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  1. Please read a few posts up to learn when you can expect new preview images.
  2. To my knowledge this xml item is optional, so that's why not all add-ons set it. SIMstarter already does a complete xml file validation, but of course doesn't add this item as it is not mandatory.
  3. I have no idea why the SODE installer picks the 32bit DLL file on your system. I guess the developer would be the only one to shed some light in this so I suggest you head over to the SODE support forum:
  4. - setze in der oberen Hälfte des Fensters die Pfade zu Deinem P3Dv4 und Deinem Dokumenten Verzeichnis - anschliessend gehst Du in die untere Liste, setzt das Häkchen bei "Airbus Extended", drückst oben im Fenster auf "Browse" und wählst das folgende Verzeichnis aus: Dein Dokumente Verzeichnis\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Flightplans\
  5. Bitte konfiguriere die Verzeichnisse so, wie Du sie in dem von mir geposteten Screenshot sehen kannst. Du exportierst nach wie vor einen Prepar3D Flugplan und keinen Airbus Flugplan.
  6. or within the "SIMstarter NG Settings.ini" file it is the "simCfgBackupWarnSize" value.
  7. What exact Windows version do you use? SODE tries to register the 32bit version of the "SimObjectAnimationModule.dll" file while I am sure you use a 64bit Windows.
  8. It already is. You quoted "not compatible with older version" which doesn't mean that it is not compatible with newer versions.
  9. Danke für den Screenshot den ich angefragt hatte. Wenn ich aber um 2 Dinge bitte, dann stell auch bitte beide angefragten Dinge bereit. Das ist mit Bedacht angefragt. Ausserdem empfinde ich das abermalige Nachfragen ehrlich gesagt als mühsam. Ausserdem: Also was jetzt? Klappt der Export und der Airbus findet den Fluglan nicht, oder klappt der Export erst gar nicht?
  10. Delete old backups And take a look into the manual (chapter 4.8) as it explains in detail the backup strategy of SIMstarter NG.
  11. Zeig doch bitte mal einen Screenshot vom "A3XX Flightplans" Verzeichnis. Ausserdem hänge doch mal einen Flugplan aus dem Verzeichnis hier an, den Du über PFPX erzeugt hast.
  12. What do you mean with "no response"? Did it not start of did you end up in the same error message?
  13. Wenn das der Pfad ist, in welchen Du Deinen P3D installiert hast, dann ja. Der spielt für den Flugplan Export in den Airbus oder in den P3D aber keine Rolle, wie Du meinen Screenshot entnehmen kannst.
  14. Hallo Uwe, Du musst PFPX schon sagen, dass Du einen Airbus Flugplan haben möchtest. Dazu expotierst Du nicht nach "Prepar3D" sondern nach "Airbus Extended". z.B.:
  15. Poste doch bitte mal einen Screenshot von Deinem PFPX Export Fenster. Dann können wir hier überprüfen, ob die Pfade richtig konfiguriert sind.
  16. Have you tried starting the setup as administrator (right click the setup program symbol, the select "run as administrator")?
  17. The system requirements on the product page in the shop give the answer to your question: Source: The F6 is not compatible with P3Dv4. The F53 is compatible with P3Dv4.2 (and above).
  18. Please allow me a general comment on this: An installer of a version "A" in the Aerosoft shop account is 100% identical to the installer of version "A" in a different shop. There are no differences between installers of the same version between different shops. This is quite simply because the installers are provided by Aerosoft and a shop is not going to repackage them. They just put them on their file server. If two installers from two different shops end up in a different setup, well then they simply haven't been of the same version. One was "A", the other one was "B". And if someone insists that they have both been of version "A" then he might forgot to mention that between using the two installers he might have altered his environment in another way, e.g. by installing another add-on in between.
  19. LM has changed some internal IDs in v4.5 which negatively effects some carriers (especially the Kitty Hawk). The developer is aware of this problem and is working on a fix.
  20. If the "boss" as you name Mathijs don't want to give a release date, then there will be no release date given. By the way, one page back the exact same question has been asked and answered with a link to the answer (that no release date will be given). And this settles the question for a release date for the next few pages in this topic.
  21. As Mathijs referred to a possible FSX version I assume you refer also to a release date of a possible FSX version, right? If not, please read one or two pages back.
  22. To my knowledge no explicit decision has been taken, although Mathijs also made it clear here that chances for that are dropping day by day.
  23. Hello Mike, as stated already multiple times in this topic (e.g. HERE) a decision if or if not a 32bit FSX version of the A330 will only be made AFTER the release of the 64bit P3Dv4 A330 version.
  24. The bus operates 100% correct in the sim. Your external weather radar simply shows you somethimg that might happen in that moment in the real world, but it doesn't happen in the simulator. Therefore there is nothing that should be handled differently. As it has been already mentioned above in this topic: the Aerosoft Airbus shows you and responds to what is in the sim. Nothing more and nothing less. There is absolutely no reason not to trust what the Aerosoft WXR shows you as this is what affects your aircraft. To come back to your question: you can use any weather engine you like!
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