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    New PFPXv2 flight planning tutorial

    That is because it is not uploaded there yet.
  2. Tom A320

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    About a year go the search functionality of the forum broke during a forum software update. Before that it was a great tool, since then it's plain crap. And never since then I have suggested to use it anymore. Just to be precise in the discussion here. If I answered your suggestion with a comment like "please use the search feature", it was surely because your suggestion had be made already several times and was therefore noticed by all people in charge of this forum. And I would have also said that clearly and not just pointed you to the top right corner of the page. Please be more complete and precise in your arguments here. The reason why your former post in the preview topic is not available anymore to just check back, is because it was deleted after some time. And that's because it wasn't related to the A330. A preview topic is there to showcase upcoming products, and not a general discussion topic. And that's why Mathijs closed it for the moment, as people ignored these hints again and again. And that was also the reason why Mathijs opened a separated topic for the voting discussion. There are lots of places for free discussions in this forum, but the preview topics are none of them.
  3. Tom A320

    Black mountains around Lukla

    The installer got updated for P3Dv4, but not the scenery itself. That's why the product page still clearly states: ... Source: Those black areas are known in P3Dv4, but I don't know of any fix for that.
  4. Tom A320

    MCDU wont recognize Flight Plans!!NOT IN DATABASE

    Please post a screenshot of the MCDU "DATA" "A/C STATUS" page.
  5. Tom A320

    Black mountains around Lukla

    I guess the main problem is, that Lukla is not compatible with Prepar3D v4, but only with v3: Source: There is a complete new version of Lukla in the making which will be fully compatible with P3Dv4:
  6. Please use this topic for your livery requests. If you post images of the livery you are requesting please be aware that we do not allow to post copyright protected material. In such cases you need to post LINKS to such images only. When inserting a link into the post editor it will be replaced automatically by the image. You need to revert that again by clicking on the following link below the image How do you know if an image is copyright protected? A printed copyright statement within the image (like "Copyright by ...") is a good hint for example And please keep in mind: this is not a support topic.
  7. All of them! Unless you plan to step out of the aircraft after landing
  8. Tom A320

    Re-Installing with NavData Issues

    Please re-install everything again, deactivate your anti virus software, run the setup again and don't forget to activate your anti virus software at the end again.
  9. Tom A320

    Weather Radar Update

    Well, the WXR in the Airbus (real or simulated one) displays the weather (precipitation) it detects. If you see the weather in the Aerosoft Airbus like on your screenshot it is because the weather is like that in the simulator, i.e. it has been injected like that by your REX Sky Force 3D like that.
  10. Tom A320

    Managed speed issues

    Please ignore step 4 but instead run the installer in step 6 as administrator (right click on the program symbol and then "run as administrator").
  11. Tom A320


    Are you sure that the had renamed/removed that file correctly? I have checked with he Airport Design Editor (ADE): MyTraffic defines the airport elevation at 17m, Vaernes v2.0 at 6,5m. So the confusion in elevation in your sim could be explained by that.
  12. Tom A320


    I have just installed My Traffic myself and found the following file afterwards: \MyTraffic\Scenery\BR2_ENVA.BGL Could you try renaming if from .BGL to .OFF, please?
  13. Tom A320

    Working AS NavDataPro with FSiPanel ?

    Sure Source:
  14. Tom A320


    What exactly do you mean with version 1 and version 2? the old ENVA versin of 9 years ago and the current "V2" version the current "V2" version, but its different update versions 1.01 and 1.02? If its the first case make sure that the old ENVA is not installed on your system anymore when installing the new "V2" version.
  15. Tom A320


    Have you searched for ENVA.BGL or *ENVA*.BGL ?
  16. Da es kein Update für "My Traffic 2013" gibt, findest Du es auch nicht in der Update Datenbank. Die aktuelle Version ist 1.00. Ansonsten wäre das Update für die DVD Version in der Update Datenbank und für die Download Version in Deinem Shop Account.
  17. Tom A320


    Then please use the file search feature of your windows file explorer and search for *ENVA*.BGL Are there any such files outside of the Vaernes folder?
  18. Tom A320


    Search within the My Traffic folders if you find any .BGL files having "ENVA" in their name. If yes, please rename them from .BGL to .OFF.
  19. Tom A320

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Gentlemen, this is a preview topic and not a general discussion topic. As Mathijs just said, everything not related to the A330 or follow ups to the line of discussion Mathijs closed will be removed. There are lots of other places in this forum for general topics.
  20. Tom A320

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    No, the update is not only for aircraft, but also for scenery add-ons. But the updater can only be used for new add-ons or add-ons that are getting updated now (to get the updater support added into it). Old add-ons that doesn't have the updater support added yet (within the installed product on your machine) can't be updated by the updater. Of course the updater support will be added to add-ons when ever possible.
  21. Tom A320

    Difference between P3D World NavAids and NavDataPro.

    First of all, no, that's not the same AIRAC. The one is 1809, the other one is 1813. The world nav aids ( update the nav aids (like ILS and DME) in your simulator. NavDataPro as also Navigraph update the navigation database of your aircraft add-ons. Both need to be on the same AIRAC cycle to make sure that your aircraft and the scenery in the simulator are on the same frequencies and locations.
  22. Like in the previous version, there is no possibility to move the PFPX data folder to another location. It is fixed here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\ What you can do within PFPX is to configure your own documents folder. But that is only used to locate some add-ons to export flight plans into.
  23. Tom A320

    CRJ Service Pack 1a

    Please post a screenshot of your updater window.
  24. Hi, of course you read about problems and issues in a support forum. That's what it is there for. You read hardly from people stating that they are just happy with the product. That happens from time to time as well, but it actually is rare. From the regular download pages (Aerosoft and FlightSimSoft) you always get the the latest available version. If you need previous versions it is always a good idea to keep own backups of installers. In this case though there is a simple trick that will get you v1.28 download. If you take a closer look on the PXPX download link on the FlightSimSoft download page you will notice the version number in the link name. If you change the "203" to "128" you will get that version BTW: I am using v2.03 without problems and would never think of going back to v1.28.