it belongs.
  16. If you are using the AS shop version and not the MSFS Marketplace version there is nothing that prevents you from moving the CRJ folder out from your Community folder. Like any other add-on you have installed in there. Unless you somehow managed to get the "Community" folder installed below the "C:\Program Files" folder during the MSFS installation. For me it looks like you are having some sort of protection software running on your system, most likely some stupid anti virus software. Make sure that you have proper exceptions configured in that software.
  17. No, the Aerosoft account only holds stuff you bought directly from Aerosoft. Like you also can't move stuff into your Amazon account you bought from Ali Express
  18. If you already opened a support ticket there is no need to ask here in the forum as well. In the menu on top of this page you will find a Support & Updates item, and below an Update Database item. Just create your an account in the update database and add the Airbus to your account. You will then be able to download it. The "i" link in the top right corner of the page give additional hints.
  19. Does your hardware fulfill the minimum requirements of the MSFS given by Microsoft? https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013463459-Minimum-Recommended-and-Ideal-PC-Specifications-for-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator
  20. Maybe because you were not logged in as user into the forum when you tried to download the file.
  21. I don't believe that the Marketplace/Content manager will give you a 13 GB file. This looks more like a simple display bug, like the one lately where all add-ons in the Community folder have been displayed as "not installed". So just ignore the 13 GB, download it and check the folder size afterwards manually. Or get it from here: https://cdn1.aerosoft.com/paderborn-msfs.php and forget about the Marketplace version.
  22. The content manager showed a lot of strange/wrong things in the past and this is just another strange/wrong thing. The airport is most definitely not of that size:
  23. The A330 was released also yesterday, not two weeks ago.
  24. Have you tried a right click on the download link and then "save link as..."?
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