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  1. Please open a ticket a Aerosoft support: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/en/newticket
  2. The answer is in the post above yours: just use the P3Dv4 item from the list and fix the folder configuration if needed:
  3. This could be related with the text-to-speech engine (as you get vocal feedback from ground services). You should switch to the local Windows text-to-speech engine and away from Azure as this is known to be the cause for CTDs.
  4. Well, MS as lately announced having already 1 million MSFS users. P3D not even came close to such numbers. That's what I mean with "much larger user base".
  5. With targeting a much larger user base you can lower the price and still cover your costs. That in return attracts even more customers
  6. For a quick test please switch "text-to-speech" off.
  7. What version of ENVA has been installed on your system?
  8. Yes. Stuff you have bought from Microsoft is also getting updated from Microsoft. Stuff you have bought from the Aerosoft shop or any other online shop like e.g. SimMarket (meaning: not the in-game marketplace) is getting updated via AS Updater. Updates will be made available to Microsoft the moment they are getting released also in the AS Updater. It is up to Microsoft to make them available in the Content Manager, and totally out of the hands of Aerosoft.
  9. All available updates are provided to Microsoft. It is out of the hands of Aerosoft when they will become available in the content manager.
  10. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  11. Hallo Detlev, danke für die Rückmeldung! Von der Notwendigkeit einen Debug Modus zu aktiveren habe ich ehrlich gesagt bisher noch nie etwas gehört. Aber was solls, hauptsache es läuft Viel Spass in Donauwörth!
  12. Bist Du bisher an irgendeiner Stelle aufgefordert worden, Deine Registrierungsdaten einzugeben?
  13. The machines from the people who downloaded the file I will PM the file to you.
  14. Ich habe EDMQ auch gerade installiert, und kann vieles von dem zuvor gesagten bestätigen. Das Setup enthält eine ältere SODE Version. Wenn man eine neuere Version installiert hat, wird das SODE Setup beendet. Das ist vollkommen richtig so, und passiert bei vielen Add-Ons die ein SODE Setup mitbringen. Da man aber ja eine neuere Version installiert hat, ist alles ok. EDMQ wird auf alle Fälle richtig in SODE registriert. Das Problem mit der fehlenden Szenerie im Simulator ist allerdings ein ganz anderes: das Setup installiert EDMQ in das P3D Programm Verzeichnis (Prepar3D v4\FSPS\EDMQ\), auch wenn man ein ganz anderes Installationsverzeichnis ausgewählt hat. Leider sucht es anschliessend das Konfigurationsprogramm nicht dort wo es EDMQ installiert hat, sondern in dem Verzeichnis wo man eigentlich gesagt hat, dass man EDQM haben möchte. Wenn man das Konfigurationsprogramm von Hand startet wird man zur Registrierung aufgefordert und die Szenerie wird im P3D registriert. Beim Start vom P3D wird man gefragt, ob EDMQ aktiviert werden soll, und anschliessend ist alles gut. Hier findest Du das Konfigurationsprogramm: Prepar3D v4\FSPS\EDMQ\EDMQ.exe Das Problem ist also, dass das Setup das selbst installierte Konfigurationsprogramm nicht finden und starten kann.
  15. Half a year ago the download has been disabled as it caused trouble on downloader machines and the original author didn't responded to such problem reports.
  16. Thanks for reporting back. That is indeed an interesting solution/finding.
  17. Have you closed your MFS before starting the update?
  18. Hi, I would suggest that you update the "VC++ Redistributable Packages (2015, 2017, 2019)" on your system. You can download them directly from the Microsoft page: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads Alternatively there is an "all-in-one" download available which contains the latest versions of all different packages: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/
  19. Are you already on the version of Trondheim which was released yesterday?
  20. There are circumstances where Windows connects your Documents folder with OneDrive without asking you for consent. Best is to check. Open a command prompt window, enter set and press the enter key. Do you the any hint of OneDrive in the text that has been printed into the window?
  21. Hallo, das Problem ist bereits heute mit der Version gelöst worden. Das Update ist über den ASUpdater verfügbar und wird selbstverständlich auch über den Marketplace verfügbar sein.
  22. As you have installed all your Prepared add-ons into your Documents folder, is that by any chance synced with the Microsoft OneDrive cloud? This is know to be the cause of a myriad of problems and the solution would be to completely disconnect your Documents folder from the cloud.
  23. Well, usually Windows doesn't care a read-only flag on folder level, but is only looking for such flags on file level. The half files check box in your screenshot means, that some files within the folder have a read-only flag set, or the status of the files within the folder can't be determined. Nevertheless you should be able to change the checkbox. As you can't that and P3D also comes up with that error message I assume there are some access privilege problems. Have you installed your P3D under your normal Windows account? If so, have you run the installer as Administrator (right click on setup.exe file, the "run as admin")? What if you run your P3D like that?
  24. Was your P3D running in that moment? If so please try again with having P3D closed (best use the task manager to check that it is really gone) and close all other simulator related applications as well.
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