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  1. That is not a forum post but the file download. That can't be moved from the download area of the page into some forum topic. You can of course always post a link to your download into the repaint request topic.
  2. Neben dem View System musst Du auch den View Focus auschalten, wenn Du nicht willst, dass die View zu dem Element der aktuellen Checkliste springt.
  3. What are your computer specs? And what is the exact P3Dv4 version you are using? (the long version as being displayed in "Help | About...")
  4. The fix for the smaller buses require an update of them. The A330 update doesn't touch the smaller buses configuration files. An update for the small buses in the making.
  5. Please follow up here, no need for multiple topics for the same question:
  6. What P3Dv4.5 version are you using (complete long version number)? What Operating system are you using?
  7. If you don't see it, it is not out yet. What kind of "confirmation" are you asking for? It is in the making...
  8. Well, that list obviously only make problems which have been identified Also, 16 hours ago you have been told that the problem will be looked at. The list you just referred to is 48 hours of age. Is it just me who see's a gap in the time continuum here if you would make a valid point here?
  9. Can you post a screenshot of the "Help | About..." window of your P3D, please?
  10. If that is your problem, what should the second screenshot you had posted show us?
  11. Please disable your Windows firewall (or any similar solution you might have installed on your machine) and anti virus program temporarily and give it another try.
  12. Please open a command window (cmd.exe), call the SET command and show us a screenshot of the window.
  13. If the problem resides in the local system itself how should we fix it from here? Maybe trying to think a little bit about what has been said before writing sarcastic comments would not be the worst idea. Sorry, but that really needed to be said! Do you have your user folder linked to MS OneDrive?
  14. Have you read the release notes on the product page? Source:
  15. For the charts you can use either NavDataPro Charts or Navigraph Charts. No restrictions! The weather image is actually a webpage, which is linked in the EFB. Beside any of the two chart providers nothing else is needed.
  16. Just Google for how to change your user folder within Windows.
  17. I was just about to ask for a screenshot... You need to switch to ENG START before trying to start the engines.
  18. If the new installation fails, because the previous one is still there, you can use an uninstall tool like the free REVO uninstaller, to remove the A330 from Windows, so that a new setup will be allowed again.
  19. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  20. The meaning of experimental update is to push updates/fixes out as quickly as possible. Later in time experimental updates will of course include the previous experimental updates. And also later in time there will also be a none-experimental update again, which will also include the previous experimental updates. So it stays up to you if you want these experimental updates or not. This is a question only you can answer to yourself. This is not sarcastic but just plain logic
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